Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt: Is it Good For You? 

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Have you ever thought about the healthiest option for your home salt? Yes healthier than the regular salt you use. Earlier, people used to have salt as it is. But nowadays, salt comes in packages, and it goes through many chemical cleaning processes, bleached, etc., which isn’t that great for your body. Salt is a necessity; without it, as food is tasteless, our body also stops functioning properly. It is also essential for our body to function properly. As too much salt is harmful, a little less also counts as harmful. Salt controls blood pressure. It is extremely useful for our body, as it adds more minerals from outside.

Today in this article, we’ll talk about a special category of salt, i.e., diamond crystal kosher salt. To know everything about it, keep on reading till the end.

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

What Is Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt?

Unlike table salt, which is chemically made free-flowing, diamond crystal kosher salt comes with a bit larger chunks that you can crush between your fingers. This salt gets easily absorbed into your body and also gets easily absorbed into the food you prepare.

Approximately 130 years ago, kosher salt was formulated by using craft evaporation that creates a beautiful crystal-like texture in the salt. It does not contain any synthetically or chemically added additives, and it gets blended easily. It comes with a lower sodium content naturally. Among all the kosher salt, diamond crystal kosher salt is the most authentic kosher salt.

What Is the Difference Between Diamond Crystal and Morton Salt?

  • Firstly to distinguish, both look different in their shapes and formation.
  • Morton Salt is a bit snuggly, and the texture is coarse compared to table salt. At the same time, Diamond kosher is not snuggly and doesn’t sit together.
  • Morton is very salty and takes half the amount of diamond. Diamond is also salty, but you need a bit more of it.
  • Morton is made with flat salt granules by roller pressing. Diamond Crystal kosher salt is made with the method of the upside-down pyramid and is piled up one over the next to form a crystal-like shape.

Except for these, you can use either of these for culinary purposes.

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Why Can You Use Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt?

The sodium levels are higher in table salt, which is not that great. To reduce the sodium level, this brand came up with its unique diamond crystal kosher salt. There are reasons why you can replace your regular table salt with diamond crystal kosher salt. A few reasons as mentioned are:-

  • it comes with low sodium content.
  • You need half of the amount that comparing to table salt.
  • It is the chef’s favorite for seasoning purposes and seasoning meat.
  • It contains no additives.
  • Doesn’t go through harsh chemical bleaching and caking.
  • It balances the salty flavor in all dishes well.
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Why Do Chefs Use Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt?

Chefs are picky when it comes to grabbing spices and seasonings. They make sure they test everything before ensuring what they put inside. They go through a series of products and brands before sticking to one. There are different types of salt, but most chefs prefer diamond kosher salt over everything. The reasons mentioned above are a cause, but there is even more to it. When it comes to food, no matter what you use, without salt, it’s tasteless.

The kosher name suggests that it helps in the traditional Jewish method of drying meat, rather known as koshering. As it is chunky and bigger than the usual table salt, it makes it less salty.

It is the most used salt in restaurants. Chefs use the rain method to season the dishes.


Before you substitute table salt or other salts with kosher salt, you need to buy the two leading kosher salt brands.

You will need less salt if you use kosher salt. If you need one tablespoon of table salt in a dish, in this case, you will need half a tablespoon of the diamond crystal kosher salt.

Make sure you add it bit by bit and taste it while adding it so that you don’t add excess salt or you add less.

If you follow these, you can easily replace your regular salt with diamond crystal kosher salt.

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

More Varieties of Salt

There are different kinds of salt you can use:-

  • Table salt – is the most common only used salt in almost every household. Comes in a square fine shaped texture.
  • Rock Salt – It contains a lot of minerals that you won’t find in table salt, but it has low iodine content. Rock salt gives a cooling effect to your body and it’s healthier than table salt.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt – this is the purest salt as it is believed. This salt is mined from the Himalayas, and it’s extremely cooling to your body. It has big chunks, and you need a very small amount.
  • Black Salt – this is a prepared salt with charcoal and other materials. This salt gives a healing effect on one’s body, so it is generally used to add in salads, curd, and cool foods, to balance the temperature.
  • Grey salt – is a salt mainly popular in France. It is kind of coarse and comes with its own benefits like reducing acidity and preventing irregular heartbeats too.
  • Sea- salt – compared to the table salt, this salt is lightly cleaned and still rescues bleach and other chemicals. This salt comes directly after evaporation from the seawater. It is sun-dried and thus has innumerable properties.
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These are some of the most common types of salt that you can find people using.

Common Questions Regarding Diamond Crystal Kosher Salts

1. What is the best substitute for kosher or diamond crystal kosher salt?

Kosher salt is large, chunky, and rough. Any salt with a similar texture is your match. Some examples are – pink Himalayan salt, grey salt, sea salt, etc.

2. Will swapping table salt with any other salt result in iodine deficiency?

The answer to this is NO. You can get an adequate amount of iodine through your meals themselves. You can get iodine in a lot of food like lentils, eggs, fish, and seaweed. So you won’t stand iodine deficiency.

3. Morton is saltier than diamond crystal?

Yes. Morton is much saltier than diamond crystal.

4. Can you describe pink Himalayan salt as a kosher salt?

Absolutely not. Both are different. But the texture is quite similar. Both are used for different purposes.

Final Thoughts 

Yes, we arrived at the end of our article, and to conclude, we want to say that before testing out a new kind of salt, always start with a smaller amount to understand the proportion requirement. Salt is an important season while you cook. You can keep on testing and trying out new kinds of salt, but you won’t get a similar one like diamond crystal kosher salt. If you want a well-seasoned dish, then this will be your pick.

Hopefully, this article was relevant to your search and was indeed helpful to you. After reading this article, if you want to buy diamond crystal kosher salt, then don’t hesitate. Go give it a try! And do let us know what you thought about this article in the comments!

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