How to get slime out of clothes

how to get slime out of clothes

Nowadays, most of the children like to play with slime.  But while playing, it is a common phenomenon to stick mud in clothes. It’s evitable and you can think your fav cloth is ruined just because of slime and can become upset. But if you can find a way to get rid of dirt, then it’s possible to save your cloth from mire. Here in this article, we have discussed some ways by adopting one of these you will be able to know how to get slime out of clothes. Check the best practices as soon as possible to get rid of that lump of sticky slime. So here in this article, we have included the best possible ways to remove slime from clothes.

How to get slime out of clothes:

If you are worried about how to get slime out of cloth, then here we are with a solution. In this section, we discussed how to remove slime from dry or moist cloth and general tips. You can easily pick one of them also to know how to get slime out of hair. For material, at first, it’s essential to set a cleaning station to remove slime easily from fabrics.

­­A full-bodied surface is a right choice. Sometimes the products that are used to remove slime can also stain your fabric. For that, working in a kitchen sink or a kitchen counter or outside is a right choice. It’s also better to lay down a newspaper or old towels to protect working material or your fabrics. Now the home remedies are as follows-


Simple plain white vinegar is useful to get rid of slime from cloth as vinegar helps to dissolve the slime as you scrub. It has been a proven formula that will help to know how to get slime out of clothes with vinegar both for clothing and hair. Use white vinegar just after it is stuck on your cloth. If slime is dried, then it will be difficult to remove from fabric. It is the most challenging and time-consuming to remove dried slime. So use vinegar just after slime got stuck on cloth. For your hair, you can also use this process.

If it is unware to you how to get slime out of carpet,

furniture and bedding then it’s also useful to use vinegar properly. Put a small amount of vinegar onto the guppy slime spot and the scrub. It mainly depends on the messy condition of slime. Sometimes you may have to repeat the process to altogether remove slime form your cloth.  After removing slime, you have to clean your cloth with detergent. The proper instructions to know how to get slime out of clothes-

  • Apply white vinegar directly to the stained cloth. You can also use a measuring cup to make it easier. As you have to remove stain from one specific place, so don’t drench the whole garment.
  • Now leave the vinegar for new minutes to soak on the stain. Now gently scrub with a toothbrush or soft scrubbing brush. It is better to use gentle motions to avoid damage to the fabric. For delicate fabrics, blot the garment with the cleaning cloth or paper towel. Now rinse the cloth with warm water to remove the vinegar and remaining slime residue.
  • If slime is gone, now put your cloth in the washing machine and follow the washing level care instructions for your cloth. If you still found slime, then you can repeat this overall process once again.

Vinegar and baking soda:

A proper mix of baking soda and vinegar is also useful in removing slime from cloth.  If you want to know how to get slime putty out of clothes and this is the most helpful way without any doubt.

Use of acetone:

Acetone is another substance that works well as a slime remover. You may find acetone in some nail polish remover also. If you want to know how to get slime out of a blanket, then consider it as a good tip.

Use acetone with a ball of cotton wool and gently dab on the stain. Once the slime is removed, then you can wash the cloth as usual as acetone can also fade the fabric color so it’s better to use it as a testing purpose first.

Use of soft bristle brush:

To know how to get slime out of clothes easy way, then this is the first step you can choose. A soft-bristled brush is a common way to remove slime from cloth. For that, it’s’s essential to give some effort to remove slime from cloth.

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It is using a soft brush gently to loosen the slime structure and put it from each carpet fiber.  Now use a clean towel or piece of cloth to absorb the access liquid. Repeat this procedure more than a few times. Each time clean the brush with warm water. It is also an effective way.

Removing excess slime:

The best thing to do before cleaning slime stains is to remove as much as slime possible. So, at first, it’s better to pull out excess slime from cloth with hand. It will be beneficial if you use other substances on cloth. Generally, white glue slime is more sticky and difficult to pick off, but it will be easy to remove excess slime from a cloth if it is clear glue slime.  Spend a few minutes while working with slime before moving on to the next step.

Use of dishwasher:

The dishwasher is also useful for slime removal. As many of us unaware of how to get slime out of clothes without vinegar, then this is for you. It is best done in a sink as there you will get easy access to water. Put a small amount of dish soap into the slimy area and scrub the cloth. You will see slime will quickly come out, and after that, you can generally wash your fabric.

Using a slime removing product:

 If the above all tips seem useless, then you can also choose a slime removing the product to know how to get slime out of clothes fast. There are some slime removing products that are available online such as sticky stuff remover that can be used on fabrics. It is an affordable product and handy to use for all sorts of household tasks. You can use it for sticker residue and gum also. Again you will found goo gone that is a similar product of stuff remover. However, it is a little expensive but cost-effective.

How to get slime out of clothes after washing

If by mistake, you put your cloth on the washing machine, then this section is for you. As before, we have told it’s easier to remove slime before it is dried. By using the white vinegar method, you can also get a good result to remove slime from cloth.

