How to clean jewelry Step by Step

how to clean jewelry

For any occasion or daily purpose, we like to use jewelry. But the thing is that most of the time, jewelry becomes dirty or its color become fade as typical usage. In this matter, it’s essential to clean jewelry properly. We use any jewelry. Some may be stone or silver, or some may be gold and platinum-like expensive ones.

But the thing is that every jewel has its specific cleaning procedure. We think all the jewelry can be cleaned in the same way. But all processes are not the same, and considering all these, we have concluded some ways to clean your jewelry correctly. By reading this article, you will know how to clean jewelry professionally

How to clean jewelry:

Some home ingredients are so much beneficial regarding jewelry cleaning. Here we have discussed the DIY process to clean jewelry. These home ingredients will help to know how to clean jewelry DIY. These are as follows-

Utilize Anti-bacterial Cleaner:

It is not important to buy a specific jewelry cleanser for sparkling jewelry.  An antifungal cleaner is beneficial regarding this matter. Start with unscrewing the jar lid and then taking a few amounts of detergent into a jar.  Insert your jewelry and permit it to sit for five full minutes. As soon as the time is up, eliminate with a fresh tooth-brush.  Rinse under warm water then keep it over a kitchen towel to dry. 

Cleaning with baking soda:

To know how to clean jewelry with baking soda, at first take ¼ cup baking soda with 2 tbsp—spoon water. Use a wet scrubber to gently rub over the ornaments. Enable the jewelry wash using a cleansing material, pour a little amount of vinegar and clean with running water.  This process is ideal for your silver jewelry or gold jewelry. Usually do not make use of the procedure on pearls or stone that are soft. 

Alcoholic component:

Any Type of Jewelry or glass using translucent gemstones can be cleaned through the alcoholic ingredients.  If it is unknown to you how to clean jewelry with alcoholic components, then consider to dip your diamond ring to get back the previous shine or you could drop a napkin in your vodka to wash out the dirt in your glasses. 

Emeralds diamonds can be adequately cleaned with vodka or beer-like alcoholic ingredients. You can get the glow back on your strong gold without the Gemstones as well as other jewelry by massaging a little bit of beer. Use of a soft cloth for rubbing and soaking water.

Vinegar: To know how to clean jewelry with vinegar, soak your silver necklaces, and jewelry in a mix of two tbsp baking soda with 1/2 cup white vinegar for 2-3 hours. Rinse them under freshwater and then wash using a light fabric.

Aluminium foil: It’s the most common process to know how to clean jewelry silver, for that at first line a small bowl with aluminum foil. Fill the jar with heated water and also mix 1 tbsp of bleach-free powdered such as laundry detergent. Do not use liquid detergent. Now put the jewelry into the solution to soak for 1 minute.  Rinse with water and wipe out properly. This treatment is a known process for silverware. 

How to clean gold jewelry:

Gold jewelry is precious and as well as their cleaning process is also different. When we use gold jewelry for regular purposes, then it’s essential to clean by proper way. The appropriate procedure to know how to clean jewelry gold includes home DIY ideas and the use of some chemicals. These are as follows- 

With Dish soap:

Dish soap is so much useful to clean gold jewelry. To know how to clean jewelry with dish soap, at first mix 3-4 spoon of dishwasher into warm water. Now place the ornaments in the water for 15-30 minutes. Within this time, soapy water will start to work to remove cracks and other dirt particles. The hard type of dirt will be loosened by this time. Now it’s time for scrubbing. You have to use gently over the ornaments.

A soft bristle contains brush is useful regarding this matter. Scrub with this soft brush over every single piece of ornament. This process will help to remove the scratch of the jewelry.  Now it’s time to wash out. Rinse each ornament with warm water. Do it properly so that it can remove the lingering dirt. After proper washing, use a soft cloth to soak the water. This process is also helpful to wash gold polish ornaments also. 

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For the gold plated jewelry, you have to be more careful. Because sometimes by scrubbing over the gold-plated silver, the gold plated layer can be removed. But don’t use too much hot or boiling water for washing purposes. You can also use sodium-free carbonated water or club soda to get better results. The component of club soda acts as a washing agent.


Ammonia is also essential equipment for cleaning jewelry. It is a powerful cleaner that helps to loosen the dirt particles and polish the jewelry smoothly. But keep on thing on mid don’t use ammonia to clean the gold jewelry. This agent cleans the occasional jewelry properly, but it can’t give the deep cleaning for regular jewelry.

This process is simple to use ammonia. Take six spoon water with one spoon of ammonia. The ratio will be 6:1. Now stir the mixture properly to mix the ammonia evenly. Now soak the jewelry within the mixture but not more than one minuets. You have to do it carefully. So that the jewelry doesn’t remain in this mixture for a long time, it is better to use a small shiver and place the jewelry into it. Now put it in the mix for one minute. 

As ammonia is a strong base so it can cause damage to the upper layer if you keep your jewelry into the mixture for a long time. For the gold plated jewelry, this process is not suitable. After this step, rinse the jewelry under the running water putting into a kitchen sieve. Now lightly waterless the jewelry with a soft polishing cloth. Air dry is also a better option before using jewelry.

