Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping: How to Bring New Life into Your Yard with a Fence

Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping: How to Bring New Life into Your Yard with a Fence

When you look at your yard, do you feel like something is missing? You’ve spent a great deal of time trimming the grass, planting new flora, and installing new fixtures, yet your front or back yard still needs something special to bring it to life. It’s the details that count here and the final detail you should consider for your yard is a brand new, high-quality fence.

No matter your aesthetic or how you intend to use your yard, you’ll be able to find a fence material or style to seamlessly complete your outdoor space. Though wood and PVC are long-time favorites, you can also expand your creativity by trying out a modern bamboo or metal fence.

Either way, you’ll soon be ready to select a fencing material and style for installation around your home. When that time comes, you’re going to need a top-of-the-line fencing company that places its craftsmanship and customer service before its bottom line.

When it comes to fence installation in Denver, Ozark Fence is the best in the industry. Our team has what it takes to install your fence right the first time, allowing you to enjoy it fully as your yard finally comes to life before you.


Wood fencing is a tried and true favorite for many homeowners over the years. For decades, wood fences have been the aesthetic standard for American homes, owing to its sturdy construction and value-adding presence. Simply put, a wood fence brings a degree of character to your yard that you’ll really appreciate in the long-term.

Wood fences aren’t limited to old-fashioned vertical slat designs, either. In fact, a modern fence installation company like Ozark Fence can install a vintage picket fence for a front yard garden or a lattice fence to provide your pool deck with privacy and light at the same time. Wood fences really allow for more creativity than most expect.

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PVC & Vinyl

Easy to clean, easy to repair, and all without the need to ever repaint – that’s a PVC or vinyl fence. Homeowners have really grown to appreciate PVC and vinyl fences over the past several decades in large part due to their minimal maintenance needs.

But easy upkeep isn’t all this fence material is capable of. In fact, if you have a certain wood fence design in mind, chances are that you can accomplish the very same design with PVC or vinyl. When installed in this way, PVC and vinyl speaks to thorough modernity, ideal for matching a suburban home or newly-remodeled patio. When it comes to balancing both style and performance, few other materials can truly compete with PVC and vinyl.


Some homeowners pass on metal fencing because they believe that its lack of privacy fully compromises its purpose. But if you’re looking to aesthetically enhance your yard, few other materials can do so with as much grace and precision as metal.

Often built from durable steel, these metal fences come in many heights and patterns, ranging from waist-high intermittent posts to full height, neoclassical wrought iron. Metal fences have long been associated with wealthy estates, so using it around your home will certainly set an ornamental mood that communicates both pride of place and attention to detail.


When it’s time to branch out aesthetically, there’s no better option than eye-catching bamboo fencing. Bamboo fences break from common visual conceptions of what a fence should look like, all while maintaining the durability and privacy of traditional wood fencing.

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Backyards with a focus on nature and wildlife will find that a bamboo fence blends right in. Available in a wide range of natural colors (as well as horizontal fencing), bamboo really has more versatility than many have come to expect from it. Aesthetically speaking, bamboo is by far the most unique fence building material available today.

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