Easy Disney Characters to Draw & Sketch The Out Spectacularly!

As a blooming artist, you might be wondering what can you draw that would be simple, sweet, and catchy. Something that would cost less time to complete yet would be attractive enough to catch your attention. Here we would be covering those topics for you. What could be better than the most famous Disney characters to draw when you need something catchy? Below is the list of most easy Disney characters to draw and looks super cute.

Easy Disney Characters to Draw



How can you simply forget about mickey mouse when you are talking about Disney characters? This fun character featured in “Mickey Mouse Club House”, “Mickey Mouse”, etc.

  • Mickey Mouse was there in Disney World from 1928 which is almost 100 years ago
  • He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.
  • He is having human-like character.
  • He wears red shorts with big yellow shoes and white gloves.
  • We would need a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon for this.
  • Just three circles can represent his pair of ears along with his head.
  • Draw a small oval shape for his nose.
  • Two half-elongated oval shapes could make his eyes. These steps make it no.1 in the list of easy Disney characters to draw.

There you have your mickey mouse ready!


If you talk about mickey mouse and didn’t mention goofy, are you a Mickey fan? This is the most adorable character of “Mickey Mouse Club House.” With a few steps, he is another of the easy Disney characters to draw.

  • Goofy is a tall human-like dog.
  • He could be seen wearing a turtle neck along with a vest. He wears pants, white gloves, brown shoes, and a tall hat that looks like a ruffled fedora.
  • He is a bit clumsy and shown as a slow-witted character who is fun to be with and is cute!
  • You would need a pencil or pen and colors.
  • You can start by drawing cylindrical shapes to structure his whole face and body.
  • His head could be drawn using a small cylinder while his mouth requires a bigger cylinder. You could use two small half cylinders for his eyes and two small cube-like shapes for his front canines.


Another famous character from the “Mickey Mouse Club House” series, as you may know, is our sassy Donald Duck. He has been featured in “Donald Fauntleroy Duck”, ”Duck Avenger”, etc

  • Donald Duck is the classic symbol of the early Disney days. He is a white feathered duck with human-like features.
  • Donald is a character with a mischievous personality who has a few temper issues and is a bit self-centered.
  • He uses buccal speech rather than the normal way of speaking.
  • He wears a sailor shirt that is blue with a blue cap and a red bow.
  • Donald has an orangish yellow beak and feet.
  • You would need some crayons and a pencil for it.
  • First, you need to make a circle for his head.
  • You can make wavy L-shaped lines for his upper beak and a U-shape for his lower beak.
  • Two semi-oval-shaped structures for his eyes and a small inverted triangle for his tongue.


Moving on to other Disney shows, you guessed this one right! You can never miss out on this cutie when drawing Disney characters. He has been featured in “Pooh’s Adventures.”

  • He is an anthropomorphic teddy bear.
  • He could be seen wearing a red t-shirt with a big yellow belly.
  • Pooh loves to eat honey and is sweet just like it.
  • The introverted, sleepy-head teddy bear is a very friendly and easy-going, comforting character.
  • Pencil and crayons are all you need.
  • You can start by drawing an oval shape for his head.
  • A big circle for his belly and small circles for his eyes and nose.
  • Two small half-circles can make his ears.
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easy disney characters to draw


You should know about another character from “Winnie the Pooh” Piglet. He is the closest friend of Pooh. He is a timid-natured being.

  • He is an anthropomorphic pig who is completely pink in color.
  • He has horizontal stripes all over his belly. It is one of the easy Disney characters to draw.
  • Piglet is a very small, timid character who sometimes tries to be brave by overcoming his fears.
  • Draw a triangle with soft sides for his head.
  • Draw two petal-like ears above his head.
  • You can draw one small triangle for his nose. Two small dots for his eyes and two eyebrows.

There you have your very own piglet.


If you have seen “Toy Story 4” you already know who is next on the list. None other than our famous Forky! He was even featured on “Forky Asks A Question”(2019-2020).

  • He was created by Disney and Pixar and made his first appearance in 2019.
  • He is a human-like fork with googly eyes.
  • His red hands are made from pipe cleaner. He has a unibrow.
  • Forky is a self-doubting and innocent character just like every other human being. He changes his thoughts after meeting new friends who are Woody and his gang.
  • You just need to draw a big fork at first.
  • Then add a few details like buttons down the length of the spoon, and a pair of pants to show his legs.
  • Draw a wavy thread to show both of his hands.
  • Two circles of different sizes could show his eyes and then you can draw his eyebrows and lips.