How to get dried slime out of clothes

As we know, it’s’s difficult to remove slime if it is dried. If you want to know how to get slime out of clothes with ice, then this will help you. As we know, slime stuck firmly to cloth, but by applying below tips to know how to get slime out of clothes, it will be easy for you-

  • At first, it’s better to use your nail to remove the dried slime.
  • Now take an ice cube and rub it over the stain.
  • You can also choose other solutions to get rid of the slime. For that, at first, reduce the slime using a sharp tool. But don’t use any device that can badly affect your cloth. Now put that cloth in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer until it becomes dry. After it is frozen, then it will be easy to remove from cloth.

How to prevent slime from getting stuck on cloth:

If your favorite shirt or cloth is stained with slime, then we know how you can feel. And for that, it’s better to prevent slime staining. You can save your cloth from slime staining if you remain aware before playing with slime, just adopting some preventive measures.

Play in a specific play zone:

It’s better to make a specific play zone in your home. Again, we know slime can easily stick to the carpet and ceiling. So also keep this zone free form carpets. For that, it will be easier to clean.

Protect your surface:

If you play in a specific zone, then cover the place with a hard-wearing surface. You can use an old newspaper or plastic tab or cloth for that.

Use protective apron:

Use of protective apron also effective from making your cloth messy

Take hair protection:

It’s not only for girls but also for boys. Young girls can tie their hair with a rubber band, and boys can use a protective cap so that while playing by any chance, slime won’t get stuck to your hair.


Special slime shirts:

It’s so beneficial if you use unique slime shirts from these. You will be able to remove slime easily.

Special care for children:

Put your one eye on your children as they are not so much careful while playing with slime.

Homemade slime recipes:

Do you know you can make your slime at home? We think the shop-bought slime is a better option, but the thing is not like that. Some homemade lice are so beneficial regarding slime removal. And do you know maximum shop-brought slime make a messy situation that homemade slimes? And making homemade slime is easy, and full recipes include only baking soda and saline solution.  These ingredients don’t contain any harsh chemicals or dye. Due to its components, this type of slime is easy to remove from cloth. Essential slime recipes include 2 tablespoon glue, a few drops of paint or gel food coloring, 2 tsp laundry detergent. In a bowl, mix cement, color and add laundry detergent. Now knead properly. Your simple slime is ready for you.

For the Glitter slime recipe, you only require two tablespoon glitter with essential slime recipes. For that, mix clear glue and glitter in a bowl. Add a few drops of color. It’s best to use a color that is similar to glitter color. Mix properly so that it doesn’t clump together. Now add one teaspoon detergent to the mixture, and slime is ready.

For Baking soda slime, take 2 tbsp. White glue, ½ tsp baking soda, 3 tsp saline solution, and few drops of paint or gel food color. At first, take a bowl and add white glue and baking soda correctly. You have to mix correctly and fast, so that sort of clumping is not formed. Now add paint color and mix until the slime is evenly colored. Now add saline solution and knead until it requires proper stickiness.

Some quick tips:

  • If slime gets stuck on your favorite or expensive cloth, then it’s better to apply vinegar on a small portion first. If it gives a good result, then use it for other parts. By doing so if any unpleasant incident occurs then it will not ruin your entire expensive or favorite cloth
  • Sometimes your home remedy can ruin your fabric color. In that case, better to use some unused same color cloth to check the procedure is effective or not as a testing procedure. It is recommended for the most stain removal process.
  • Never put slimy cloth directly in a washing machine without cleaning the specific slime area. It will make your cloth so much messy and will ruin your entire material. Also, the slime damp cloth will affect your other fabric.


How to remove slime from clothes in a proper way?

At first, remove the excess slime from the stained area, use an ice cube, pre-treat with liquid detergent, and after 10 minutes use hot water, keep the slime stained cloth in water for 30 minutes and put for washing machine for proper cleaning. Now let it dry in the air.

Can the washing machine remove slime stains properly?

Not actually. To remove slime properly, you have to follow some simple steps

How to get slime out of clothes using white vinegar?

At first soak the stained area with white vinegar, then scrub the vinegar with a brush, rinse with warm water and Rub with dish soap to remove extra slime residue. Finally, wash accordingly to care instructions.

Is it safe to use white vinegar for stain clothes?

For colored fabric, you have to remain careful while using white vinegar otherwise, it is safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What’s the first step to remove slime from clothes?

Ans: Scrape off excess slime using a spoon or butter knife.

Q2: How do I pre-treat the slime stain?

Ans: Apply a stain remover or liquid laundry detergent directly to the stain, and gently rub it in.

Q3: How long should I let the pre-treatment sit?

Ans: Let the stain remover or detergent sit on the fabric for 10-15 minutes to loosen the slime.

Q4: How do I rinse the slime stain?

Ans: Rinse the stained area under cold running water to flush out the loosened slime.

Q5: What’s the final step to remove slime from clothes?

Ans: Launder the garment as usual, following the care label instructions, and avoid drying if the stain persists.

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