Things to do this week in London and places around

things to do this week in London

London is a city with lots of tourist attractions. Moreover, if you visit London anytime soon, you need to make a long list of things to do this week in London. So, you won’t miss seeing famous tourist spots and attractions. Besides, no matter if you are a history buff or an Instagram star, London has everything for all tourists. There are multiple things to do this week in London. The metropolitan city offers you the best city life that is encompassed with greenery. Therefore, it makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature.


If you are worried about what to do this week in London, this article can help you. 


Things to do this week in London


There are unlimited options for things to do this weekend in London. Let’s look at some of the best options:


Hyde Park

things to do this week in London
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If you are in London for pleasure or work, you can visit Hyde Park to rejuvenate and refresh after a tiring day. Moreover, it is the largest and famous park in London. There is a lot of history that is under its belt. Several protests have been held in this park to fight for a cause. Besides, there is a particular area in the park where you see artists’ performances and debates over the week. Therefore, it is a visual treat to see the rendition of professional artists. There are water bodies where you can watch different birds and sea animals. You can also go on for a boating ride to have a complete view of the garden. It would be best if you tried out this when you are in the city.




If you are interested in politics and have any favorite politician in London, you would undoubtedly love to visit this place. It is known as the political hub of London and is the adobe for Big Ben. This Big Ben has the iconic clock tower that will produce the chime sound for every hour. It is open for the public to visit during the weekdays. When you visit this place, ensure not to miss witnessing Parliament square, which has the famous statues of politicians such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill. 



The liveliest neighborhood in London. It is one of the things to do this week in London. The place is filled with tourists, shops, punks, and Goths. There are many tattoo shops throughout the streets. The electrifying and diverse street food would tickle your taste buds. Not just London cuisine, but you can also taste different delicacies on the street side. The stalls selling trinkets and arts are found. It is a real feast for art lovers. There are clothes stores and used books store where you can find some interesting books. The vegan bakeries are something you can try out during weekends at this place. If you are on a shopping spree, you can take a stroll on the Regent Canal street and walk through the king’s cross.

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London eye


What to do in London today? Your trip to London will be incomplete without visiting the London eye. It is present to toast the millennium occasion. There is a big giant wheel that will increase the vibrancy of the city. You can see the giant wheel’s beauty rolling circularly and lighting up the town during night times. It is the center of attraction to witness the fireworks. There are larger pods and private pods where you can splurge. There is also the biggest aquarium adjacent to London eye to watch the aqua life. You get to witness different types of species jellyfish, seahorses, and crocodiles. 




You can add this place as one of the things to do this weekend. This place looks totally new. It would be best if you indeed visited this place during weekends. The nightlife of the city is one should not miss enjoying when you are in this place. It is also the most relaxed place where you can spend throughout the trip. It has a lot of bars and eateries where you have a lot of fun and frolic. This is an ideal destination to spend your evenings with your loved ones. People who want to try out the popcorn tub style of drinks experimented with can visit the circus themed bar. The pop lovers can have the best restaurants full of comic books where they listen to the songs played by the band of the 90s.


Hampstead heath

things to do this week in London

What to do in London today? One of the scenic and beautiful parks in London is Hampstead Heath, spread across 790 acres. You can sit at the highest point witness the beauty of the city. It has loads of green fields, woody areas, and small ponds around that make you feel quiet spending time in this place. It is the best getaway destination on weekends. You also get to experience the wildlife and small woods. There are small swimming pools where you can enjoy swimming outdoors. The history buffs can enjoy witnessing the art collection in this place. 

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Two best locations – things to do this week in London


BFI (British Film Institute)


It is the ideal destination for movie lovers. You can relax and go for a stroll in this place. The atmosphere of the area is vibrant. They would be playing a film every day, from blockbusters to the classics. You can also get the CDs and DVDs of the movies in the library and shops. The restaurant and bar allow you to rejuvenate with the friends having drinks and taste the delicious food.


Things to do this week in London- Thames Cruise


It is the longest river that is in London and is to the North Sea. The river has a lot of history. This place played has a strategic significance during the Roman and English king days and in World Wars. Many cruises run in this river. The sails come from various locations of the city. You get to see different places by sitting on the cruise, such as the London eye, the house of parliament, and Tower Bridge. In the night times, the whole place is bright with lots of lights. A few cruise companies also offer tea and snacks to the passengers ferrying on the cruise. 


These are a few places that you can visit on your weekends with friends and family to spend the day well. The areas are the complete package that offers you entertainment, art, dining, and history. If you are wondering how to spend this weekend and things to do this week in London, visit any of the places mentioned above.

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