How to Lucid Dream – The Easiest Steps and Ways to Experience

how to lucid dream

Introduction to How to Lucid Dream 

From a very ancient time, people are fascinated by dreams. People love to talk about dreams. But what are these dreams? All dreams are not the same. There are many dreams, such as daydreams, healing fantasies, lucid dreams, and many more. But, there is much confusion about goals. Recently, lucid dreaming is at the top of the news. Everyone wants to know about it, learn about it. So, today we are going to discuss and learn about lucid dreams here. We are going to learn about how to lucid dream. This writing, named “How to Lucid Dream – The Easiest Steps and Ways to Experience,” will help you to learn about lucid dreams and more.


Steps on How to Lucid Dream

From the previous sections, we got to learn about dreams, lucid dreams, and many more. We got to know about the definition of lucid dreams lucid dreaming mainly. This writing, named “How to Lucid Dream – The Easiest Steps and Ways to Experience,” has all the easy ways and steps for you to lucid dreaming. Now, you don’t need to worry about lucid dreams as we are here to help you out. In this section, you will get easy steps. So, do not worry and dig into this.

Making Your Bedroom Dreaming-Friendly

Everything needs preparation to be worked out. Lucid dreams are also the same. Without a perfect environment, perfect sleep, you can not have lucid dreams. Usually, we dream at the REM stage of our sleep. We all know that rest has three steps and the last one REM. But, every time, we can not go to the previous stage of sleep. If we want to lucid dream, we must have to get perfect sleep with the REM stage. Therefore, to get more dreams, you have to get more enjoyful and restful sleep, and you need to ensure that you are getting to the REM level as much as possible.


So, if you want to lucid dream, you have to get better sleep, and for this, you may follow basic sleep hygienes. It is better to keep a calm environment in our bedroom, such as making it dark, quiet, and cold as much as possible. You should block out any type of distracting light by putting on an eye mask or using blackout or dark curtains. Again, you have to block all the noises by using ear-plugs or hearing white noises or in any other way. Next, you have to ensure a comfortable temperature in your bedroom. Lastly, you should maintain a calm bedtime routine, do restful activities such as keeping the electronics far away, not using them before sleep, meditating, taking a bath, etc. These things help in getting restful sleep and also helps to reach the REM level.

Keeping A luicd Dream Periodical

The earlier step was the preparation to get lucid dreams. But this section is the first step to learn how to lucid dreams. So then, the first step to lucid dreaming is keeping a dream periodical. We can also say that the first step is to tune into your dreams and remember details of the dreams as much as possible. So, what is the need for a dream periodical? Keeping a dream journal by your bed is essential as you want to be succeeded in lucid dreaming. So, when you wake up from sleep, you have to write everything down that you remember from the dream. You may think faster and not able to write at that much speed. So, you may try to record your memories as a voice note. You can try some of the apps in this case.

Recognizing lucid Dream Signs

So, the next step is to recognize your dream signs. If you write your dream in a periodical and then leave it, then you may not be successful in this. You have to review your dream periodical every day and look for any style, pattern, or a sure thing. It can happen that certain things, people, or themes are showing up in every dream. You have to recognize it, and you can do that by reviewing your periodical every day. By checking your journal every day, you may find your inner psyche’s focus, and you can find your drawing style, find any sign, and many more. These things will help you much while dreaming.

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Performing Reality Checks

Performing reality checks is one of the best things that help you identify your condition, whether you are awake or dreaming. This is an idea that makes your brain get used to the concept of identifying your state. This helps you to be more equipped in the dream. There are a few things that you can do for reality checks. Lucid dream experts recommend doing any of them about ten times a day. So, what are those?


  • First of all, it is to try to push a specific finger through the palm of the opposite hand. In reality, it won’t go through the palm. But, if you get used to this, you may do it in your dreams also. So, whenever you try this in your dreams, the finger will go through the palm.
  • Secondly, you can observe your feet and hats much closely. Experts say feet and hands tend to be distorted in our dreams.
  • Lastly, you can look at a clock or a text in boo and then look away quickly. In reality, it will remain the same. But, if you do this in your dreams, it will be changed.

So, you will be able to do reality checks, which help people in lucid dreaming.


Using the MILD Technique

Using the MILD technique is the next step as it helps to encourage your brain to be awake in dreams. It stands for Mnemonic Induction in lucid dreams. For this, you have to repeat the same phrase every day while you are falling asleep. The term should contain laine such as, “I will know that I am dreaming” and something similar like that. It would be best if you repeated this until falling asleep. It increases the chances of having a lucid dream.

