Vintage Industrial: 4 DIY Home Projects with Cool Casters

Vintage Industrial: 4 DIY Home Projects with Cool Casters

Are you ready to kill two birds with one DIY stone?

You can create your own, unique furniture using casters. It gives you a beautiful industrial look and the functionality of built-in wheels.

Casters are a great option if you’re creating a moveable space. And they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to match your needs.

Check out these 4 vintage industrial DIY home projects using cool casters.

1. Coffee Table

You can’t throw a stone around Pinterest without hitting a cool pic of an industrial coffee table. And many of these tables include vintage casters to make the piece look like it came right out of an old flour mill.

Use a simple design to make a box out of wood. You want the box to be the right height for a coffee table after you add the casters. Use dark metal nails and fittings to go with your theme.

Stain the wood a dark brown and then distress it using furniture distressing techniques. Finally, add casters. Choose large, chunky, industrial-style casters to make it look more realistic.

2. Kitchen Island

To create a beautiful kitchen island, design it to fit the size and dimensions of your space. Create shelving underneath the island countertop. You don’t want to enclose the shelving though as it takes away from the industrial feel.

Use stainless steel to cover the counter. It’s a great surface for preparing food. And it will give you the look you want. Then distress the wood to give it that worn, used look.

Adding casters to the island gives you lots of flexibility in how you cook. Choose beautiful, wrought-iron casters to complete the piece.

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3. Pallet Bed

Pallet beds are one of the top design trends for 2019. And they’re so easy to make! All you need is some pallets, extra wood, and casters.

It’s easy to find pallets these days. Many stores will give them to you for free or at a small price. So the materials shouldn’t cost you much.

Lay out your pallets to the dimensions you need for your bed. Connect them to each other using small pieces of wood as ties between the pallets. Then paint or stain the wood to match your decor.

Put casters on your bed so that you can move it around however you like. Choose large, stainless steel casters for a sleek look. And opt for the ones that have a locking break so you can lock the bed in place.

4. Picnic-Style Table with Benches

A vintage industrial kitchen isn’t complete without a picnic-style table with benches. Use wrought-iron pipes to create the base and legs of the table and both benches.

Make wood tops for both the table and the benches. Paint, stain, or distress the wood to give it a more vintage feel.

Add smaller, bronze casters to the legs of the benches for a different look. Move them around and easily store them under the table when you aren’t using it.

Use Cool Casters for Cool DIY Furniture

Using cool casters in your DIY furniture projects gives you a beautiful look and a functional design. They are especially great in a home with a sleek, industrial decor scheme.

Remember to incorporate different metals int your design. Use stainless steel, wrought-iron, and bronze to bring in different colors and elements. And you can find casters in all these finishes to match your look.

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