How Much Does a PO Box Cost In The US?

how much does a po box cost

Do you want to write a letter to a loved one who lives in New York, Chicago, or Boston? Need to address documents to an American recipient? We explain here how much does a po box cost? At the end of the article, you will also find tips for writing an excellent American address on an envelope. Hope this article will help you.

Regarding the professional PO box, it locates within a commercial domiciliation company. In return for a subscription, the professional entitled to tailor-made mail service. Similar to the post office box in its operation. However, this solution differs by offering additional services.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to benefit from a mail transfer option. Thus it prevent the subscriber from systematically traveling to receive his mail. You can get mail by opting for the professional post office box. Also, a business manager can benefit from a prestigious domiciliation address for his activity. Let’s know about how much does a po box cost.

How much does a PO box cost in USA

Whether it’s a letter, postcard, documents, or even a small item (sent in letter size). Your international mail delivered to the United States in 4-6 days*. n

International priority letter: It is the most straightforward letter rate. You can buy it on Mon Timbre en Ligne, personalize it. And print it at home 24 hours a day. n

International Tracked Letter: It is perfect for large shipments. The Tracked Letter allows you to track your shipment delivery. And know if the recipient has received it. Also, this tracking postage is available on the internet. n

International registered letter **: It allows the dispatch of essential documents all over the world. You can follow its route to its destination and receive. However, an acknowledgement of receipt signed by the recipient. n

Delivery time – How much does a po box cost?

We often wonder what to write on the packaging when we send something abroad. But be aware that an American address is very similar to other European countries. With one detail: the identity of the recipient, street number and street name. Then the name of the city and name of the state in short (NY for New York, for example). The postal code and finally the country written in English. But above all in capital letters! n

  • Indicative delivery time in working days.
  • The international registered letter is only available at post offices and other physical Post sales points.

Currently, The UPS Stores across Canada are open and operating on a regular schedule almost everywhere. However, you may limit the number of authorized customers in stores. It is to comply with social distancing protocols. n

PO boxes that do more for you – How much does a PO box cost?

The UPS Store Canada offers you or your business PO box rental. Also, mail forwarding *, and receiving parcel services. If you travel often or plan to be away for a long time. The UPS Store can provide a secure post office box. There you can keep your mail until you can collect it. n

By renting a PO Box, you no longer have to wait for your packages to be delivered to your home. And no longer risk seeing valuable packages left unattended on your doorstep. However, we can receive packets from all courier companies and keep them safe. n

With The UPS Store’s mail forwarding service, you get a post office box with a valid civic address. And secure 24-hour access to your mail *. However, we can re-route your shipment to you wherever you are. The UPS Store PO Box will give you a storefront. n

Our services include the following:

A municipal address, not a simple post office box number: Your company’s professional image is enhanced. 

Receipt of parcels from all courier companies:

You will never miss a delivery again!

Mail Hold and Forwarding *: We keep your packages in a safe place. It’s for you to come and pick them up whenever you want. We can also reship them to you wherever you are. n

Day and night access *: Pick up your mail at the time of your choice. We keep it in a safe and confidential place.n

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Notice of receipt of mail *: We notify you of the arrival of your correspondence. And your parcels by email or text message. n

Mail Tracking by Phone: To save time and avoid unnecessary travel. Call your center to find out if there is mail waiting for you.

  • Only offered at specific participating centers.
  • Additional charges may apply.

We’ve got it all and more at The UPS Store!

Using The UPS Store PO Box, you get convenient, secure. And professional services to manage your business and your time more efficiently. n

Send a package to the United States.

Entrust your parcels to Chronopost for international shipping and benefit from all its expertise. We provide quality, fast, and secure service to send your documents and goods to the United States. However, we have provided offers adapted to each situation to send a package. n

What are the shipping times to the United States?

Sending a package internationally and especially to the United States can take time. To ensure rapid shipment of your documents and goods, both for import and export. Chronopost has chosen to set up Chrono Express and Chrono Import Express. However, these formulas ensure a secure shipment as soon as possible. n

Deadlines for sending documents

With Chronopost, allow 2 to 5 days depending on the destination city. Thanks to Chrono Express, you can send your parcel to New York (Manhattan) within two working days. However, we provide an express service tailored to your needs. n

Deadlines for sending goods

With the Chrono Express formula, delivery times to major American cities are only two working days. Thanks to Chronopost express processing. The deadlines for sending goods to the United States are very short. n

Public holidays in the United States

Control your international parcel shipment to the end! In the time frame for shipping your documents and goods, remember to take US holidays into account. n

NB: for the calculation of your deadlines, public holidays are not open.

