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Looking for a specific design direction but don’t know where to start? There are plenty of styles and images on the Internet, and it is pretty difficult to choose what you are looking for right away. For this reason people collect references of the same style in one place. That’s what they call a moodboard. It is a much easier process than looking for already pre-made designs. You will not have any limits and can make something unique to you. We will discuss who needs moodboard templates, what they should include, and how to create them. Let’s start!

Where you will need a moodboard

There can be different goals to achieve with collecting references in one place. Imagine that someone is moving to new apartment. To avoid endlessly scrolling through Pinterest, you will make your own references for design. Once you show it to the interior designer, they will understand what to offer you right away. Creating a moodboard also can also serve as a communicating bridge between a designer and client. You just share it and wait for a reply. Having feedback will help you make adjustments without having to spend a long time describing your idea. 

So, a moodboard is a visual representation of thoughts that can ease the process of creation. You can make a moodboard for anything:

  • web design – landings, advertising;
  • upcoming parties, any other events;
  • makeup looks, manicures, hairstyles;
  • updating the wardrobe;
  • interior;
  • photoshoot.

There are several ways to make a moodboard. You can use any graphic editor, but the faster way to do it – use moodboard templates. There is a simple drag and drop interface, where you can add your images to a template. 

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What to put on a moodboard

A moodboard is a collection of pictures that form the basis for an idea for a future project. All together they represent a theme which include such elements as: color, font, feeling and  texture. So, it is a collection of photos, illustrations, swatch pallets, logos and textures. There are several ways how to start bulding a moodboard. For example, you pick an image which may represent your idea for a future project. Then, start looking for a next image which will be complementary to the first one. Add some color swatches. Here, you can either pick the color which you think the most suitable for a board or use special color generators to not be confused with a peck of swatches. You can find them on the Internet, for example like ColorSpace or Coolors, etc. Then, add some fonts, if they are needed, you can find them in editor. But there’s is truly algorithm on how you can do it. All the ways in art are acceptable. 

The result 

Creating new approaches and solutions in design can be challenging. That is why you will need a moodboard to guide you. With this tool, you can convert your thoughts into something that can get feedback or help to correct your future work. 


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