How to Be the Perfect House Guest

How to Be the Perfect House Guest

They say that home is where the heart is.

When you are staying in someone else’s home, you’ll want to make sure that you are making their heart flutter with joy, rather than bringing them heartache.

As house guests, we often feel out of place, or may not quite know what rules we should follow. If you’re unsure exactly what to do there are some rules of house guest etiquette that will set you straight.

Follow these tips so that you can be the best house guest that anyone could ever ask for.

1. Keep the Trip Short So You Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome

This is the golden rule when it comes to being a house guest.

Even a model houseguest will become a burden when their visit starts to make them more of a roommate. People like their space and living situations, so make sure that your stay always has a start time and end time.

What’s more, don’t put them in a position to have to tell you that they’d like you to leave, because this can be embarrassing and awkward for everyone involved, and can even create hurt feelings that damage a relationship.

When they know up front that you only plan to stay a few days, it puts their guard down and lets them fully enjoy your visit. Take it upon yourself to keep the trip short so that you’ll give them a chance to miss you, rather than have them take on the burden of pushing you out.

2. Clean Up After Yourself Meticulously

Not cleaning up after yourself is the quickest way to become a pain when you are someone’s houseguest.

It’s hard enough for people to keep their home clean and deal with their own mess. The last thing anyone wants is to have to clean up after their own mess and yours — particularly because you aren’t paying rent or any bills, but are adding to their burden.

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Take it a step further and clean up after other people as well. For instance, if the host cooks dinner, take it upon yourself to do the dishes. If you are at home while they’re at work, consider sweeping the porch, cleaning the bathrooms or taking other steps to make their home more clean and comfortable for them than it was before they left.

Perhaps the host has a set of beautiful glass doors that really make their home look amazing. Imagine how many points you’ll get by cleaning these high quality doors for them so that they sparkle.

Go the extra mile in this regard and people will love having you around.

Avoid doing heavy duty cleaning though, because people often have their own system for doing things, and you don’t want to ruffle feathers by ruining that or storing items somewhere that they can’t find them.

3. Buy Food or Other Items That Bring Value

Make sure that you are also providing value in a way that makes the home better.

For instance, you can go grocery shopping and stock up on some food items that might be their favorite. Perhaps they mentioned some items that they want or need. Make a trip to the store and help them out.

You can also alleviate their burden by running an errand for them that they don’t have time to get to. The more value you create, the more you will be valued as a houseguest.

4. Prepare a Delicious Meal

Who doesn’t love a delicious meal?

When you really want to strike a chord, prepare a meal that will feed their belly and soul.

Hit the grocery store with a detailed shopping list and a few proven recipes in your back pocket and your stay will be a smashing success. Everyone loves to eat, so whether you make breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even bake a lovely cake, it will definitely be appreciated.

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5. Toss the Homeowners a Few Bucks

Money talks, so definitely don’t hesitate to give the host a bit of cash for their trouble.

Maybe you want to pay them for the extra bit of electricity you use. Perhaps you want to makes sure that they can cover the cost of any toiletries of theirs you use.

Regardless of how you frame it, the host will appreciate the gesture, even if they graciously refuse it and give the money back to you.

6. Enhance the Mood of the Home With Conversation and Good Energy

Definitely, don’t lose sight of how important it is to be the best person you can be while you are staying under someone else’s roof.

If you are carrying gloomy and negative energy around with you, it will rub off and people will be less likely to want to spend time with you. Conversely, when you are a ray of sunshine, witty, and a great source of conversation and joy, people will love having you around.

When you ground yourself in good energy and spread it around, you’ll be the best houseguest that anyone could ever ask for.

House Guests — Use These Tips for a Successful Stay

House guests will always be welcome when they apply these tips. You can put these tips to use whether you are visiting a friend or family member, or even staying with an Airbnb host.

Let these tips guide you and be sure to check back for more of our content to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.

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