LED Flashlights Over Other Lights

LED Flashlights Over Other Lights

LED Flashlights Over Other Lights.In the year 1898 flashlights were first invented by Lionel Cowen. Those flashlight look completely different from what we are using today. Flashlights back then used incandescent light bulbs, the interesting part is that even today there are many flashlights available with incandescent light.

LED Flashlights 

Which time other than incandescent bulbs, many new bulbs types were created and used in the manufacturing of flashlights. These days LED lights are considered as one of the most popular flashlight types in the market with high demand. The term LED stands for light emitting diodes and the first LED flashlight was introduced in the year 2001. Since then manufacturers have done a lot of advancement in this technology. LED flashlights are known for having longer run time and also strong been, this makes them one of the most popular choice among the buyers. 

With continuous advancement in the light emitting diode technology, a wide range of rechargeable, small and brighter flashlights are available. The requirement of flashlights differ from one individual to another, hence; it is important to know which flashlight will best suit your requirement before making the purchase. One of the popular Seller of flashlight is Fenix flashlights of rain offering wide range of dense beam flashlight.

High Intensity Discharge Bulb (HIB)     

Another very popular variety of flashlights that has covered the market the recent years is HID that is high intensity discharge bulb. The distinguishing aspect of high intensity discharge bulb is that it is shock proof and also offers bright light. Now the question that arises in the mind of majority of people is why prefer LED over HID flashlights. This answer is that HID lights are very expensive and require high voltage power for recharging the batteries. This makes a flashlights heavy and difficult to carry. High intensity discharge bulb flashlights are often preferred for commercial use over personal use.           

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In addition to the above mentioned flashlights there are some manufacturer providing some special lights made by using some specific material which makes the flashlights water resistant and high-intensity lights emitting device. Some manufacturers also provide custom flashlight keeping the specific needs of customers. These flashlights expensive and can range from hundred to several hundreds dollars.  

 LED flashlights.

Let’s take a look on some of the pros of LED flashlights:

  • Compared to standard flashlights, LED flashlights are highly durable and with higher run time. The proof of its reliability is the continuous increase in the number of customers opting for light emitting diode flashlights.
  • The use of LED lights are not limited to only flashlights instead, it is widely used in various other products such as the car tools, pressure gauge, radio , keychains etc.
  • LED flashlights are available with rechargeable and one time use batteries. The later option is less expensive than the rechargeable batteries. This way it becomes one of the most appropriate purchase option for variety of users. For people who use flashlights frequently for them purchasing rechargeable batteries is the wise decision, as they do not need to purchase the one time use batteries every now and then. On the contrary, people who use flashlights occasionally can opt for the non rechargeable or one time use batteries. 
  • LED flashlights are known for its wide spread use, such as it helps in stormy nights by emitting bright lights, also; it is very beneficial for hiking trails, camping, power failure and so on. 
  • Light emitting diode are cost effective as it consumes less power compared to standard flashlight. Research has revealed that LED consumes almost fifty percent this electricity compared to other bulb types. A good quality flashlights can run up to fifteen hundred hours, this show the durability of the product.
  • When the LEG bulb face problem then also it will not stop working immediately. Rather it will first display some prior sings, so that one will have adequate time to change the bulb. This way one can fix the primary issues with the flashlights and continue using the product for a long time. 
  • Light emitting diode flashlights are lighter in weight compared to standard lights because they do not need heavy batteries for operation. Initially, these lights were very expensive and beyond the reach of normal people but with time many advancements have been made, because of that LED flashlights have become cheaper. Hence, now has come in the reach of every household.
  • One very interesting advantage of rechargeable flashlights is that they are eco friendly. As the batteries are reusable, so it reduces the accumulation of non degradable waste. 
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There are many brands claiming to offer some of the best flashlights but one must learn about their requirement and the flashlight details before making the final purchase decision. This way they will be able to get the best quality lights in their budget.

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