Hot Air Balloon Rides for Kids: What You Need to Know

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Kids: What You Need to Know

Did you know that in the American Civil War there was a Balloon Corps established by Abraham Lincoln with seven balloons? Hot air balloons may be a part of history, but they are still relevant today! Hot air balloon rides for kids and adults are a wonderful family fun activity in 2019, not a war tool.

Hot air balloon rides are great for adventures, sightseeing, and more! Hot air ballooning is not just for adults. Keep reading for hot air balloon rides for kids: what you need to know.

Before Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Now that you know hot air balloon rides are for everyone, let’s breakdown what you need to know before you go with your family.

Kids are often welcome on hot air balloon rides, but sometimes there are age restrictions. For example at Aerogelic Ballooning kids are welcome from age six and up. Just check out your hot air balloon tour’s age rules before signing up.

It’s no secret that hot air balloons don’t have restrooms or snack bars. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle for you and your kids for the duration of the flight. Make sure everyone is full but has an empty bladder before taking off!

During Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon rides are exciting for everyone! Most flights last from around thirty minutes to even two hours. Be sure that your children are prepared for this flight time.

While riding in the basket of the balloon you and your child will be directly under the mechanism that keeps the balloon up in the air. Keeping a hot air balloon afloat consists of pumping in cool air and heating it with propane. This process can be very loud, so make sure your child has earplugs if they are sensitive to loud noises.

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On most balloon rides all riders will need to stand with their feet on the floor of the basket during the entire ride. Baskets are usually about four feet tall. Make sure your child is physically able, mentally prepared, and tall enough to stand and look out from the balloon basket.

After Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

At the end of your hot air balloon ride, the final step is landing! Landing in a hot air balloon can be a bumpy finish. Make sure you listen to your pilot for landing instructions.

Balloons do have to fly with the flow of the air. When you land you may have been blown a bit off course. Be prepared to hike a short distance to the pick-up spot.

Sometimes at the end of a hot air balloon ride, riders are asked to help pack up the balloon. While this is an exciting part of the adventure, it can be a large ask for families. Kids love to help out when they can, but make sure they listen to all directions shared by the professionals.

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Kids

Hot air balloon rides are a fun experience that the whole family will love. You can find ballooning across the country and the world. Give your family the experience of a lifetime and try hot air balloon rides for kids.

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