How to make the living room décor classy?

Every living room is the spot which we tend to keep clean and well maintained. Even if we fail to maintain a well-decorated home, we often try to keep the living room decorated. This is the spot where we bond better with our friends and family. You must have a lasting impression of the living room among the visitors. You cannot keep the living room look the same for years.

It is important to change the look of the room whenever you get an opportunity. This, in turn, tends to be a surprising element for visitors as well. Here we have some exciting and amazing ideas for living room décor. All these ideas are applicable to any living room and can effectively enhance the beauty of the room.

 10 Ideas to make the living room décor classy

Wooden Blanket Ladder

The wooden blanket ladder is a great idea to add character to your living room. Moreover, it is pretty cheap and will cost you less than $15. If you are comfortable with working with tools then that’s great else you need to hire someone. The rugged look of the wooden blanket ladder makes it one of a kind. It a multipurpose item as it is functional and chic.

Painted Bottle Vases

Are you a painter? Do you like paintings? Have you ever tried doing so? Well, nothing to stress about. Here is another amazing idea for living room décor. The painted bottle vases are more than just casual vases and can change the entire look of the room. You can paint anything such as lines, shapes, structures, etc. These kinds of things create bonding and you feel more connected to your home. Besides, you can use a variety of colors to paint them.

Storage Sofa

We often opt for furniture with storage facility. This, in turn, helps us to store a lot of things inside it. As a result, there are fewer things scattered all across the room and it looks clean. For small houses, it is a great option as well. Having a storage sofa in the living room can actually help you in storing blankets, pillows, rugs and other necessary things. These sofas have a square design which allows you to store things inside it. You can easily lift the top part and keep things inside it. These types of sofas are easily available in the range of $120 to $150 only.

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Quotes Art on the Wall

You can purchase impressive art or you can look out for pocket-friendly alternatives. We have certain quotes which reflect our inner beliefs. There are quotes which motivate us, there are quotes which allow us to dream big. Famous quotes by successful and famous people keep us motivated during our ups and downs. Well, now these quotes can also be a way to decorate your living room too. You can use scrap wood, you can paint it on the wall and you can make handcrafted wallpaper too. Any one of these will simply do the trick and brighten up the living room.

3D Geometric Wall Art

This one is an amazing idea to decorate the living room easily. It is a great way to use 3D designs in the living room. On the contrary, it is a little expensive than the other living room décor ideas. You need to select some bold and vibrant colors which will match up with the 3D geometric designs. The more colors you use, the more attractive it will look. You can also make 3D structures but that is costlier than this.

Fabric Cushion

Cushions in the living room are a must, whether they are on the sofa or on a chair or the bean bag. We all like to be little more comfortable and cushions help us do that. You will agree to it as well, won’t you? The best way to enhance the beauty of the living room is by using fabric cushions. You can buy some of these fabric cushions from the nearby market. Else, you can make your own fabric cushions with patterns and desired designs. There are online tutorials available on how to make them as well.

Knitted Stools

These stools are not for heavy usage. The knitted stools are made of yarn and look extremely classy. You can make them all by yourself and it won’t cost you much. To make them look better, you can also color them using some bold colors. It changes the entire view of the living room. For instance, imagine a clear white backdrop and a couple of knitted stools scattered around the room. It looks interesting, bold and beautiful.

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Honeycomb Shelves

The honeycomb pattern shelves are an amazing addition to the living room. It is a wall fitting structure and imitates the shape of honeycomb with a dozen shelves of different sizes. You can make this honeycomb pattern shelves with some basic tools. To make it, you’ll need a couple of wooden planks, a saw, a measurement tape, some gum, a hammer and a handful of nails. You can color the shelves with one color or different colors.

Wall Lamp

The most exciting thing about wall lamps is that the moment you switch it on, the entire feel of the room changes. There are a variety of wall lamps available in the market. You can choose from different sizes and designs of these lamps. Install them in any corner of the living room and it can immediately change the mood of the room. There are color-changing lamps as well which can create magical moments in the room.

Geese Pillow Cover

Pillows and pillow covers are like forever companions. It is impossible to use pillows without pillow covers. The geese pillow covers are handmade covers with a variety of pattern and designs. You can customize colors and designs according to your will. It adds a different beauty quotient to the room and the living room looks more energetic. Before you start making it, be sure that you have ample amount of fabric and some unique designs.

With these amazing ideas for decorating the living room, you can surely modify your room. It is a great thing to keep on modifying the décor of the room. It spreads positivity and looks beautiful.

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