Overwatch Characters Female: Know About 13 Famous Women In One Go!

Overwatch Characters Female

If you are a game lover then you must be knowing about this multiplayer first-person shooter (also known as FPS) video game named “Overwatch”. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and first launched in the year 2016. Regular gamers will know about the latest version that released in 2022. Here two teams compete with each other, both containing hero shooters. If you want to know more about overwatch characters female you are on the correct article.

 13 Overwatch Characters Female

There is a total of thirteen overwatch characters female. Below is the description for each-

Overwatch Characters Female

1. Brigitte

The original name for this character is Brigitte Lindholm and her age is twenty-three according to the game. Brigitte is one of the overwatch characters female. She is an engineer and a supporting hero whose base for operations is Gothenburg, Sweden. She is assumed to be the youngest daughter of Torbjorn and Ingrid Lindholm. Brigitte is well known for being a skilled metalsmith and mechanic. Reinhardt is accompanied by her when he goes on an adventure across Europe.

Protection is another one of Brigitte’s abilities. Her mechanical capabilities were polished in her father’s workshop. Defensive systems and fabrication of armor were among her peak interest points. When her godfather Reinhardt was going on a mission to bring peace and justice Brigitte joined him as his square. She followed him throughout his journey. While being a mechanic she realized that she needs to protect her godfather. Thus, training to become a warrior. She even made her own armor.


2. Lena Oxton

Lena Oxton who is also known as Tracer is another overwatch characters female. She made her debut in the trailer of Overwatch in the year 2014 and is also present in season two of that series. She is a playable character who is twenty-six years old. Geoff Goodman is her designer. She is assumed to be a British character. A happy, playful character full of energy is good at teleportation and any other movements related to her body.

Time traveling is another special ability of hers. She is a bit weak in her health and got her special powers due to an accident that left her with an issue of maintaining her body form in the present. But thanks to God that Winston could create a chronal accelerator that helps her to control her own time frame. She also debuted in comic series based on Overwatch where she was shown to be a lesbian.

Overwatch Characters Female 2

3. Widowmaker

One of the overwatch characters female she is has appeared both in Overwatch one and two seasons. Her other name is Amelle Lacroix and she is thirty-three years old. She was a French ballerina earlier and now converted to a sleeper agent. She works for the terrorist organization Talon. Her husband was murdered by her after which she was considered as sniper assassin. She is basically a damage-class character in Overwatch. She was perceived as a positive character as well as one of the most popular characters. Her design was a bit arguable at first due to it being overly sexual but some implied that the design gave her depth and did not distract the players. It was designed by Arnold Tsang, Roman Kenney, and Ben Zhang.

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Overwatch Characters Female 3

4. Pharah

Another one of the overwatch female characters Pharah also has a different name, Fareeha Amari. She is thirty-two years old. She appeared both in Overwatch seasons one and two. Being an Egyptian woman, she is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and so got enlisted in the military unit. She protects her local community. She even joined her mother and her friend in a peacekeeping force.

This character is shown to be a lesbian. Pharah is designed by Justin Thavirat. Not only she was one of the first characters added to the game but also was initially going to be a male character who would have a jetpack and rocket launcher. Later on, that male character was changed and Pharah came into existence. She is also known to be a half-Indigenous Canadian. Even she belongs to the damage class like Widowmaker.

5. Zarya

One of the overwatch characters female her name is Aleksandra Zaryanova and she has appeared in both of the seasons of Overwatch. Her age is twenty-eight. She is a character who consists of a heavy-loaded gun. Physically well-built and a strong character she is a weightlifter who is also enlisted in the local defense force. She enlisted herself after her home was under attack. She was designed by Arnold Tsang and belongs to the tank class. This Siberian queen is an example of not following old standardized female characters in a game. Her character is very much loved and appreciated by all the fans and she is perceived as lesbian by a lot of fans.

6. Mercy

This thirty-seven-year-old overwatch characters female is also known as Angela Ziegler. Being a Swiss doctor, she provided medications for all the team members of Overwatch. She belongs to the support class and can heal and buff her team members. And she can even bring back her dead members by restoring their lives. She has appeared in both seasons of Overwatch.

7. Sombra

Sombra also known as one of the overwatch characters female, is thirty years old. She is Mexican by origin and belongs to the damage class. She deals with black bag jobs who work for Talon like Widowmaker. Her abilities are centered on stealth while moving around the battlefield. She can even get a hold of her opponent and control their abilities completely. She was the second character that was introduced to the Overwatch community.

8. D. Va

Another one of the overwatch female characters is a nineteen-year-old teenager. She belongs to South Korea and is in the tank class. She belongs to both seasons of the Overwatch series. Pro in eSports she also has another name, Hana Song. Also, she is recruited by Korean Army so that her abilities could be used to control the opponents’ weapons and mech suits. She is good at damage control and in the prevention of attacks for a shorter period of time. Her mech suit allows her to cause heavy damage to the enemy on site. If her suit is damaged then she can get out of it and survive till the new suit arrives.

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9. Symmetra

One of the overwatch female characters, Symmetra is twenty-eight years old. Her other name is Satya Vaswani and she is an Indian character in this game series. She can control the momentum of the war by using her abilities with the aid of turrets or teleporting machines. She belongs to the damage class. Sometimes her character depicts that it’s autistic although it is not confirmed by the developers. She has the lowest selection rate in the game.

10. Mei

This forty-year-old overwatch character is also known as Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou. She is basically a climatologist and adventurer who belongs to China. And she was designed by Arnold Tsang. She belongs to the damage class as well.

11. Moira O’Deorain

She is one of the oldest characters in the game and is forty-eight years old. She is an Irish woman who belongs to the support class. This character was also created by Arnold Tsang. She attacks her enemies to restore her resources. She is a healer and geneticist who does not tolerate ethical confinements in her path of developing scientific research. Considered the queer icon, she is well-perceived by the audience.

12. Ashe

Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe is a thirty-nine-year-old overwatch character. She has an American origin and is a gunslinger. Being the leader of a gang named Deadlock she is involved in arms trafficking. She was designed by Mio del Rosario, JungAh Lee, and Ben Zhang. She belongs to the damage class.

13. Kiriko

She is in her early twenties. She is a kunoichi healer who is always helped by the Kitsune spirit. Her full name is Kiriko Kamori who is a Japanese supporting character. She is a ninja and her mother was her trainer. Her grandmother played an important role in teaching her about spirituality and ancestry. She protects her city with Kitsune.

Conclusive Insights

Now that you know about all the female characters, you can see that every one of them has a different origin and special powers which shows the versatility of these characters and how the game series have tried to keep every culture included in it. They even broke the old standards for the female body, their sexuality, etc. If you are an active player try to play this game as well. It won’t disappoint!


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