This is one of the easiest Disney characters to draw.


Mike Wazowski! He is the sassiest and cool character you might come across. He was featured on ”Monster Inc”.

  • He is created by Lee Unkrich and David Silverman.
  • Wazowski is a green monster with a round body. He has a single eye.
  • He has two arms and two legs with two small horns and pointy teeth.
  • He has a bit of aggressive behavior though he is good at heart.
  • You would need crayons, sketch pens, and pencils.
  • Start by drawing a big circle for his body. Draw a comparatively smaller circle for his eye.
  • Then make thin cylinder shapes for his arms and feet.
  • Draw inverted triangles for his nails, teeth as well as horns.


If you already don’t know her; she is a supporting character in “Monsters Inc”. She is Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend who is the receptionist at Monster Inc.

  • Inspired by Medusa and the octopus she created a supporting role in that movie.
  • She is a sweetheart to all the monsters and specifically to her boyfriend Mike.
  • She might explode a few times when she gets angry but can calm down quickly.
  • The snakes on her head show her emotions well. She has only one eye. She has octopus tentacles on her hands and feet.
  • She is purple wearing a green dress with a puffy collar.
  • You should start by drawing an inverted and elongated drop shape for her head. Draw an oval shape for her eye.
  • Draw snakes on her head and her hair. Add a mouth to her.

easy disney characters to draw


Olaf is the sweetest and most lovable character in “Frozen”. You just can not hate him! He is a fictional character designed by Disney Studios in their fifty-third animated movie. He is one of the easiest Disney characters to draw.

  • He is a snowman created by Elsa and Anna when they were young.
  • He has a snow body with a few buttons made out of stone and eyes.
  • Olaf has a carrot nose and branched arms. He even has branches on his head appearing as his hair strands.
  • This innocent lovable snowman is fond of hugs and is a funny character
  • You would need a pencil and a few colors for drawing him.
  • You should make a big diamond shape with soft corners for his head.
  • Then you can add one small circle just below his head and another larger circle below the first circle. Give him 3 buttons that are a bit uneven in shape.
  • Draw a carrot for his nose and a few branches for his arms and hair strands.
  • Two circles could be made for his eyes. Two boxy front teeth are compulsory when sketching Olaf.
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easy disney characters to draw


You might misunderstand this character at first but as the story moves forward you can’t help but falls in love with him. One of the most adorable creatures made in Disney’s history.

  • It made its first appearance in “Lilo and Stitch” (2002).
  • He is an extra-terrestrial being that was genetically engineered illegally.
  • He looks like a koala that is blue.
  • Stitch had some superpowers like hyper cognition, excessive strength, and speed, highly flexible, and super sensitivity towards noise and smell.
  • Start by drawing a huge circle for his head, then a half circle for his mouth. Two medium-sized circles for his eyes.
  • Draw two rabbit-like ears with uneven cuts on both sides.
  • Draw inverted triangles of different shapes for his teeth.

There are other characters as well that you can try.


Q) What is the easiest Disney character to draw?

Olaf, Stitch, and Mickey mouse are the few easy Disney characters to draw.

Q) Is it legal to draw Disney characters?

Drawing them as a practice is alright as long as you are not using the characters for any animation or comic without permission. Disney might take legal action against it.

Q) Who is the youngest Disney character?

Among Disney princesses, Snow White was the youngest as she was just 14 years old in the story.

Q) Who is the second most popular character in Disney?

Donald Duck is known to be the second most popular character in Disney World after Mickey Mouse. He is the most iconic character with his unique speech and blue sailor shirt with a blue cap.

Q) Does Disney allow fan art?

Yes! Disney does allow fan art and you can make a wide range of it as well as share it with others. Though you cannot sell it.

Easy Disney Characters to Draw

Conclusive Insights

After reading this entire article you must have a clear idea of how to draw easy and eye-catching Disney characters. You might teach your kids as a fun activity while bonding with them or try it on your own in your spare time. You might develop this as a hobby and polish your skills. And who knows, you might end up as a cartoon artist! This is the best way to relive your childhood and have fun all together


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