Boiling water:

For pure solid gold particles, you can put your jewelry into boiling water. Pure gold jewelry or that contain diamonds like gemstones, this process will not cause any damage to the jewelry. It’s not required to boil the water so much and boil that amount of water so that all the gold jewelry can remain under the boiling water. Metal cooking bowls are the right choice for this process. Now put your jewelry in a bowl and carefully put the boiling water in slow motion over the jewelry.

Put the jewelry in such a way so that one jewelry is not placed over other jewelry and all the parts of jewelry remain underwater. Soon you will see water will be dirty due to dissolving the dirt particle. Now wait for some time and when you will be able to put your hands in the water, then take out the jewelry. Use a suitable soft bristle for rubbing the jewelry. And soak the water with a piece of soft cloth. 

To clean silver jewelry: Along with the above ingredient, it may be unknown to you how to clean jewelry silver with coke, ketchup or toothpaste. These are follow-

Toothpaste: Toothpaste eliminate stains from teeth, so they are also able to remove stains from silver. To know how to clean jewelry with toothpaste, use a white glue toothpaste with a brush to clean the discolored silver and then rinse quite lightly with your fingertips along with even a smooth fabric.  Rinse with lukewarm water to see the shine of silver and use a soft cloth to absorb water.


Let Ketch Up perform the job to clean silver that is tarnished and to know how to clean jewelry with coke and ketchup. For this, put your ring, necklace, or ear-ring into ketch up and gently rub. Now clean by utilizing an old tooth-brush to perform remove the ketchup residue. Ketch-up contain vinegar and tomato and these work as cleaning component. To avert harming the silver, do not abandon the Ketch-Up.  Scrub out it dry and clean, but don not keep jewelry for long time under a lump of ketch up. 

How to clean stone jewelry:

All sort of jewelry is not suitable to clean. If gemstones are glued into the jewelry set, then never put the jewelry submerged into the water. Again warm water can also cause damage to the jewelry, it loosens the glue and stones are fell out. For this type of jewelry, use a soapy cloth soaked in dish wash and squeeze the fabric so that running water can’t take place into the jewelry holes. Then gently scrub.

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And now clean or rinse the jewelry with a dampened plain water. Clean in such a way so that leftover soap residues are not present in the jewelry. Now put the jewelry upon a piece of kitchen towel so that it can soak all the water. Set is an upside-down position. Stone jewelry is susceptible. While cleaning some sorts of stone can be removed or misplaced. So the proper way of cleaning is to require.

How to clean the diamonds:  

It’s simple to reestablish the glow of and Rocks, such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds in stone.  You may use precisely the exact guidelines to cleaning gold, but for diamonds use of plain water mix with dish soap is most beneficial. The carbonation aided liquid also loosen dirt and eliminated particles trapped on the areas of the diamond jewelry.

Smoothly brush and dip jewelry in clean water. Or can use strainer to place the jewelry and wash underwater. You can also use denture tablets.  Drop tablets into a glass of water and permit it to sit for a couple of moments.  Now put jewelry and take out after 1-2 minutes. Now wash to see the glow. 

How to care for jewelry:

  • Take away rings when washing your palms, employing beauty Services and products, employing creams, or cleaning your home.
  • Do not use jewelry while swimming, chlorine and saltwater it can harm. 
  • Clean the pearls jewelry with a piece of soft fabric after every use.
  • Put the ornaments after applying perfume or body spray. It can fade the colour of the jewelry.
  • Tend not to allow silver to sit on your jewelry box rather than wear it everywhere. The more you will use silver jewelry, it will become shinier that the longer.
  • Get jewelry assessed with a trustworthy Jeweler to make sure they are stable. 


  • If your jewelry contain fragile or some type of stone,  pearl or coral, special care has to take. And never use hot water for cleaning purpose.
  • Use ammonia carefully for platinum and pearls jewelry.
  • Wash each ornament separately, don’t try to wash them all together. 
  • Some precious stones, such as opals can be cracked to rapid and drastic temperatures.
  • Don’t use so much freezing or cold water that also cause damage to the ornaments. 
  • Don’t let the water flow very powerful while cleaning. Powerful water stream can remove the stone and other fragile components.
  • While clearing jewelry within a sink, plug it so that if accidentally jewelry slips out of your hands, you don’t lose your jewelry even.
  • It is better to use a shiver or filter when you drain the water.


  • What type of brush is suitable for jewelry washing?

A soft bristle is so much helpful to clean the jewelry. You will found a particular type of bristle for cleaning jewelry. You can also use small soft brushes or your eyebrow brushes for cleaning purpose even.

  • How to clean fake jewelry?

Dab a piece of fabric into a mix of water and dish soap. Rinse the jewelry using a dampened cloth soaked in normal water. As stones have been frequently glued so do not rub harshly by doing so, adhesive can be loose and the “stone” can pop.  

  • How to use window cleaner for jewelry cleaner?

Utilize of window cleaner is useful for rubies or diamonds.  To get clean up, put the window cleaner on an old tooth-brush and gently rub over the jewelry. But it is not suitable for turquoise or opal-like stones

  • How to clean pearl jewelry?

Pearls are overly porous and can lose their shine quickly.  Artificial, or whether cultured, you ought to wash them.  But never soak pearls that may crack and weaken the structure of the pearls jewelry.  With a soft cloth dipped into a warm mixture of shampoo, gently rub over the peal.  To complete, exfoliate the pearls having a moist fabric that is well-wrung. You will also found a special pearl kit to clean the jewelry.


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