PBS Kids Kart Kingdom Game An Online World for Kids

PBS kids kart kingdom

PBS kids kart kingdom is an American Private Company, and they work with Growing Children’s minds well by Some games. April 15, 2015, PBS KIDS made a brand new first online multiplayer game. The game is called “The Kart Kingdom”.

This game is specially made for kids. In fact, the purpose of the game is to expand our children’s minds. This writing is all about this game, and after elaborating the fun, we will explain the reason why we should give kids a chance to play it.

The game suggests the player, a PBS Kids type of avatar .and drives a Kart, going on searches, collecting points, crafting Kart Components, and communicating with other players. The Play is strategy-based. It ceased at midnight PST on October 1, 2020.

The review of PBS kids kart kingdom.

I played this game when I was just 15. But I always love to play with kids because I have some little cousins and am aware of their mental growth. So I play and find it very interesting. Why not? This game is all about adventure. And life is an adventure too.

Start of the name, I made my character on the world of this game. Decided how my car should look, how I should look, and so on. This portion is called Madding’s Avatar”. The reflection of your own to the character you have made.

In this game, some world or country player is driving their car. It is a car adventure, and players move to a different country. The more you play well in a more complicated but exciting country you will go through the next. This one I liked most. Because in our life we go through a hard time. The more you become successful, the more you will see yourself in a different place where success is challenging than the last place you lived.

In a different Environment or World, the player can chat with other players. This is because it will help me connect with other kids. But yes, i” m not a kid, so I had to behave like a kid with them. So after playing this game, I decided to share it with all my cousins who are still kids.

The PBS kids kart kingdom- as a Just Game.

It is a two-dimensional game, and players can move by distance and height. That means the view of the gamer is one-sided. This game is So colorful, and lots of portions and elements are here. This game is so controllable. Not take so much place on storage. Therefore, it is so lightweight. And kids can play it without getting any problems.

This game finds treasure through a different world. Besides, every planet has various strategies and needs new tools. This is why players have to buy them from the store. But how could they buy? When players drive, they get many points, and some couple of points could convert into coins.

But the player should be careful about their use of coins. On the contrary, if they use their currency by buying useless stuff, they will not pass their current world, so they should be meticulous about spending money.

Some Important prospect of the game

Here we will look up some prospects of the game, and these will make the game awesome.


There are four different worlds. They are Grand Glade, Mount Snow, The Deep, and Bug Garden. There are five quests in each area, making 20 quests to complete in the game. In journeys, kids will explore the different regions to find objects/animals. Then, after they finish each search, they may receive a reward.


 Gadgets used to help to go with the journey. The device makes getting around the PBS kids kart kingdom easier with all the HighLands and Rocky hills and mountains.


Bits can be found in Searches, Competition, and earned in games. The player could use them for crafting Karts, disks, stickers, gadgets, and Power-ups. It is a kind of currency or the virtual currency of the game.

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Car or Kart Parts : PBS kids kart kingdom

The most popular thing in the PBS kids kart kingdom is Kart Parts. It can get by doing Crafting or giving Gus bits at the Give And Get Truck. Then the player could get their kart part back.


On the screen in the Kart Kingdom, Icon and buttons are here. Speech bubbles, emoji icons, and various moves like jumping, bouncing on the rear rings, front wheels, and just taking the KK “jig.”


K, CC, Gus, Harley, and Drew are a few characters in the PBS kids kart kingdom. Dee, Del, and Dot also perform in-game and specific shapes like Abby, and he comes only during the Back to School Event.


In the searches, users jump by clicking the UP key or by pressing the SPACE key. To activate the gadgets and go by doors on hitting the DOWN key. Forgo left by touching the LEFT key, and go right by hitting the RIGHT key. Out of this questing area, the UP button moves the avatar away from the front of the mask, and the DOWN key moves the avatar towards the face of the screen. To go fast, press SHIFT+RIGHT/LEFT. For more translations, push the dance button on the quadrant left of the screen. The LEFT and RIGHT buttons job the same as inquiries.

