How to Heal Piriformis Syndrome Quickly Using Easy Steps!

How to Heal Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome can be a bit hard to deal with, and people these days don’t like going to doctors every now and then. If you are someone who is dealing with piriformis syndrome, and you wish to heal it quickly, then you have come to the absolute right place. Our blog will give you a detailed description of how you can start healing your piriformis syndrome which has been bothering you a lot lately. So, waste no more time, and start scrolling down the blog for more information.

How to Heal Piriformis Syndrome

What is piriformis syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome is caused when the muscle that goes by the name piriformis starts compressing a nerve that goes by the name sciatic. This slowly causes inflammation and that inflammation results in pain that is irritating and unwanted at the same time.

Here are some of the symptoms from which you can understand that you have piriformis syndrome

1. Muscle sprain

Muscle sprain is one of the major symptoms of this syndrome, so if you are getting it, you should get yourself checked.

2. Inflammation

This is the most common symptom of piriformis syndrome, so if you feel your tissues being inflamed, then you can get checked.

3. Pain

Pain starts slowly and one can even feel numbness in the buttocks. So, if you feel any of these, make sure to get treated.

How to Heal Piriformis Syndrome Quickly Using Easy Steps!

How to heal piriformis syndrome quickly?

Cutting to the chase, now our blog will guide you on How to Heal Piriformis Syndrome Quickly through the procedures and the process that you can follow:

1. Massage

Not many know about it, but self-massaging is one of the processes with the help of which one can get rid of piriformis syndrome. First, you need to have an idea where your muscle is, then you have to start doing the massaging in the right way. You can’t stop in the middle, you need to be regular as in, you must massage the muscle every day. You can start using a softball to massage the muscle, and if you feel it is working well, you can replace it with a harder ball. This will help in reducing inflammation, and the more intensity you apply, the better results you will be getting. It will make you feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but your body will slowly get used to it.

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2. Rest

Rest is something extremely important. So, if you have recently been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, take rest for a few days. There are people who love to work despite their bodies going through a lot. Make sure to not do that, and completely be at rest. This way your body and muscles will get the time to heal, and your healing will be quick as well.

3. Sitting on a ball

Alongside giving your body the rest it deserves you can start doing this exercise. This exercise has been very helpful in many cases. You can start this exercise on the ground first, and if you feel that you are having problems sitting on the ground, you can do it on a chair. In both cases, you will feel your improvement and your inflammation lessened as well.

4. Stretches

Stretches are most useful when it comes to treating your piriformis syndrome. It will lessen your inflammation as well as the pain. So here are a few stretches that you can follow in order to lessen your piriformis syndrome.


5. Ankle over knee

This works graciously and is pretty much easy to do as well. This will help in reducing the pain that makes one uncomfortable during the syndrome. All you need to do is lie flat first on your back, and make sure to keep your knees bent. Then you have to cross your ankle over the opposite knee, and then hold the back of the thigh area. Keep pulling the thigh towards you. This will help in reducing the inflammation as well as the pain.

How to Heal Piriformis Syndrome Quickly

6. Leg lifts

Leg lifts are the best form of stretches and it will help in lessening down your pain a lot. It helps in stretching the muscle, that helps in lessening down the pain. Lie flat, and then keep your ankle over the other one. Slowly start lifting your leg, and make sure that your knee is completely locked. Keep doing this, you might feel pain during the process, but after you are done with your exercise, you will feel a lot better.

7. Aerobics

Not many know about it, but aerobic exercises help a lot in getting rid of your piriformis syndrome. Aerobic exercises include jogging, walking as well as running. Running can be a bit difficult if you have intense pain, so you can put the idea of running aside. Instead, start walking, it will help in reducing the inflammation and will play a big role in healing your piriformis syndrome quickly. While doing these, make sure to drink lots of water, this will help in balancing and keeping your body fine.

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8. Heat and ice therapy

Not many know about this therapy, it is extremely useful and helps in reducing a lot of inflammation as well. First, you can go with cold therapy, where you put the ice over your buttocks. This will cause proper blood circulation and it will help in reducing the pain as well help in reducing the inflammation. Second, you can do the heat therapy. This also helps in reducing the pain even if it is temporary. All you can do is compress the heating pad over your buttocks.

FAQ section

1. How long does it take to release the pain of the piriformis muscle?

Generally, a few weeks. One needs to rest and do the recommended stretching in order to get rid of the pain and heal quickly.

2. Can Piriformis be permanent?

No, it is not permanent.

3. What are the movements that should be avoided during the piriformis syndrome?

Cycling as well as running should be avoided during the piriformis syndrome.

Intrusive Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. it is possible to get rid of your piriformis syndrome permanently, but you need to get yourself diagnosed. Apart from that, make sure to follow the steps above mentioned. Be regular, and do that every day if you want to get proper results.


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