How Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes

how far apart to plant tomatoes

Types of Tomatoes

Before you know how far apart to plant tomatoes, you should know the types and their suitable areas. Different types of tomatoes are available in our surroundings. Some are determinate, and some tomatoes are indeterminate. Let’s know them briefly.


They are also called “Bush Tomato.” They are a form of compact plants that grow three feet long, and some trees are taller than four feet. These determinate tomatoes mature around the same time. This tomato plant is growing to a certain height, flowers, and fruits all within a short period. 


Determinate tomato plants are grown to a certain size and stop. In comparison, indeterminate plants can grow six to eight feet tall. Unless the end of the season kills the plants, they will stop growing. Either they are growing up nonstop. It is also called “Vining Tomatoes.” They yield their harvest for a long time and are best grown in sturdy support. Continue to grow, flower, and fruits until the first frost. In the hot climate zones, they produce fruits over 2 to 3 months of a period. 

Tomatoes and The Uses 

Now we will learn about how far to plant tomatoes and their uses in different fields. In reality, the tomato is a flowering plant. Labeled as a vegetable for its nutritional purposes. It is a good source of vitamin C and phytochemical lycopene. This fruit is a common ingredient of salads, served as cooked dishes, used as an ingredient of various prepared dishes, and pickled. Many tomatoes are used every day in different ways, such as canned tomatoes, tomato juice, ketchup, dehydrated puree pulp, paste, and sun-dried tomatoes. 

Physical Description

The tomato plants are usually much-branched and spreading 24 to 72 inches. Tomato leaves are less or more hairy and 45 cm long. The flowers are five-petaled, color in yellow, 2 cm across, and clustered. They are generally scarlet, yellow, or red, though purple and green do exist. Every fruit contains two cells of small seeds combined with jelly pulp. 

Cultivation Weather and Diseases

The tomato plants require warm weather and much sunlight. It is mainly grown in a hothouse in a cooler climate. Remember, the plants get sunlight for more than 6 hours each day. Tomato plants are sensitized to pests and diseases. Including early blight, bacterial wilt, mosaic virus, tomato hornworms, and nematodes. All of these problems can be control with crop rotation. The use of fungicides and pesticides and the planting of resistant varieties.  

How far apart to plant Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are the first choice of non-experienced gardeners. These plants don’t need to care especially. They need water and sunlight to grow up. On the other hand, if you desire, growing healthy plants to produce plenty of fruits, you must pay attention to the plants. Spacing is the main point of growing healthy plants with plenty of fruits. Also, it depends on the types of tomatoes. Spacing between the plants helps to good air circulation and will be less risk of soil-borne diseases.  

Determinate plants: 

The plant of determinate is maximum grown up to three feet tall and one to two feet apart. The plantation of the determinate plant should be two feet apart. 

Indeterminate plants: 

As they are taller trees than determinate plants. Supporting your plants will make a big difference with spacing. These plants need to prune regularly during the growing season to control the growth. It increases good air circulation. You should plant these indeterminate tomatoes spacing three to four feet apart. 

How far apart to plant Tomatoes: Why spacing is important 

There are four reasons to plant tomatoes in good spacing between one to another. 

  • Tomato plants are susceptible to many diseases. If plants are closely planted, and insufficient air circulation will raise the risk of diseases. 
  • Heat-loving tomato plants need enough sunlight for healthy growth. If you crowd seeding, they will shade in the side trees.  
  • Good spacing will help you to produce plenty of production. If you give too much space between the trees, there will grow weeds, losing valuable growing space and reducing the overall strong harvest. 
  • It is true that air circulation decreases when plants are crowded. In addition, it also means that they are competing for water and nutrients. 
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How far apart to space rows

When you grow tomato plants in the garden or raised beds, you should leave them four feet apart. It increases the chance of good airflow and gives you enough space to work around the plants. 

Keep on top of Pruning.

Now you have got your tomatoes enough spaced but don’t neglect the Pruning. Determinate plants don’t need to prune, but staked indeterminate tomatoes need to remove the suckers regularly. This promotes healthy growth and productive plants. It is not too difficult to prune tomato plants. Actually, every 7 to 10 days, you should prune the tomato plants. 

If you remove the suckers in the meantime, it will help to grow more flowers and fruits. Actually, pruning trees increases the production of fruits and increases the size of fruits. 

Without spacing, tomato plants

So, how far apart to plant tomatoes without spacing, tomato plants in the first place? Now I will tell you about the problem if you don’t maintain the space when you plant the trees. 

During summer, tomato plants love to bathe in the sunlight as a summer vegetable. So ensure that tomato plants get at least eight hours of direct sunlight each day. If you plant these trees too closely, they will shade the neighboring trees by their leaves. 

