Kitty Party Games That Will Make You Stay Indoors and Have Fun

Kitty Party Games That Will Make You Stay Indoors and Have Fun

Humankind has always united over celebration and revelry since time immemorial. Starting from parties to a good old get together, this is the modern world coming together of groups of people to talk, exchange ideas, and have a gala time. On the same note, games and drinks have always brought people together. Humans have always had the urge to function together in groups just like any other wild animal.

This is the prime reason why hunter-gatherers always lived together in groups and functioned in a synchronized manner. Moving together in sync has allowed humans to bond with one another and has simplified communication over the centuries. Humans are social creatures by nature, so they have come up with several solutions to allow positivity to breed between two people. The various activities that we indulge in to make people come together and rejoice. A celebration once in a while acts as a break from day-to-day life.

Modern-day society has seen a considerable shift in the way of coming together of people. In today’s world, a party is a gathering where known people and acquaintances have come together for one purpose or a special event. The reason for the meeting can depend upon the situation. It could be for a social event, for recreational purposes, or a serious conversation. Gatherings can be for festivals and commemoration purposes as well. The motive may be different under different situations and religious or not; they get people together to mix.

Games and physical activities provide stamina, strength, and vigor to our bodies. Another thing that games also do is bring people together. In this article, we will discuss kitty parties specifically and talk about the games one can play at a kitty party to make things more interesting. At the end of our article, women will know how to level up their usual snacks and refreshment with a few games that are sure to make one another more acquainted with each other.

What Are The Various Types Of Parties?

People host parties for several reasons. Depending on the situation and the event in mind, the parties consist of rituals, games, and accordingly, the guest list is made. Check out some of most popular parties that exist:

Birthday Party Or An Anniversary Party

These parties happen in honor of another person turning a year older in existence or togetherness with another person. Birthday parties are celebrated to mark the anniversary of a person’s birth or wedding. There is usually a cake and presents involved in this sort of party.

Dinner Party

Dinner parties are the parties that bring together people over dinner at the host’s place. The guests usually eat dinner and drink cocktails over a conversation and music.

Surprise Party

These parties happen to surprise someone to honor them of achievement or anniversary. The person for whom the party is for does not know about the celebration.

Reception Party

Reception parties are held to show a person’s reception at a particular post or in a specific relationship that has been made formal and public a few days back.

Tea Party

Tea party usually includes guests, tea, and snacks in a somewhat outdoor setting with lots of open-air and greenery. It is also known as the afternoon tea in the English culture. Fancy tableware is used along with fancy dresses that people wear to such parties.

Dance Party

People visit the dance party for the sole reason to let themselves down. They dance to unwind themselves and involve drinks to lift their spirits higher.


This is an old custom for wealthy and fashionable British and French women to invite their guests to tea and refreshment. The discussions are loosely based on their taste in music, wine, and other cultural topics. Such parties’ hostess used to be usually reputable people in society with a big name to them.

What Are Kitty Parties?

Coming to the concept of kitty parties, they are the gatherings wherein Indian women unwind themselves. The way a kitty party functions is unique. Every member of the group contributes a certain amount every month to hold the party once a month. The term kitty is the amount of money that women pull together for such parties. The lot of money goes towards a certain member after a lottery, which then becomes the host and plans the party.

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Kitty parties are very popular among the middle class and upper-class ladies in India and Pakistan. The kitties also operate as a committee with all the members in it. This committee decides the rules, the topic of a discussion, and plans the kitty’s future events. A kitty party usually involves snacks and refreshments coupled with light talk, discussion on serious affairs, or small talk. In some cases, there may also be games included, which is meant to bring the ladies closer.

The kitty members choose when and how to include a new member as most of the kitties have a set of loose rules and regulations. The new member being a part of the circle usually means that they have to follow a similar set of rules. The group of ladies assembles now and then in someone’s place to discuss the daily affairs. The kitty is a close-knit group that consists of friends but with a happy intention in mind, which is to find some time off the daily routine for enjoyment and fun.

