How To Keep Yourself Motivated During The Pandemic

Keep Yourself Motivated

Have you been lagging on the everyday study routine and failed to Keep Yourself Motivated? This must be because of two major reasons;

1.Procrastination: A lot of students don’t get to work with their assignments as soon as they receive them. this might be because the work is too easy or it is too difficult. These two extremes cause such a dynamic, where students find themselves struggling to do the assignments so they leave it for some time else, and sometimes the homework is so easy that it is a last-minute thing for them. We all have been to that place in life where we get the work done just before the class begins, or right at the 12:00 AM deadline. 

Now is the time for a change, because procrastinating not only brings down your performance quality but also makes the work seem like a burden over time. That math homework you have to submit every Thursday? It is no longer an educational session, but a task that you dread every Wednesday. keep reading to know how you can perform better in online teaching classes, as well as at home offline studying sessions.

2. Demotivated: being demotivated is the root cause of procrastinating, at times. You cannot get started with the work simply because you have not recharged yourself enough socially, or mentally. Being demotivated will cause long-term mental health issues, which is why you should start seeking professional help if things get too out of hand. 

However, here are some unique tips that you can use at the early stages to avoid serious issues that might hinder your educational process through online teaching;

  • Begin the day with a plan: When you have a plan or a To-Do List where you can keep checking the boxes after completing a task, every completion of work will make you feel accomplished. When you feel accomplished, it becomes easier for you to get more work done because now you are motivated to finish the work rather than procrastinating or trying to get away with long break times.
  • Include break time: although it is important to get all the work done in a day, whether it is preparing for your exams or looking up the schedule on an education app for app updates, you will need to have a break once in a while. This depends on your situation most of the time, if you are involved in an important activity which you will not be able to focus on later if you take a break, complete the work and have a longer break if required. 
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This way, although you can stress yourself out for a short period, you get the maximum out of your head and better your performance with the amount of concentration you had on the assignment. However, if you feel like you have been studying for too long and it is hindering you from learning more, take a quick break.

This break should not be more than 20 minutes, because after this time you will lose complete focus and the grasp over the subject you were studying. After all, in online teaching, it is easy to become diverted. You can take a walk outside to freshen up your mood or have a meaningful conversation with someone or eat something and give yourself more energy to keep checking all the tasks listed in your to-do list for the day.

  • List down healthy meal plans: A healthy meal is one of the most important things, including proteins, fiber, vitamins, and all essentials needed to keep your stomach full. Here is a proven trick to boost your metabolism at the beginning of the day; squeeze the slice of lemon in lukewarm water with some honey. This tastes amazing, and you can also have it with your tea. The lemon will give you head start and when you begin positively, you are capable of improving your online teaching performance, as the present situation demands. Most importantly, don’t forget to take your extra multivitamin pills if needed, it is the pandemic after all!

If the above doesn’t work out to Keep Yourself Motivated, you can try to have a small vacation for two to five days, this is usually recommended for students who have gone through a very difficult examination. Whatever it takes to improve your mental health and boost you physically as well as mentally for online teaching classes, make sure you make the best out of online education.

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