At the same time, the air passing will interrupt badly. In addition, the reason for struggling to reach the sunlight plants will be small and fail to get enough nutrients. If you really don’t care about the tomato plants, they will give you small quantities of production, and you shouldn’t blame the trees.    

Fungi love to grow in the shade and humid spots. The leaves of your tomato plants will create the best place to grow fungi because of improper airflow and less sunlight. 

I believe that all the reasons that have been described briefly. And you know the importance of spacing in the tomato plants. 

How far apart to plant Tomatoes in Staked

Tomato plants usually grow tall. Many gardeners grow the plants and give support to the plants with stakes or cages. If you want to use stakes, you should plant the trees 24 to 30 inches on all sides. For rows, maintain the 40 inches distance to each row.

How far apart to plant Tomatoes caged

Many gardeners like to plant tomatoes in cages and where they have to give support by stakes. There are many cages in the market for plant tomato trees but keep in mind that we need cages between 18 to 36 inches wide. Due to this reason, you should plant the trees at a distance of about 30 inches. Leave 42 inches at least between the rows.

How far apart to plant tomatoes: Tomato Spacing Recommendations

Traditionally, tomato plants are grown in rows on the fields. Actually, it depends on the tomato types, plant variety, and plant support type used. Recommendations for plant spacing with rows are given below.

Indeterminate plants 

These plants are grown in the wire cages and should be spaced about 2.5-3 feet apart. This allows for spreading foliage and fruits.

Indeterminate tomatoes are spread over the ground and will need 3-4 feet of space between plants.

Determinate tomatoes 

This tree can plant 1.5-2 feet space between neighbor plants. In addition, space rows 2-3 feet apart. 

Container tomatoes These can plant in the pots at a minimum of 5 gallons of volume. In the meantime, 14 inches of diameter.

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Enough spaces will give each plant an equal share of air, light, moisture, and soil; nutrients. Then tomatoes will be more healthy and in good shape in outlook. 

How to space tomatoes 

The volume of spaces that you give your plant depends on how many spaces in your garden. Naturally, huge spaces are good for plants because it provides your tomato plants with more room to grow. In this situation, the competition for nutrition is less. It is important to have more spaces to make your tomatoes more productive and healthy. At least 24-36 inches spaces need to grow the plants properly. If you give less than 24 inches, the diseases and fungi will attack easily in plants. So follow the rules properly and get plenty of tomato production. 

How far apart to plant tomatoes in a raised bed

Raised beds have richer soil than open gardens. In these positions, every plant should have 1 square foot of space. Always use the tomato cage to support the tomato vines and inspire vertical growth. Before preparing the raised bed, you have to think about how many plants you want to grow. Then it should give 1 square foot place for each tomato plant. This space will give you to work under the tree and tight the ground. 

The Best soil conditions for your tomato plants  

Not only are the spaces important for healthy plants but also need good conditions of the soil. Fertile soil helps to stay healthy for a long time. You have to check the PH level in the soil where you are going to plant your tomato plants. PH level of 6.0 to 7.0 is the most competent plane for tomatoes to stay happy. 

What to do with the extra space

If you are feeling pain from the extra spaces between the tomato plants, don’t worry. You can use these free spaces by creative planting to maximize your output from your garden. After growing and establishing your tomato plants, you can prune the ground parts of the plants. You can use these spaces by planting lettuce, spinach, and radishes, which won’t disturb the sunlight and air circulation. Remember that it grows fast and can be removed in a short time. 

This is a fantastic way to cultivate nicely and use properly every space of your small garden. 

When to plant your tomatoes

It depends on several factors. These are- where do you live when the plant reaches its maturity, when the first frost will come, and even the purchase date of the plant. As I told you before, it is a vegetable of summer and earthly autumn. As per the rules, just follow the season of your place and start to harvest. If your home is a more relaxed place, you can make a greenhouse for the cultivation. In the greenhouse, you can cultivate any type of vegetables quickly. Always follow the rules about irrigation, airflow, light, and spaces before and after plantation. 

Is it OK to plant tomatoes close together?

Generally speaking, tomatoes can exist close together if there are enough sunlight and water. However, less sunlight can be a cause of the tomato tree’s death. So, keep some gap between the trees to give them proper sunlight and air.

How far apart to play tomatoes final words

I hope you read all the sentences that I write about tomato plants. So, I have tried my best to tell you everything that I know. It has given you all the information about how far apart to plant tomatoes. Here is the description of the soil and maintenance too. If you need to know more, just comment below. We will reply to you.


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