Be Summer Ready: 5 Things to Do When Cleaning Your AC Unit

Be Summer Ready: 5 Things to Do When Cleaning Your AC Unit

If your AC unit wasn’t on your spring cleaning list — it’s time to get it done now.

Your AC works overtime in the summer and cleaning your AC unit is important if you’re going to keep it in good working order throughout the hottest times of the year.

Continue reading this article as we give you five things to do for your AC unit.

Must-Know Tips for Cleaning Your AC Unit

You can see here about residential air conditioning to get an idea of what being an AC owner means. If you used to rent but now it’s all up to you or you’re a new homeowner — these tips are for you.

1. Change Those Air Filters

While you should be changing your air filters every month, if you haven’t — change them now before Summer hits your AC hard. Put a reminder on your phone for next month to change your air filter as well and keep it running great all year.

2. Clean Up Around Your Unit

If your yard is grown up around your AC unit, that makes it difficult for proper airflow to reach your AC. Measure to make sure there is at least 2 feet of space around your unit so your unit coils can breathe.

3. Wiring

We never recommend that you do anything electrical on your own. If you must — make sure you have the electric cut off before you open your AC.

You or your technician should look at the AC and make sure all of the wiring looks good and that no debris is down in the wiring. If you have debris in the wiring, this can cause some major problems so make sure to tidy up.

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4. Motor

You don’t want your motor to go out on one of the hottest days of the year (and that’s what they do, right?).

The best way to prevent that is to make sure your motor is clean and lubed up. You or a qualified technician can check the motor and ensure there is enough lubricant for it to work properly.

5. Condensation Line

It’s not hard to get a clog in the pipe that carries the condensation away from your air conditioner. If you don’t take care of the clog, it can back up into the AC unit or even into your house.

No one wants to deal with that mess — or with that bill.

Keep an Eye and Ear Open

Now that you’re ready for Summer so you can keep nice and cool, make sure that you keep your eyes and ears open for anything off. If you catch the problem early, you may avoid some hefty repair bills.

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Now that you know more about cleaning your AC unit, you can avoid costly repairs for as long as possible. While AC units are eventually going to need to be serviced and replaced, these tips will hold these events at bay as long as possible.

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