Do eyelashes grow back? remedies that can help

do eyelashes grow back

Did you rub your eyes too hard, or forgot to remove your mascara before going to sleep (after a fun night out)? Your eyelashes may break and suddenly appear much shorter. Or even more annoying: part of it breaks, leaving you with uneven eyelashes. So the question is, do eyelashes grow back?

The castor oil eyelashes and eyebrows have always been essential in the field of beauty and cosmetics. Moreover, this oil is the secret of many people’s beauty, especially that of Queen Cleopatra. 

Plucking your eyebrows is an action that could be called logical in terms of beauty. However, this action is not necessarily right, especially when you want to have boosted eyebrows afterward. Besides, note that the body hair is reduced over time. Moreover, at a certain age, one will notice the total absence of hair on certain parts of the body. The point is that time slows down the functions of the thyroid gland.

Do eyelashes grow back?

Let’s start by re-establishing this myth’s truth: eyelashes don’t grow back in less than a day (unfortunately!). Eyelashes follow a natural growth cycle in which the hair grows, enters a resting phase, and then falls out. Then the same cycle begins again. This process (from hair loss to eyelash regrowth) can take around twelve weeks. That is probably not fast enough for you, because of course, you want to get your beautiful lashes back as quickly as possible!

How to promote eyelash regrowth? Thicker and longer eyelashes in a month? It’s possible! I was also very skeptical and not wildly convinced by all that is “serum booster” and company, but before. For impatient people like me who don’t want to wait for castor oil to take effect after six months, and who therefore want to have eyelashes unfolded and a doe gaze as soon as possible, here are the products you need!

Note that these products (except the famous REVITALASH) have all been tested by me. In fact, since May 2018, I have been carrying out tests on “eyelash growth” serums (about ten in total), and here are the seven that worked.

  • TOP 3:


An excellent value for money, knowing that the tube easily lasts three months at the rate of two applications per day (morning and evening). The effect is especially very consequent the density (I have the double lashes than before). The result is slightly less conclusive on the length, but we still observe a clear improvement. 


The strong point of this serum: the effects continue even when you stop putting on it weeks after finishing the tube. The results are also very rapid since there is an extension of the eyelashes after the first ten days. A must-have!


After two weeks, we can see undeniable results on the eyebrows and quite significant on the eyelashes. After three weeks, I was quite surprised to find out how much my lashes had grown. The small increase in volume but above all, the big difference in length! It’s simple. I’ve never had eyelashes for so long. So I’ll let you imagine the result when I decide to dress them in a pretty black coat, armed with a good mascara. So a month later, I was able to redraw my eyebrow line to perfection that didn’t want to grow, and I’m happy to have a nice lash line provided. And I don’t intend to stop using this magic product, enriched with castor oil.

Achieve longer and fuller eyelashes

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for eyelash regrowth. You have to be patient. Of course, there are several products or tips that you can use to make your lashes look fuller and longer.

Eyelashes and mascara

We’re starting with a method you can avoid, significantly if you’ve accidentally cut or plucked part of your lashes. Indeed, by using mascara, the missing lashes will be seen even more. It is, therefore, best to leave the mascara aside if your eyelashes are uneven in length.

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Create eyelashes with makeup

Makeup can help you create an expressive look. You can outline your eye area with dark gray or dark brown eye shadow. Blur the edges a bit to give the illusion that you have more lashes and amplify the look. 

What you should not do with makeup: draw a dark line of eyeliner around the eyes. If you have a few eyelashes, your eyes will look very harsh.

False eyelashes and eyelash extensions

False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are an excellent way to make your lashes look longer and fuller. Please note, however, that these eyelashes need to be removed or replaced. Indeed, your natural eyelashes will grow and fall. Since false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are attached to natural lashes, you will need to replace them periodically. Besides, your natural eyelashes will be subjected to an additional load, which is why you may have to wait longer for your eyelashes to become as beautiful as before.

Eyelash serum

In addition to eyelash extensions and false eyelashes, you can also choose to support your natural lashes as much as possible. By using a serum for the eyelashes, you will nourish and care for them. The serum strengthens the eyelashes and makes them less brittle and fragile. If you have lost or broken eyelashes, you can combine serum and eyelash extensions. Thanks to eyelash extensions, all of your eyelashes will be the same length. Then use eyelash serum to care for them. Because the eyelash serum is water-based, it will not loosen extensions. In the future, there will be less chance that your eyelashes will break when you rub your eyes.

What happens to the eyelashes during chemo?

It hinges on the kind of chemo you are taking. In the case of treatments involving a risk of significant or complete hair loss. Also your eyelashes/eyebrows will likely fall out. Although this does not always happen to everyone. Some women have thinner eyelashes; other women lose some, and others do not lose them entirely.