Chat system : PBS kids kart kingdom

The default “phrases and emo” could be used on chat only. Sometimes new expressions will be added. That means this chat section is only for communicating with another player for fulfilling the mission. But you could write on their official blog, and the admin approves the post, comments, however, and nothing mean or profane will be posted. However, many users beg for “free chat,” and K has said no every time.

The Kart Kingdom and Kids Psychological development

The PBS kids kart kingdom emphasizes a vast collection of fun, curriculum-based entertainments that help kids ages 6-9 learn to think systematically.

It also helps kids to build collaboration determination. In the games, they need to collaborate with other kids to invent new tools to succeed in their mission by offering rewards for the entire Kart Kingdom community.

As kids play on the Kart Kingdom, they buy their customized cars, assembling sources, and getting access to craft gadgets that help them go to the next level. Throughout these experiences, they solve different kinds of problems. And they aware of the power of collective work. It is how their social mid will grow with this game.

How its Effect

The player could change their avatar, which helps kids find their suitable self to deal with their current world. It is an excellent way of teaching kids about changing themselves and moves for success. However, the world is now so competitive, so it is impossible to conserve your mind into single collective ethics. We all should be more strategy complete deal with the world of humans.

But that’s not mean that Children will become selfish because this game is designed to get help from others. Neither will they not be able to complete all pieces of stuff and complete their task. So they will know the value of other people’s help in their life.

Why should your kids play it?

Above, we discussed how This game affects children’s minds. Learning with playing is a very new way. Still, most countries like Bangladesh, India, and so on are not comfortable with joyful learning. But we could do that. The PBS kids kart kingdom opened up this way of learning. It is the first game that succeeds the mission of PBS to teach kids with fun.

Firstly it’s low cost and available for free at PlayStore. And secondly, this game is Ads free; therefore, there are no chances of watching Bad Ads by kids.

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And the main things are nowadays online games are part of communication for kids. On a large scale, this is dangerous because kids are far more complicated than we think. They go out beyond boundaries, so there are several risks of going on the wrong path they were chosen by themselves.

But this game is free from this kind of Problem. Because their Community is so secure and made for Only kids. Their chat is so limited within games. So there is no chance of chatting about their living. And kids could not be attached to the wrong company.

PBS Kart has a time limit of playing the game. So there are no chances to be addicted to the game.

Epilogue : PBS kids kart kingdom

On September 9, 2020, the video upload on the PBS KIDS YouTube channel, declaring its cessation, notwithstanding its notable success.

This game got to the heart of many of us during childhood. It encourages our kids to think differently. But everything should have ended, but PBS launched many other games for kids of the next generations. This is why you can check out their official sites. Kids’ games should always be rebuilt every four or five years because our society is changing fast.

And kids should prepare themselves very differently. In the past, human society changed not as much as it is now.

Some Pieces of Advice to Parents

It is your choice to give this game to your kids for their entertainment. But This game is incredible for growing up with our Children. It helps them to pass their time—building their ability to respond to the world with responsibility.

But there some talking, games help kids grow their logical sense but our life is with other things. For the living, there are several things, which obtains parents only. So, no matter how good games ever launcher, parents unparalleled, so it is my humble request to all parents to concern about their kids. These games, books are just elements of human growth. But this is not all they could have. The world is large and so significant is the human being.

So we all have to be attentive to our children and have them more time and joy. A parent’s time is only the best thing kids could have.

And in the last : PBS kids kart kingdom

All games-the PBS kids kart kingdom- are not educational and useful for influence, so being a parent is essential to know the present generation. On the other hand, giving your children a tablet or phone is not a knowledgeable task. On the contrary, you should update yourself with the harmful effects of the game. Then, neither your kids will maybe fall out with things that are not good for them.

So, PBS assures you a hundred percent non-adult gaming platform, and their purpose is to build kids as you want to be. So let us check out their upcoming game for kids. Finally, you will find some suitable matches for your child.

Gaming nowadays has become popular, because we don’t have enough places to exercise appropriately. As a result, our life is now becoming more and more virtual centric. But all parents should get the way to grow their kids with enough physical activities. Not only minds are fast, but also our physical ability helps us lead a happy life.

This is because I request you not to hang up on the phone. Instead, give kids time and love. Make Sure they will become great one day. So, that’s all, and I wish these types of games launched more in the future. And PBS is still working!

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