5 Weekend Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Right Now

5 Weekend Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Right Now

How often do you look at a blank wall and think, “that’d be a great spot for a cork-board wall?” Maybe you’ve got an eye on the corner of the room and want to make it into a reading nook.

You’ve got the creativity, but not the time. You don’t need both for weekend home improvement projects.

Try out some of these 5 quick and cheap projects to spice up your home this weekend.

Forever Foyer

One of the most underutilized parts of the home is the foyer. We don’t think it should be.

The entrance to your home should be an invitation to stay a while. Nobody wants to stay if their first impression is “look at the dirty shoes at the door.”

First impressions are important; the door is a home’s first impression. Chisel away the old color and start afresh. Pick a popping color, something lively, for its new coat.

Add some warm lighting to the entrance and plants for some added life. But don’t overcrowd the doorway. Keep the furniture to a minimum, something like a bench or an accent chair.

Ambiance for Eating

You’re busy, otherwise, you wouldn’t be limited to weekend projects. You could also be too busy to go out with a loved one. Don’t let love die, try a romantic evening in with some home-cooking.

Changing up the lighting in your kitchen and dining room can be a fun project with fun results. You could add a dimmer to your existing light fixture or opt for different light bulbs. Warmer bulbs produce more seductive lighting.

A Wall of Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Turn a boring wall into a collage, a centerpiece, or an accent for something else.

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Start with a fresh coat of paint; there’s nothing better than starting from scratch. If it’s going to be an accent wall, pick a complementary color. Or you could pick a color to reflect the mood of the room.

Picking a single wall for wallpaper is a newer trend, too. Try a fun wallpaper if paint doesn’t suit your personality or direction.

Turn the wall into a centerpiece or focal of the room. A barnyard kitchen is complemented by a wall with a coffee bar and chicken decor. Try to stick to a theme.

Change Out the Knobs

Putting new, shiny knobs on your cabinetry can give your kitchen a face-lift without much work. It’s a quick project that can go a long way.

Try different types of metal and varnishes. Opt for different shapes to switch it up further.

Hire kitchen remodeling contractors for an expert opinion. They’ll know exactly what’ll match your aesthetic.

Hiding Mistakes

Sometimes plans go awry. You measured the nail for a picture 3/4 an inch too low. Or an unfortunate paint drip has left its mark on your wall.

Use this weekend to cover up past errors.

There are two ways to go about it: hang a picture or plaster the wall.

Sand down any impurities before you plaster and paint the wall.

A group of pictures can accomplish the same effect, but with the added benefit of decoration.

Home, Sweet Home

When you’re pinched for time, the weekend is the only time to express yourself with DIY projects.

But these weekend home improvement projects go a long way.

Freshen up your foyer for guests, change the lighting for dining and the knobs in the kitchen. Make a wall or nook to express a theme. Hide the mistakes you’ve made with portraits.

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Try out some other home improvement projects when you have more time.

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