The eyebrows and eyelashes usually slump after the hair, but not both automatically or at the same time. Occasionally right after, periodically after chemotherapy is finished, and sometimes not at all.

Eyelash loss caused by chemo is not painful.  However, some people suffer prickle or discomfort. It doesn’t last long and usually stops early. Above all, do not grab on the eyelashes as this may aggravate your eyelids for no reason.

If the symptoms of itching or tightness persist, your eyes and the skin around them may have dried out from the chemo or other treatments. Consult to your doctor or the nursing staff or esthetician assigned to your department. They may suggest eye drops to drench your eyes.  Use caution with wrinkle creams as they often contain stimulant components that can irritate. Opt for gentle and mild commodities.

False eyelashes, not a solution? 

There is nothing wrong with using false eyelashes, but applying them does require some skill.  It is not an ideal solution for everyday use.  Instead, reserve this solution for parties or particular events. Unfortunately, your eyes are irritating slowly by chemo or suffer from dry skin or dandruff, pay attention to the fixing products needed to apply false eyelashes.  Get advice from a specialist beautician.  Better to avoid allergic effects during chemotherapy or other medications!

Can I do permanent makeup or eyelash extensions?

Eyelashes nearly ever grow back naturally. It would help if you were patient.  And in some people, it does bring extended than in others. Act carefully before opting for permanent makeup like a thin line along the edge of the lashes.  And if you still want to highlight your eyes permanently, it is best to wait until the end of your chemo.  Your skin will be in better condition, and as soon as your eyelashes start to grow again, you will have a better overview of the result. The exact thing runs again for eyelash coloring or eyelash extensions.

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You also know that you will probably have to do exams in your treatment course regarding permanent makeup.  Some products contain iron oxide. Depending on the percentage, it could prevent you from having an MRI.

When do eyelashes grow back after chemo?

In the majority of people, eyelashes grow back relatively quickly after chemotherapy. But it depends on person to person, and regrowth density varies as well.


FAQ of do eyelashes grow back

  1. How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

It is usually easier to get the eyelashes back if the eyelids are not damaged. It usually takes two to sixteen weeks to get the eyelashes back. If eyelashes do not grow in the meantime, treatment should be taken as per the doctor’s advice. By using a serum for the eyelashes, you will nourish and care for them. The serum strengthens the eyelashes and makes them less brittle and fragile. If you have lost or broken eyelashes, you can combine serum and eyelash extensions. 

  1. Can I still use mascara if my eyelashes are drooping?

There are several downsides to using mascara when your lashes are dropping. By “highlighting” your eyelashes, you notice that you don’t have much left. Also, the small mascara brush extends your lashes slightly, which can tear them out. You can even wipe them clean with a cotton pad. It is better not to use mascara. There are higher and softer options for eyelids.

  1. How do I cover the loss of my eyelashes with makeup?

Reshaping eyelashes is not as easy as reshaping eyebrows.  However, you can still lightly highlight your eyes with makeup the colored edge along your lashes.  Do not draw a dark eyeliner line lower or uper sight of the eyes. Without eyelashes, the result is particularly intense, and you close your eyes instead of opening them.

If you still expect to develop a fluent look with makeup: try the delicate technique and accentuate the edge of the eyes with a dark brown or dark gray eye shadow that you blend lightly. It’s also an excellent technique for creating an illusion of proportion when your lashes are growing back thinner than before.

Marie Dewulf, the esthetician at CHL, also instructed us another technique: ” To energize her gaze despite eyelashes’ loss. I recommend that my patients apply a light-colored shadow on the fixed and mobile eyelid and a shadow darker in the eye socket’s hollow. To mark the eyelashes line, I recommend using a brown or charcoal gray grease pencil that will be blended with a brush. ”

  1. How to regrow eyelashes with castor oil?

Apply a small amount of olive oil or castor oil to the eyelashes every night to get thick and long lashes. You will see that new eyelashes will start sprouting in 1 or 2 months. Olive oil will also act as a conditioner for your eyelashes.

Final Thoughts of do eyelashes grow back

In this article, we take into account the effects of chemo on the majority of people. Exceptions are always possible.  Besides, treatments – and therefore also side effects – vary from person to person.  Do you have any doubts? Other questions? Consult your doctor, nursing staff, a beautician who will provide you with tailored advice. To promote the regrowth of your eyelashes, adopt turbo-serums and mascaras.

The problem with eyelashes is that they grow back even more slowly than hair. To boost the first shoots, do not hesitate to provide care rich in amino acids, peptides, and provitamin B5. After a few weeks of application, your lashes should come back faster and longer, thicker, and healthier.


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