How is Regenerative Medicine Transforming Modern Medicine?

How is Regenerative Medicine Transforming Modern Medicine?

Cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer’s are in the top ten causes of death in the US with heart disease, taking the number one spot. What if there was a new way to fight or even eliminate all of them?

Although it sounds like science fiction now, it could be science fact in the future. The field of regenerative medicine is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

But what exactly is it, and what can it do for us? Here are some fun medical facts that will answer your questions about this exciting and promising field of research.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Let’s say you get a cut on your hand. Your body knows how to heal itself and eventually seals up the wound.

There are cells within your body that can possibly hold the secret to regenerating tissue that’s too damaged to heal the normal way. Stem cells, engineered tissue, and more might be the solution to a healthier future.

Four Concentrations of Regenerative Medicine

Four concentrations fit the regenerative medicine definition.

  • 1. Tissue Engineering: Creating skin and/or organs from lab-grown tissue with a lower rate of rejection
  • 2. Clinical Trials: Real-world applications and trials of this new medical technology
  • 3. Artificial Organs and Medical Devices: Growing body parts and cells within the patient’s body using their own bio-material
  • 4. Cellular Therapy: Using a patient’s own stem cells to regenerate unhealthy cells as needed

Many of these concentrations are still in a trial period, but advances are being made every day. Think of the revolutionary changes a success in any of these concentrations would bring to the world!

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The Past, Present, and Future

These medical miracles seem like they belong in the future. There have already been successes in this field that have paved the way for future trials.

The very first organ transplant occurred in 1954. This helped us understand why our bodies reject donated organs and how we can overcome this hurdle.

Today, there are nearly 1,000 trials in progress. Several of them are focusing on eliminating cancer.

You don’t have to sign up for a clinical trial to take advantage of these benefits. Look for a regenerative medicine center near you and set up an appointment to see what they can do for you.

What does the future hold? Only time will tell.

For right now, companies that focus on regenerative therapies are raising more money than ever before. New trials are springing up every day.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to reap the rewards of regenerative science and medicine in our lifetimes.

Living Longer, Healthier Lives

Regenerative medicine still has a ways to go. That being said, the future looks very bright.

Imagine how much longer we’ll be able to live and how our quality of life will improve. The world will go through a medical and lifestyle revolution.

You are interested in what changes you can make now to improve your life? Want to keep in touch with the cutting edge of health and wellness news?

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