Warm Weather Jams: What Will the Song of the Summer be for 2019?

Warm Weather Jams: What Will the Song of the Summer be for 2019?

If the current weather in much of the country is any indication, summer isn’t here quite yet. But that doesn’t mean the music that will define that warm and wonderful season isn’t already out there.

The best summer jams of every year usually get released a few weeks before the actual beginning of the season, after all. That gives everyone a little bit of time to get familiar before the tunes become inescapable at every outdoor gathering.

From Despacitio to Call Me Maybe to One Dance, the definitive summer songs almost always hit the airwaves starting in mid-spring. So with that in mind, what will the definitive song of the summer be for 2019?

Read on and we’ll walk you through some of the most likely candidates.

The Jonas Brothers Return

When the Jonas Brothers were at the height of their success some years back, they were still mostly seen as an act for teens and pre-teens. That didn’t stop them from having their share of big hits, but they were still mostly relegated to the kid’s section.

That’s the case no more as the trio makes their surprise return this year. Former teen fans are now card-carrying adults, and there’s a slew of new teens ready to fall in love with this music for the first time.

The brothers three made their return on the heels of new single “Sucker,” a quick and spry piece of pop rock that already serves as the biggest hit of their career. It’ll take the summer months to tell if that run will extend or fade out, but count the Jonas Bros as the group to beat for the coveted spot.

A Superstar Team Up

If there’s a helpful recipe for a hit single, it’s combining two of the biggest names in music onto one track. That’s at least the hope for the team-up of Cardi B and Bruno Mars on “Please Me,” already one of the biggest tracks of the year.

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The song finds Cardi taking the spotlight on most of the track, but Mars lends a yearning hook that’s bound to catch people by the ear for weeks to come. The track’s a bit slower than either’s previous hits, which could pose issues when it comes to beach-side parties.

But with two A-list talents at the top of their game, they definitely have a chance at going gold.

Vampire Weekend Makes A Splash

If you want a real dark horse contender, don’t count out Vampire Weekend. The band’s had a number of hits in the past, never more unavoidable then the band’s very first single, ‘A-Punk’ which played in a million trailers and television ads back in the summer of ’09.

The band returns to the limelight with a splashy new double album this month, titled Father of the Bride. Track ‘Harmony Hall’ is already a big hit on alternative radio, and an inventive video directed by Jonah Hill will help to keep the song in rotation.

There’s little to no likelihood that the band ends up at the top of the charts, but there’s more than one way to dominate the summer. If ‘Harmony Hall’ continues to play alongside enough media, it might be even more inescapable than a #1 single.

Never Underestimate Solange

Solange’s new critically acclaimed album dropped earlier this year. Too early, in fact, for it to really be considered a song of the summer contender. But if there’s one thing those in the music business should know by know, it’s to never underestimate a Knowles sister.

One of the boppiest tracks on the new record is ‘Binz,’ an ode to Solange’s hometown of Houston. It’s playful, entrancing, and fast: with a two-minute runtime, it feels destined to be flipped on repeat.

It wouldn’t be the first time a song built steam over many months leading to the summer charts: it’s certainly what happened back in 2012 with fun.’s surprise hit ‘We Are Young.’ Solange could still swoop in with a real tortoise over the hare victory.

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Still On The Horizon

Prediction is a hard sport. Just when you think you have the lay of the land, an artist could drop a surprise track and completely change the playing field.

That’s why it’d be impossible to talk about the song of the summer without mentioning artists still looming over the waiting season. Rihanna, Drake, and Chance The Rapper all have music slated for release this year, so an appearance from them could happen at any moment.

You can rest assured if artists of their stature were to release the right track, the summer could be theirs. The field is that wide open currently.

And that’s not to mention what a surprise drop from anyone from Kanye to Coldplay could do to the charts. That’s the fun of predicting the songs of the summer. There’s much to keep up with and you never know what might happen.

If you want to keep track of the playing field as it progresses, you can use this website to keep up with the latest news. The song of the summer could be just an album announcement away.

Predicting The 2019 Song of the Summer

There’s no definitive way to know what the song of the summer will be for this year. The above tracks represent just a few of our best guesses.

What do you think is most likely to cement itself on airwaves everywhere this year? Drop us a comment below. Want to learn more about the value of music to your mind and body? Check out our blog for more.

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