Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Looking to sell your property this summer? This season is the best time of the year to list a house. All of the emotions and time involved with this process can be overwhelming; after all, selling your home is a life-changing decision. It’s common for people to make mistakes when putting their houses up for sale – it’s a monumental task with all sorts of room for error. To help you handle this transaction smoothly, we’ve put together some mistakes you should avoid when selling your home:

The most beautiful homes can be undermined by bad photos. Blurry pictures taken at the wrong angles make a room look small or awkward. After all the hard work of cleaning and preparing your property, the last thing you want is a set of poor-quality pictures that will make your home look unkempt and crowded. Buyers will be dissuaded by dimly lit pictures, even if your home includes all the assets that they’re searching for. Set your listing apart by posting high-quality, professional photos that showcase the best aspects of your home. Using a wide-angle lens will make the rooms look bigger. If you’ve got the budget for it, you can post a 360-degree video tour to entice buyers.

Don’t underestimate the importance of hiring a real estate lawyer. A trained attorney that specializes in property transactions will make sure that the process goes according to plan, and without surprises. They have the knowledge to guide you through the finer points of selling a home. A real estate lawyer will review all relevant documents, like the purchase agreement and all financial transactions to make sure there are no issues. Protect your investment by hiring a real estate lawyer to assist with selling your property and buying a new one.

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It can be intimidating to include the problem areas of your home in your listing – but if you try to hide them, this will only cause problems later on. Expensive problems. Disclose all issues with your home so that they will not violate the contract signed by you and the buyer. Be upfront about the challenges that your house faces so you will only be in contact with buyers who will realistically purchase your home. If the idea of this makes you squirm, you can consider investing in those costly repairs and renovations before selling your home. That way, when your home is ready to sell, you can advertise it as buyer-friendly.

After you’ve made sure that your property is free of germs and viruses, you can stage it to impress those who will view it. Setting up furniture in an inviting way and filling the house with a pleasant fragrance will help buyers envision themselves in your home. Be careful not to overdo it with the scented candles, though – many people find strong fragrances to be overwhelming. Staging that is tasteful and minimal will eliminate clutter. You’ll want to decorate the space in a way that isn’t too personal; family photos and other memorabilia can interfere with the buyer’s ability to see it as their home, not yours. The right amount of staging can strike the perfect tone for buyers.

Cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting is hugely important when selling your home. During a pandemic, cleaning correctly takes on a new meaning. It requires more than hot water and soap to disinfect your home. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, use a solution with alcohol, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. Apply this cleaning product to every surface of your home. It can seem like an arduous task, but buyers will not be interested in a home that is dirty, dusty, or greasy.

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Many sellers are dissuaded when the listing price suggested by a real estate agent is lower than they’d hoped. It can be disheartening when your home, a place full of memories and sentimental value, is not worth as much as you’d expected. But overpricing the value of your home will make it very hard to sell. Buyers will compare your property to others in the area, and pick the less expensive option. Don’t let wishful thinking cloud your judgment. Even if your listing price is less than you’d like, it’s better than not selling your house at all – which is what will happen if your price is too high.

Although last-minute showings can be inconvenient, inflexibility can cost you a potential sale. If you do not accommodate the schedule of viewers, they won’t consider buying your home. Another mistake is hanging around the house during showings. It can make the buyer feel awkward and it may impede their ability to comfortably inspect your home. Having an agent handle this job gives the buyer room to think. When showings have been scheduled, leave your home so that buyers are able to see it for themselves at their own pace.

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