Professional Oven Cleaning v/s Self-Cleaning Ovens

Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is one of the most tedious jobs. Many people find it gross to clean all those stains and grime inside the oven. Moreover, the cleaning can take several hours to complete.  We go through the pros and cons of do-it-yourself, Vs hiring a pro.  And if you prefer the later, you can find top oven cleaners  over at Helpling.

Nowadays, most ovens come with a self-cleaning function. Many people like the self-cleaning option but some prefer hiring a professional cleaner for oven cleaning. While both of these methods can relieve the stress of oven cleaning, self-cleaning ovens have certain limitations.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Self-cleaning ovens are either Catalytic or Pyrolytic and clean the interior of the oven. Instead of manually removing grime and grease, the self-cleaning function of the oven will remove the stuck-on food and grime.



The biggest advantage of the self-cleaning function is that it is very convenient. Self-cleaning can save hours of scrubbing and manual cleaning. Run the self-clean function and just relax while it does the job for you.

Energy Efficient

Self-cleaning function heats the oven’s interior to a very high temperature that allows all the accumulated food and grime to loosen and turn into ash. Extra-heavy insulation is used in such ovens to help maintain the heat inside while cooking.

Additionally, it can reduce the amount of energy to be used while cooking and also help you save energy. Make use of the self-cleaning function right after cooking. It’ll use the already built-up heat.

No Harsh Chemicals

With self-cleaning ovens, you don’t have to use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the oven. After self-cleaning is done, use a damp cloth to wipe over the loosened grime and grease.

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Smoke and Unpleasant Smell

Self-cleaning ovens widely use the pyrolytic method which turns the grime to ash. However, during self-cleaning, some ovens release smoke and an unpleasant smell.


During self-cleaning the oven is heated to a very high temperature, making it too hot to touch. It is important to ventilate the kitchen as the heat emitted from the oven is very high. The smoke released from the oven contains carbon monoxide that can be harmful to pet animals and birds.

Doesn’t Entirely Clean The Oven

Self-cleaning loosens the built-up food and grease inside the oven. However, to clean or remove the dirt from the oven, you have to do it manually.

Professional Oven Cleaners

Professionals cleaners are fully-trained experts in oven cleaning. They also have technical knowledge of the different parts of the oven and know how each part is to be cleaned.


You Can Focus on Other Tasks

When you hire a professional oven cleaner, you save the many hours that it takes to clean the oven. They do the job for you, and this lets you focus on your other chores.


Many think that it’s cheaper to clean the oven on your own. However, if you consider the yearly cost of buying cleaning products, scrubbers, clothes, etc. it’ll be more than what you pay to a professional cleaner.

High Standards

Professional cleaners maintain high cleaning standards and will protect the enamel surface of the oven while cleaning. They also take all safety measures to keep your kitchen hygienic, safe and free from the unpleasant smell.

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Fast and Reliable

Hiring a professional oven cleaner is easy and fast. You can ask the cleaner to come at a time of your convenience. Just call them, choose a date and time, and they will show up accordingly.


Some cleaners can damage the oven. Hence, make sure to hire a professional only. You can rely on them as they’re experts and can even give you tips on how to keep your oven clean.  And if you want to find the best oven cleaners, check out Helpling



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