How to get the best deals online

The evolution of worldwide web and web-based applications on your phones and tabs has enlarged our possibilities of knowledge, shopping an entertainment.

The best part of our online lives is to buy and shop around the world, at the comfort of our couches. We can follow, track, compare and get the best deals and get a zippy fast delivery of it across the globe. Shipping networks have made life simpler by giving us flexible options for delivery with respect to time and locations.

15 tricks to get the best deals online

Find out the best ways to get deals online:

15 tricks to get the best deals online

  1. Get a coupon code
  2. Bargain hunt
  3. Choose the right time to buy
  4. Avail free shipping
  5. Make your way through Dynamic Pricing policy
  6. Discounted Gift Cards
  7. Use Apps for savings
  8. Buy through cards
  9. Price Matching
  10. Cue up your cart
  11. Talk to the Chat Box
  12. Follow on social media
  13. Referral discounts
  14. Review and earn
  15. Subscribe to newsletters
  1. Get a coupon code

Use coupon codes for your shopping. Make it a practice to never shop anything without using a code. There are dedicated websites which stock coupons of major shopping websites. Search for these codes and check the dates when they are applicable. You can easily get a discount to the tune of 10-25% on online purchases.

  1. Bargain hunt

There are some major sites which can easily save your time, by lining up the comparison rates of products from different online marketplaces., are such sites. When it comes to hotel bookings,, and when it comes to flight, are such sites. It helps you by comparing costs through easy scanner options and helps you to make by choosing the best price.

  1. Choose the right time to buy

Almost every website has a special day dedicated to offers and discounts. There are special features like a guaranteed low price on bookings, plus additional features like price drop warranty, extra warranty. Follow the site and track its trend. Keep a lookout on which days they generally drop their prices and offer higher discounts. Typically, online sites drop their sales on weekdays, so keep your tracking on.

  1. Avail free shipping

Paying extra for shipping is a matter of past. With promo codes and offers, one needs to rarely pay extra for shipping. Look around and buy, you should have options on other sites which doesn’t require you to pay to ship. There is always a minimum order on which shipping charges aren’t applied. Cue up your cart and wait for the right time to buy.

  1. Make your way through Dynamic Pricing policy

Retailersinflate the prices on their items in the online portal based on pin code, search history which is stored in your cache and deflect prices depending on the device you search on – mobile, tablet or laptop. To keep the price hike at bay, you should clear your history and browsing data. This works every time. Look closely and you will find some products that you searched online or some hotel prices which you were checking will often pop up in your feeds constantly following you online through social media channels or sites. This happens as the sites can access your search history and keep pushing you by showing the change of prices and other similar products and hotels.

  1. Discounted Gift Cards

If there are chances of buying from the same online marketplaces, it is recommended to buy discounted gift cards of a big sum which can be a huge money saver. and are two such portals where they sell gift cards at a discounted rate.

  1. Use Apps for savings

A lot of online sites offer extra discounts on purchases through apps. There are also extra offers on first time purchase through apps. The online marketplaces get more chances to push their sale through instant notifications via an app, so extra discounts are pay off on purchasing through apps.

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You can often see a disparity between prices between websites and apps, apps are generally priced lower. Apps also have special hourly based discounts on special days. Money back and cashback offers are also one of the main features of purchasing via apps. There are certain money-based apps, which are dedicated to giving you special offers and instant cashback.

  1. Buy through cards

Websites often tie up with banks to provide additional discounts and cashback through credit card and debit card purchases. There are dedicated days for such discounts. Search market places which have a tie-up with cards like Mastercard and Visa, to get the extra discount.

  1. Price Matching

Online market places, especially travel booking sites, have features like price protection. Compare your prices post purchases as well.  If you find other sites offer cheaper prices, you are bound to get a refund.

  1. Cue up your cart

Once you choose your items, load it up in your cart. If the online sites track your inactivity to buy, they will follow you up with discounts and prompt you to buy it. So, if you be patient you might easily get a discount of 10 to 20%.

  1. Talk to the Chat Box

Don’t abandon the chat boxes which pops up. They might be extremely useful. If you ask them about special discounts, promo codes or a big sale day, they might just give you the information which you are looking for.

  1. Follow on social media

Follow the social media channels of the sites that you purchase from, it will keep you posted on all lightning deals, discounts, and offers. There is always a major deal before a festival. Tap the occasions and the seasons for sale. Websites generally repeat their offers around the same time.

  1. Referral discounts

Another way to save on online purchases is through referral codes. When you invite your friends to use an online portal, both you and your friends can get amazing offers and discounts.

  1. Review and earn

Websites also offer discounts and cashbacks on reviewing products you buy from them. A review with a product shot can earn you points and cashback which you can avail on your next purchase.

  1. Subscribe to newsletters

Subscribe to online newsletters of sites which you frequently visit. It will keep you posted on discounts and big sale days and help you save money on your online shopping.

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Final thoughts

Being prompt, active and agile is the best way to get maximum discounts. The more you practice the better you get to predict on the discounting trends.

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