5 Garage Organization Tips That You Should Know

garage organization tips

Is your garage a disorganized mess?

Garages tend to collect a lot of clutter because your garage is where you store a lot of miscellaneous items that you want of our your main living space.

While most of us don’t enjoy cleaning out the garage, you should try to do a significant garage organization once a year. This process will allow you to take inventory of what you own and get rid of things you don’t need anymore.

Keep reading to learn more about the best garage organization tips that will make your life easier and less cluttered.

The Best Garage Organization Tips

A lot of us tend to throw things into your garage and then forget about them. Organizing your garage might seem like a hassle, but less clutter will make you feel more relaxed and want to enjoy your garage more.

A well-organized garage will feel like an extension of your home, not a space that you want to hide from visitors. Here are five of the best garage organization tips that will help you get started on your makeover:

1. Get Things Off The Ground

Do you struggle to walk around in your garage? If this is true, then there is probably a lot of random items taking up too much floor space.

Utilize the wall space in your garage by setting up a series of hooks and shelves. Bikes and other sports equipment can be easily mounted on the wall, so they’re not in the way or at risk of being hit by a car pulling into the garage.

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2. Prioritize Your Items

Garages attract a lot of clutter, so clean everything out and decide what you use most often. Things that you only use seasonally, like winter clothes and holiday decorations, can be stored out of easy reach.

3. Use Stackable Containers

Garages don’t always have a built-in storage system so that you can make one for yourself with plastic, stackable-bins. You can find these bins at any hardware or department store.

These bins will protect your items from the elements and get them off the ground and into a more organized system.

4. Label Everything

Labeling your containers is crucial. Like we mentioned earlier, garages tend to attract a lot of random items. You don’t want to have to dig through twenty boxes in order to find one small thing.

Label everything in your garage and be as detailed as possible. That way, you can easily pull things out whenever you need them.

5. Keep Similar Items Together

Organizing your garage into zones is another way to help make your garage more accessible. For example, you could create a gardening area that has all of your tools. Another area can be reserved for bikes and sports equipment, while another area has all of your camping supplies.

Learn More Home Organization Tips

Organizing a messy garage isn’t always fun, but it’s worth the effort. A cluttered garage is a hassle for homeowners. You should be able to fit your car in your garage and enjoy the space.

Now that you know some of our best garage organization tips check out the rest of our website to get the other parts of your home organized as well. You’ll thank yourself later.

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