Try to Go Back to Sleep

This step is related to keeping a dream periodical step. So, in this step, you have to try to go back to sleep after waking up. So, after waking up from sleep, do not get out of bed but sit on the ground, write the dream in the periodical and go back to sleep. This time you have to focus on the dream, play the dream in the head, and feel that you were aware of dreaming last time. It is quite hard, but you have to keep trying. Keep trying this step until you fall asleep.

Wake Induced to lucid dream

This is an alternative step of how to lucid dream. You can do this step instead of the last one. Some people find it quite scary, but it is not. So, you have to go back to sleep after your alarm goes off. You have to try hard o not open your eyes. In this method, you will let your body sleep while your brain will be awake. So, you won’t have to write the dream in the periodic. But, you have to keep your mind aware and focused, increasing the chances to experience lucid dreaming.

Remember, if you follow this method, you may face sleep paralysis. As your brain will awake while your body will sleep, you may not be able to move your body. People fear this state, but this is safe. So there is nothing to worry about. It does not happen all the time. But, if you face this, you must remind yourself that you are safe and are doing it to experience a lucid dream.

Wake Back to Bed

This technique helps you wake up and then again go to sleep at the same level of sleep. The procedure is mainly scheduling the alarms to wake up during the REM level of sleep. If you go back to sleep, it is more like you are going back to your dream. So then, it becomes accessible to lucid dream. 

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You have to set your alarm for 4, 5, 6, and 7 hours after you first fall asleep in this method. It would be best if you tried to wake up at the second last alarm at this time, and it is likely the REM time. So, when you wake up after the alarm goes off, you have to awake for thirty to sixty minutes to write in the periodic. Then you have to go back to bed, focus on dreaming, and try to sleep. 

We do not recommend you to do this regularly as it has some adverse effects on health.


Taking Up Video Games

This is mostly a fun thing or a fun step. It is more favorable for video game players. If you love to play video games, then this is only for you.

A study has shown that frequent video games help to recall memories of dreams. It is relatable as a video game is a fictional place with fictional characters and plots. In video games, people control the fictional world, so it helps them into lucid dreaming. 

If you are a gamer and want to have lucid dreams, you have to play games more frequently. Just one thing to remember that you have to put your controller down one hour before going to bed. This will help you to get more restful sleep.

Try to Keep Your Dream Going

This is not a step to have lucid dreams, but this is the step to keep your dream going. By following the previous steps, you may start experiencing lucid dreams. But, these dreams may not stay longer. So, to keep your dream going, you have to maintain this step.

In maximum cases of the beginning, people wake themselves ut of excitement. But, to experience real and lengthy lucid dreams, you have to keep the dream going. For this here we have some tips for you.


  • In the dream, you may rub your hands together
  • Spinning around or falling backward in the dream
  • It would be best if you continued what you are doing 
  • Try to convince yourself that you are still dreaming


So, these were the easiest and reliable steps on how to lucid dreams. These steps also help you keep your imagination going further; in this writing named “How to Lucid Dream – The Easiest Steps and Ways to Experience,” you got the most comfortable procedure to have lucid dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on How to Lucid Dream


Question-1: What are the steps on how to lucid dream?

Answer: There are many steps on how to lucid dream. You can find it in this writing also.


Question-2: Is it dangerous to experience lucid dreaming?

Answer: No, it is not dangerous to experience lucid dreaming,


Question-3: Is there any possibility to face sleep paralysis while trying for lucid dreaming?

Answer: Mainly, it depends on the method you choose. In this writing, we have an alternative way, and that is the seven number step. If you follow this method, then you may face sleep paralysis. Other than that, there is no possibility of meeting it.


Question-4: Are these lucid dreams real?

Answer: There, we have found no proof of it.


The conclusion to How to Lucid Dream


The dream is one of the most passionate things in our life. We always long for our dreams. Today, we learned about a specific type of dream, and that is a lucid dream. Nowadays, people are more attracted to lucid dreams. People want to experience lucid dreaming. For this reason, they always find easy ways on how to lucid dreams. To provide you with more straightforward steps, we initiated this “How to Lucid Dream – The Easiest Steps and Ways to Experience.” Here, we provided a 10 step procedure to help you. We hope you went through a thousand find it helpful. Thank you for sticking with us.


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