3 Reasons Why Silent Discos Are the Next Best Thing

3 Reasons Why Silent Discos Are the Next Best Thing

You probably haven’t heard about silent discos and might be wondering how a disco can be silent and entertaining at the same time?

A silent disco is just an event like any other where people wear unique headphones being broadcasted from different points. The music points are run by DJs.

Imagine how fun it can be when you are sipping from your glass of beer and at the same time listening to some good music directly to your ears.

In less than three years to come, silent discos will be the fun of the day for this generation.

At the end of the day, you and I will view this matter from the same perspective. That is after I explain to you why I think silent discos are the big thing.

Silent discos are the next big thing because of:

 1. Eased Communication

Talking and having conversations with your friends in a club can be hectic, especially if the music playing is too loud.

You are here trying to explain something to your friend at a party. It’s either you shout at the bottom of your voice or go outside.

Or, you want to make an order to the waiter. The same communication struggle applies. You have to communicate with mouths close to ears.

That can be really embarrassing, right? Thanks to advanced technology, we now have silent discos.

Silent discos allow for unstrained communication. You can easily communicate with your friends.

All you have to do is pause your music and talk, then resume your music when done. That’s it!

You can’t compare that to a place with too loud music that can even tear your eardrum. I feel like silent discos is a better way of having fun.

Regardless of the fact, silent discos are upcoming, with such an advantage, silent discos are likely to become the next big thing.

 2. Silent Discos Are Less Distractive

Let’s have a look at this scenario. You have had a colorful wedding day, and you want to throw an afterparty for your friends and family at your house later in the evening.

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You might be coming from a neighborhood with close homesteads. With such close neighbors, you are not expected to go beyond noise limits. You have a restricted time of which you can play your loud music. Past that, you are likely to attract uninvited guest. The cops!

You should worry no more because silent discos are now here. You can have your bash until whatever time you want. Barely will even the neighbors recognize you have something on in your backyard.

It sounds like killing two birds with one stone, right? You and your guests will have fun at the party, and your neighbors will enjoy their peace at the same time.

It is alarming how the population of the world is significantly increasing with time. People are now living everywhere, even in the middle of cities.

Club owners are now appreciating the invention of silent discos and adopting them. Soon, regardless of whether your apartment is under the same roof with a club or you live nearby, your peace of mind will be a guarantee.

3. Listening to More than One DJ

How can you listen to music being played by two or three DJs? That’s must be a question that might have crossed your mind.

Well, this is one reason why silent discos are becoming trendy with time.

Top sound technology companies have designed some noise resistant headphones specifically for use in a silent disco.

These devices are built in such a way that you can tune in between two or more music channels while at the same venue of fun.

This sounds interesting, indeed! You will have the opportunity to listen and dance to your music of choice.

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Also, you can tell which DJ is moving the crowd more than the other. You tell this by watching the dance patterns from your colleagues.

The competition created for the DJs will ensure that the DJs do their best. The competition, in the end, will ensure that you have quality music from the DJs.

Unlike music provided from a PA system, you don’t have to put up with bad music provided from by the one Dj. After all, fun is the primary reason why you are at the event. An event cannot be enjoyable if you are not enjoying the vibe created by the music.

if you are thinking of having the perfect birthday party, get good DJs and good quality wireless earphones/headphones. or, you can tell the attendees to come with there own.

These simple ideas will ensure that you and your friends with different music tastes are sorted.


It is evident how sound technology is becoming better and better as time goes on. Times are long gone when people used to listen to music from radio speakers.

Today, you can choose to privately listen to their music using earphones regardless of their location. The trend has now shifted to club life. As time goes, more clubs are adapting to the trend.

Silent discos are upcoming. It’s rare to find them in interior regions. You are likely to find silent discos in modern developed cities or neighborhoods.

Through silent discos, you can have fun without affecting the neighbors, have the privilege of choosing between DJs, and have effective communication at your convenience.

Indeed, it is a cool way of having fun.

You can visit our blog for more information to help you understand why silent discos will be the next best thing.

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