8 Exciting Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home for Summer

8 Exciting Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home for Summer

Summer season is here again, which means everyone is thinking about summer cookouts and having fun on their backyards. In fact, Americans love spending time outside in the summer, they spend on average $6.9 billion for this occasion.

However, some people don’t have the right space to set up shop. This is where a deck comes in. If you want to have the best possible addition to your home that will allow you to entertain your guests and spend time outside this summer, a deck could be exactly what you need.

Read on to learn about the benefits of adding a deck to a house.

1. Decks Increase the Value of Your Home

By adding a deck to your home, it will increase the overall value. If you decide to sell your home after you install a deck, it will give it an instant increase.

When homeowners are looking for a family home, they like to see things that will appeal to them. Once they see a deck, they will imagine themselves entertaining and making use of their outdoor space.

You can take advantage of building a deck if you want to add a little extra value to the home. A deck can help tip the scales in your favor during the home buying process.

2. Great Place to Entertain

Most homeowners dream of having a house where they can have people over and entertain. Having a deck will give you the opportunity to add the extra space to be able to have BBQs, birthday parties, summer cookouts, play dates, and more.

You will be able to add some patio furniture to ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. Not too mention, you can bring out your inner chef and cook delicious food for your guests.

3. You Will Increase the Appeal of Your Home

Having a deck will also increase the overall appeal of your home. If you install the deck that best fits the qualities and design of your home, you can increase the overall appeal.

Many people build a deck to compliment a large back yard, others to enhance the shape of the house, or add to the overall decor of the home.

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For example, some people add lights, garlands, or holiday decorations to make their house look more beautiful. Because you can make the deck any color you want, it will fit in with the color scheme of your house.

4. It Will Give You Instant Extra Space

Adding a deck to your home also provides you with a lot more extra space to play around with. A deck instantly increases your home’s square footage, which you can also use to add more value to the house.

If you have a small backyard and you want to free up more space for children to play with, adding a deck is the perfect solution. The space under the deck can be used as a shaded play area for children to play with. Plus, you can also use it as storage.

On the deck, you can add everything else that was taking up space on your backyard such as a grill, patio, furniture, plants, or anything else you can imagine.

5. Building a Deck Takes No Time

As you may know, home renovations are lengthy and inconvenient to most residents. If you want to make some renovations to your home that don’t take long and will add value, building a deck might be the best choice.

Unlike other renovation projects that take months of planning and executing, building a deck takes a lot less time.

Also, you don’t have to worry about having to make significant structural changes to your house. A deck is less invasive and won’t cause you to change the foundation of your home.

Not too mention, building a deck won’t disrupt your daily activities unlike remodeling a kitchen or bathroom would.

6. You Can Choose the Type of Material

When you’re trying to install a deck in your home, you will have the option of many different types of materials. Some of the common types of decking materials include redwood, cedar, pressure treated, wood, and plastic composite.

As far as similar materials go, cedar and redwood are both similar materials. These materials are a top choice because they’re quite durable and resist insect infestations.

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Because they’re also fire resistant, homeowners also prefer redwood and cedar. Not too mention since you can easily seal them, and they will block moisture for up to 20 years.

Unfortunately, cedar and redwood do dent easily, so you will have to be careful in order to conserve it intact.

For those who live in places with high humidity or if their decks will be closer to the ground, they will benefit from pressure treated wood.

Due to the way it’s treated, this wood will not split, warp, swell, and it will also repel insects. If you use a lumber preservative, it will help prevent shrinkage and make the wood last over 30 years.

Plastic and wood composite materials are also a top choice for homeowners because they do not rot, splinter, or shrink. They also come in a variety of textures and colors. Plus, you don’t have to paint as often unless you see signs of wear and tear.

Another great material is Duradek vinyl, which many think is superior to other types of materials. Duradek resists high foot-traffic, extreme temperatures, and repels UV rays. Learn more about Duradek and why it’s a great option.

7. Great Return on Your Investment

As we mentioned, building a deck will increase the value of your home. This means you will get a higher return on your investment.

You will spend less money building a deck than you would in another home project such as getting a new kitchen.

8. You Will Have Multiple Surfaces

Building a deck will also add multiple surfaces to your home. Having multiple surfaces will add more dimensions and character to your home. It might feel like you live in a different house.

Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your House: The Bottom Line

Now that you know the benefits of adding a deck to a house, it’s time you start looking into it.

By adding a deck, you will increase the value of your home, have a place to entertain your guests and increase the appeal of your house.

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