Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

why everyone should learn to code

Coding is one of the most important job skills today and of the future. In fact, coding tops among the best 5 jobs in the US that not only offers higher pay but more job opportunities. As you already know, the vast majority of companies around the world are digital or going digital.

As such, over 90% of jobs have been taken over by computers. This is in comparison to a century ago when a vast majority of people worked in farms, and manufacturing.

Want to know why everyone should learn to code?

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Improves Your Problem-Solving Skills

If you wanted to know why you should learn to code, it improves your problem-solving skills. Coders don’t solve problems by taking a look at the question posed. They study the problem, break it down into sub-problems and begin solving them.

Once they come up with an answer, they integrate the subproblems into a single working solution. For instance, if a client requests a coder to build a website. The coder will break down the requirements into:

  • Front end design
  • Back end design
  • Database

The categories above can be broken down into individual web pages. By working on each subproblem and integrating it into one solution, the coder delivers the best solution to the client.

Creates New Opportunities

Learning how to code is a great advantage if you are planning on becoming a freelancer. Today, freelance coders earn more than $1,000 per hour while freelancing.

Not only that. You can travel the world while working as a freelance coder. That is the beauty of being a freelancer. You become your own boss, manage your time, and seek out new opportunities.

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As a freelance coder, you can work on AI, website and mobile app projects from anywhere around the world.

Learn how Code DuPage Boot Camp by Maureen Dunne helped dozen’s of students have an interest in coding.

Improves Communication Between You and the Engineers

As a startup founder or co-founder, you have a team of engineers who have more technical knowledge than you. If they are aware of this, they may not take you seriously. Want to ensure that your engineers respect you as a professional?

Learn how to code. As one of the reasons why everyone should learn to code, you get to learn new skills. This becomes helpful in your new role as a founder or co-founder.

As such, it allows you to gain the respect of your engineers. Also, you get to help anytime with product development or troubleshooting.

Allows You to Pursue Your Passion Projects

Ever desired to build your own AI bot that can help with research or just for the fun of it? Once you learn to code, it becomes easy for you to pursue your passion projects. By coding your mobile apps and AI infused software to make your work easier, it saves you money and time.

How? You don’t have to hire coders to work on your passion projects as you can design and code your own apps.

Why Everyone Should Learn to Code in 2019 and Beyond

There are more reasons why everyone should learn to code in 2019 and beyond. For starters, it makes you competitive and valuable at work. Second, it enhances your productivity. Third, it helps you understand other aspects of tech such as AI, database and UX design.

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Remember, learning to code is easy and you can do it.

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