Kitty parties are even more fun with fun and games involved. With a few kitty party games, the kitty members can expand their plan even more and have a time full of unfiltered joy. Let us take a look at all the games one can play at a kitty party.

What Games Can You Play At A Kitty Party?

Games are one of the best things that can lift a person’s mood. It is a chance to have fun and win exciting prizes. If not prizes, one can surely win some enjoyment in life. Below is a list of all the kitty party games that women can play with their lady friends to pass their time and have a great time while they sip on their tea and munch on snacks.

Name That Song

Name That Song is a popular kitty party game. It is a game that is often played at several other parties and gatherings as well. The members of the kitty will require:

– A music player

– A playlist

– Pen

– Paper

The host of the party plays the song of their choice on the music player to guess the name. The song can be played from the beginning or from any other time in the song. The game players have to guess the song and write it down on a piece of paper. The playlist keeps playing till the last song, and the players have to keep writing the names of the songs till the end.

The person with the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game. The guests in the party can play multiple rounds of the same game, and the winner of the most number of rounds can be the final winner of the game.

Murder by Winking

Murder by Winking is a great game for all ages where the players have to guess who the killer was in that round. The players require:

– Pieces of paper

– Pen

The host of the game can write a murderer in one of the chits, and the rest of the pieces of paper will have citizens written on them. The players of the game sit in a circle, and the chits of paper are shuffled. Players pick up a piece of paper each. The player who picks up the murderer kills the citizens by winking at them when there is eye contact. The citizens who are killed by the murderer announce that they are dead by cannot reveal who the murderer is by any chance. If a citizen suspects who the murderer is, they can point at the person and guess. If they make a wrong guess, they die, and they win otherwise.

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The murderer wins if no one can guess who the murderer is in that round.

Passing the pillow

This is a simple game that involves music again. Kitty parties are parties that include activities that can bring out the creativity in a person. This kitty party game includes nothing but just a pillow or a cushion. The players sit in a circle and pass the pillow to a song. The host of the party plays the song and stops it without looking at the circle of guests.

The person with the pillow in hand has to sing a song. Once they are done, they can pass the pillow around again.

Instead of singing a song, the women can also play the game as another type of musical chairs. The person holding the pillow is eliminated in each round, and the objective of the game is to avoid holding the pillow in hand.

Weave a Garland with Popcorn

This kitty party game makes use of three things:

– Lots of popcorn

– Needle

– Thread

Every player in this game gets a bowl of popcorn, needle, and thread. They have to thread the needle and then make a garland out of the popcorn that they have in the bowl. This kitty party game is quite simple as one only has to finish all the popcorn to make the garland. Thus, the one who finishes first will be declared the winner of the game.

This is a great game as it turns food into a fun game, and people can finish off the popcorn once they are done playing the game. This ensures no food wastage.

Eat the Cookie

This is another kitty party game that turns food into a game. The players in the game need a jar full of cookies at their disposal. In this game, a player has a cookie hung in front of their face. The player has to finish the cookie without using their hands. One has to finish the cookie with their face, and the moment they touch the cookie, they are disqualified from that round. The game winner is who requires the least amount of time to finish the cookie by following all the rules.

Most kitty party games are quite fun and involve contributions from all the players in the room. The games on this list do not involve much movement, and as a result, people can sit in the same room and enjoy themselves. Games are a great way to make use of time and develop existing relationships. The kitty party games listed in this article make for a great compilation as most make use of the food in the party, music that everyone likes listening to, and simple items available at the reach of one’s hand.

To Sum It Up

Kitty parties give women some time to take off their busy schedules, and as a result, they deserve some fun and frolic. Kitty parties are simple parties that are easy to organize. Since these parties are so simple and quick to organize, so shall the games played in the kitty party. The idea of incorporating games into the plan is to make everyone feel included in the event.

Most awesome kitty parties use music, games, and other creative talents of the room’s people. Thus, you must play one of the games in the list to turn your kitty party into a fun one.

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