How Telecommuting has Changed the Workplace

Telecommuting has Changed the Workplace

These days, we often hear or read about working from home. Most of us don’t know that WFH is also known as telecommuting. This term is a work arrangement in which the employees are asked to work outside the office. This means working from home or in near location to your home such as coffee shops, co-working places, or libraries. Now, why do we need this kind of setup? Many people are experiencing a crisis due to Coronavirus. The only solution for those not working on the front lines in a healthcare job is through this method. Today let me give you the details of how telecommuting has changed the workplace and how to do it successfully.

How does it work?

To keep in touch with the employer and co-workers, instead of an employee traveling to the office, you will need to have telecommunication links to communicate with them. This process is done through emails, telephone, and various chat programs. 

Of course, there will be such a season where you will need to attend a meeting in-person and touch base with your employer. For distance conferences, there are many options. And what’s even great is you may not need to visit the office.

Advantages of Telecommuting

The primary advantage of telecommuting is it gives a worker more freedom with the working hours and location. The flexibility of the employee to balance his obligation at work and with his family increased. 

The time of an employee consumed in heavy traffic traveling from home to work will no longer happen if working from home. The time saved can be used more productively. 

There are more and more of the advantages of experiencing this setup. Allowing a worker to telecommute doesn’t only give benefit to the worker but the company as well. Telecommuting saves a considerable amount of time and money, especially the expenses of a company from providing an office. 

Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Working from home can also have disadvantages. A worker who accepts this setup must be strongly motivated to avoid distractions. 

You also need to find a productive place to do work, such as a home office or coffee shop. For others, telecommuting is a bit isolating, knowing that you don’t work around your co-workers. And having routine meetings increases your loneliness. 

Working from home doesn’t differ from other setups. It also has positive and negative effects. What matters the most is how you weigh yourself to accept telecommuting.

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Who Telecommutes?

According to the report of FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, from the year 2005 up to 2017, the number of employees who telecommute increased to 159%. So the answer is many people are now telecommuting. This tremendous increase shows how working from home made it more convenient to work with the help of technology and the internet. Communications become effective logically. 

How telecommuting changed the workplace?

It is somehow challenging to have a set up like telecommuting. But once you get used to it, you will find it more convenient and exciting to do. Below are the tips to make work from home successful:

Wear proper outfit

I know telecommuting is somehow comfortable. You can work with your pajamas on. However, when you are often doing video meetings, consider what you are wearing and still wear a proper outfit since you are making a corporate conversation. 

Also, wearing professional outfits will set your mind that you are working and will not watch the drama on TV. But if not needed, go ahead! Wear your socks and pajamas and wear what you are comfortable wearing. 

Make a designated area for your work.

Creating an area where you can do your stuff at work instead of sitting on the couch is better. This will prevent you from being tempted to watch TV or do other things than turning on your computer to do your work. Besides, having a dedicated place to work is more professional to look at when doing a video meeting. 

Inform your family and friends about your set up

You are in your home, not only because you live there. But also because your work is from there. The people around you must understand your set up for them to adjust that you cannot have unexpected non-work related activities suddenly. 

Prepare a start and stop timer

Working from home is useful when you know it goes with flexibility. Even if you are not working on an exact schedule, you may still want to create a structure to follow. Timer or scheduler can provide a disciplined division when to spend your time for work. And when to use your time for leisure like bonding with your family.

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Have constant communication with your manager

Telecommuting will no longer put you in a situation where your supervisor is walking around your desk. But you are still responsible for reassuring that your manager knows that you work. By sending emails or chats, you can be communicative. If you need help to construct a formal email, you can get grammarly premium free. Make a schedule when you will report or review the tasks you completed and what you are working on at present.

Job with and can do telecommuting setup

Various industries are now prepared to do work-from-home setup such as sales, marketing, customer service, etc. With the use of technology, including software programs, it is nearly possible to have a telecommuting setup. With the crisis we are experiencing now, some medical professionals have also decided to do work-from-home.

How to find a telecommuting job?

Feeling interested in applying for a telecommuting job? You can look for a job using the internet. Search for sites that hire telecommuters. From there, you can start planning to present your CV or portfolio online. 

However, be aware that job scams have access to the internet society, so be careful. One thing to know if it is a scam is when they promise you earning money without even doing anything. That’s when the start of their trick of taking your money or worse, your identity. 

The best of your future could be at home

Telecommuting is best for those who are ready to accept the work-from-home setup with its consequences. It also bends the traditional way of a workplace. 

For most of the employees working as telecommuters, they believe they are happier and more productive. Instead of wasting their time being stuck in heavy traffic, they are consuming it to accomplish more tasks for their work. 

Don’t you think it’s time to consider these settings and enjoy its benefits? What is on your mind? Share your opinion with us. Please leave a comment below.

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