4 Key Reasons Why You Should Install a Dog Door

4 Key Reasons Why You Should Install a Dog Door

Dogs are more than just pets — they’re a part of the family. Just like any other member of it, they adore you and depend on you for seemingly everything. They need you in their lives, just like they need to be in yours to remind you what you’re working so hard for.

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than seeing your dog run up to you with its tail wagging, excited just to see that you’re home.

If they’re such a vital part of the family, why keep them cooped up in the house. You don’t stay in it all day, so why should they? Installing a dog door will give your dog the freedom it needs to be happy, and it will make your relationship with your pet much deeper.

By giving your dog the freedom to come and go as it wants, you will protect your house from accidents and bring the rest of your family together. And that’s just the start of the benefits. Keep reading below to learn more reasons why you should install a dog door so that your pet can come and go, just like you!

1. Getting a Dog Door Prevents Poor Health

When you get a dog, you commit to making sure they’re happy and healthy. It’s your responsibility to make sure that they don’t develop any major illnesses if you can prevent it. Caring for a pet means more than just patting its head and feeding it; caring for one means anticipating what it needs and providing it those things.

Dogs need to pee just like anything else, and holding it in can lead to serious health issues later. Yet, you probably won’t always be there to open the door for them when they need to use the bathroom. Housetrained pets are left to simply hold it in, often costing them their kidneys or even their lives.

A dog door will prevent this; they’ll be able to leave the house and use the bathroom whenever they need to. You won’t need to be there for them to go out when they need it. A dog door will help your pet be able to take care of itself when you’re not there, and that’s good for both of you!

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2. Pets Can Take Care of Themselves

Almost everybody has heard horror stories of pets left outside during intense winter storms, or overheating in a house during sweltering summers. Dogs don’t have the ability to cool down in the same way people can. They can’t get a warm or cold drink, turn on the heating or cooling system, or even sweat.

Instead, dogs are stuck with whatever temperature they’re in. If it’s too hot or cold where they are, they need to find somewhere more comfortable. Most of the time, that just means going inside or outside the house.

If their owners aren’t home though, they’re stuck. They have to just endure the temperature and hope for the best. Sometimes, that can have fatal results.

A dog door will give them the ability to either find shelter from the cold or run out of a sweltering house. Dogs know when something is too hot or cold, they just don’t always have the ability to do something about it. With a dog door installed, they can.

3. Dogs Need an Escape Route, Too

Some people worry that installing a dog door will mean that anyone can get into their homes. They believe that anyone can squeeze through the small opening on the door to break into their homes. Yet, this is nonsense.

First, you would need to be an extraordinarily small burglar to be able to fit through a dog door. No amount of pushing will get someone through that small of an opening. And no burglar can put anything through the hole that will help them open the door; it’s too far from the locks and handles to open.

It’s more likely that a burglar will just break your windows if they really want to get into your home. And while you can order replacement windows, you can’t just order a replacement pet. You want your beloved dog to be able to run away from a potential burglar if you’re not there to protect them, and a dog door gives them the escape they need.

The same applies if your dog needs to escape a house fire, or something worse. Dogs can’t open doors to get away from danger, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they can protect themselves.

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4. Dog Doors Protect Your Home From Your Dog

If you’ve had a dog for long, then you understand accidents happen. Sometimes, your dog just needs to urinate and they can’t always hold it in. It’s a part of housebreaking a new dog, and teaching them they can’t use the bathroom inside the house.

Unfortunately, even if peeing inside the house is a habit that can be broken, the furniture it ruins can’t be undone. If your dog routinely pees inside the house, it can warp any wood you have on your floor or in your furniture. It can also rust internal metal components to your furniture.

The smell can seep into your carpet, furniture, or rugs. And once it’s inside the fabric, it can be impossible to get out. That’s why you should take every measure to ensure that your dog can go outside to use the bathroom when they need to.

Investing in a dog door is an investment in protecting your home from your pet. It helps you hold onto the things you have for longer since it’s less likely that your pet will ruin them.

A Dog Door Opens Up New Possibilities for Pets

The final, and most important, reason for getting a dog door is that it will let your pet explore more of the world. They want to go outside just like everything else; they want to experience the sun on their skin and the grass on their paws. Keeping them cooped up in the house in unfair to them.

A dog door will let them live out their desires, without you having to be there. It makes them freer, and they’ll be happier for it. A dog door will make your dog that much more excited to see you at the end of a long hard day, and you’ll feel a closer bond with them.

It makes your house into more of a home. And if you want more ideas to make your home more comfortable for your pet, just keep reading our posts. We keep our website updated with new ideas to improve your home, your life, and your pet’s life too!

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