Preparing for the expedition

  • A commercial invoice written in English, detailed by article. It mentioning the currency, origin/country of manufacture. And the Incoterm is mandatory for goods’ shipments. n
  • PO box addresses prohibited except for shipments addressed to large administrations or universities. They provided that the name of the recipient, his department. His telephone number, or that of a person to contact, is written on the waybill.
  • Postal code format: 00000 (0 = one digit).

Ready-to-Ship solutions

By choosing Ready-to-Ship, everything included: packaging and express delivery. 

Frank, a parcel online

To frank your package online, all you have to do is create your free account. You can choose the packaging that matches your documents or goods. 

With Chronopost, your shipment is synonymous with speed and simplicity!

How to track a package sent to the United States?

On our Track, your package page, learn about the steps for delivering your package. Have the shipping number ready and enter it in the field provided. Information about your shipment to the United States provides to you in real-time. Chronopost thus provides you with parcel tracking from the start of shipment to delivery. n


  • Currency: American dollar (USD)
  • Time difference with Paris: -6 / -10 hours
  • Distance with Paris: 6100 km

Customs specifics

However, to find out about customs restrictions, please refer to the  Chronopost country files.

Po box prices

The post office box designates a locker located in a predefined place. Thus allowing individuals and professionals to receive their mail. This solution intends for companies that do not have a mail management service. Or individuals on the move (for example).

But the post office box can also be professional by going through a domiciliation company.

We will explain the differences between these two types of PO boxes. Also, their specificities, and the price to be allocated for this service.

Difference between private post office box and professional a po box cost

As we have mentioned, the private post office box fixed in a defined location. Often the post office, allows individuals or professionals to receive their mail. This post office box has a specific number. And a locking system to which only the beneficiary knows the access.

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Send mail to a post office box, the usual address on the envelope. Or parcel replaced by the initials BP followed by the box number. The interest of the private post office box lies in distinguishing. However, its physical address from its postal address.

Apart from the inflexible service of the post, companies are specializing in managing your mail. In addition to securing your mail. These mailboxes for individuals offer options such as mail forwarding or scanning. 

It allows companies to free themselves from a mail reception service.

This solution is also possible for individuals. Who do not have a personal mailbox or damaged or inaccessible.

Prices and services of a private and professional post office box

Having access to this type of service has a cost! By choosing to receive your mail via a private post office box. You will have to pay 0.23 € per day and 0.12 € for any additional option. n

With this cost, you can get a classic mail reception service.

However, it will be necessary to be ready to move frequently to recover it. A limit that can slow down some business leaders. n

By opting for a n professional post office box, the rate works as a subscription. And it includes the domiciliation of the structure and its mail management. The prices depend on the chosen business domiciliation company. n

For information, offers a minimum price of 6.49 € per month. This process’s primary interest is to benefit from a mail transfer. However, it allowing mail to received at one’s address or the office address.

Or the opportunity to have a prestigious domiciliation address without suffering the high costs. Professionals, such as access to meeting rooms, but also a hotline. n


FAQ of How much does a PO box cost

  1. Where can I receive my mail?

Rent a post office box from a specialized company of US.  Thus, you benefit from an address to communicate with all your contacts. However, you can receive letters, folds, and parcels from post office.

  1. How to obtain a direct debit?

 The domiciliation request can be sent by e-mail, post, or directly to a municipal social action center (CCAS). Or inter-communal social action center (CIAS), and an approved body.

  1. What is domiciliation?

A domiciliary is an approved company with which you can domiciliate your company’s head office. However, all your professional mail will be received and transmitted there.

  1. What is commercial domiciliation?

Commercial domiciliation is an activity through which companies can have a registered office at a lower cost. However, you should know that the business address is not mandatory. There are other ways to fix the head office.


Conclusion of How much does a PO box cost

Whether it’s a private mailbox or a professional mailbox, it’s all a matter of priorities. The personal post office box will have the advantage of being inexpensive but extremely basic. Indeed, it will make n it possible to distinguish n private life and professional life. But it cannot act as your company’s head office. For the outright receipt of mail, this is a relevant solution. n

The professional post office box offers more n interest. Since, collecting the professional’s mail via a quality address. However, it can redirect it to another address. n

Besides, unlike the private post office box, there is no limit on location. Since it may locate in n a different department from that n where the company operates. Not to mention the opportunity to acquire the right head office address. However, access to offices and meeting rooms. n

However, the professional mailbox is the best!

But as with everything, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons. However, it is according to your specific need to choose the best solution. 

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