How to Hack Android Phone by sending a link: Is it possible?

how to hack android phone by sending a link

Do you know how to hack Android Phone by sending a link? Well, if you don’t, then you should know that you can easily do it. These days people get suspicious about what their close ones must be learning. Although it is unethical, you might still want to do it.

These types of searches can, however, pave the way to various fraudulent activities. Furthermore, when you try to hack Android without any app, you may be redirected to multiple fraudulent sites. This can, cause a lot of problems. Nonetheless, there are several ways through which you can hack Android phones easily. You can also use it as a valuable part of your marketing strategy.

How to hack Android Phone by sending a link?

One of the most asked questions is if someone can hack an Android phone by sending a link. However, it is necessary to know that you can easily understand how to hack smartphone using email. You, however, need to stay focused and find accurate ways to solve the problem.

If you are planning to hack the Android Phone by sending a link, you need to ensure that you have enough applications.

Use Kali Linux

Using Kali Linux is one of the main ways through which you can hack an Android. If you have this software, you will be able to spy on someone else’s phone. However, this is considered one of the easiest ways to spy on someone’s phone.

You will need to send a link to the person you want to hack. However, it would help if you linked to appear as a genuine one. It is one of those apps that are affordable. Nonetheless, there’s no guarantee that these paid apps will provide you with complete safety. Therefore, you will, need to be careful about spending the money while using the app. You can create a free payload via Kali Linux, forward the link, and hack the system.

Can I hack Android Phones using Bluetooth?

If you want to hack Android Phones remotely, you can also do it via Bluetooth. However, there’s no guarantee you can use it. If the target’s internet connection is switched off, you may not be able to spy on someone else’s phone. This is mainly because all the links and applications will only work with the help of the internet.

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Nonetheless, you can indeed hack the victim’s phone with the help of Bluetooth. However, if you want to do it, you need to download the Bluetooth hack app on your target mobile. You can connect the victim’s Bluetooth with that of yours and quickly transfer the data. As a result, you can soon get hold of every piece of information you need.

Send Link to the Victim with a Tricky Message

Whenever you try to hack someone else’s Android, you need to ensure that you do it smartly. It is advisable to add a tricky message along with the link to get hold of the data.

You can’t send a naked IP to the victim because it makes people suspicious. Hence, you might want to avoid it. Several URLs are less suspicious, and you can use them accurately within your website. If you are using a paid service, you can also customize the URL, making the link less suspicious. The next thing you need to do is add a fake message along with it.

Several paid services allow you to customize the message, and you can easily find the fake SMS service provider. Thanks to the service providers, you can send an anonymous text and the fake name of the website. It would help if you prepared the fake messages smartly so that no one doubts them. Furthermore, it is also essential to incorporate the link accordingly. You may either follow the links to create tricky messages or create one of your own. This, however, entirely depends on you how you want to proceed.

Can I hack Android without any APK?

Although you can easily hack Android without any APK, it’s advisable to have an app. These can play an essential role in enhancing the overall impact. If you’re using an app, you can be assured about reliability and get constant updates.

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How to hack smartphone using email?

If you’re planning to hack a smartphone using email, you should consider getting a reliable app for that. Several apps across iOS, web, and Android platforms will allow you to hack.

Some of the prominent apps that you can use to hack the smartphone include the following.


As the name suggests, Spyic is one of the most prominent apps that you can use. Thanks to this wonderful app, you can easily hack any Android phone that you want. Furthermore, you can also monitor the devices irrespective of which part of the world it is in.

However, if you are using the Spyic app, you will need to subscribe to it. You can get one-time access to your Android phone after downloading it. Make sure that you sync the device to your application to get the maximum benefits.

Setting up the application on your device will not even take ten minutes. The application can be downloaded from the official website or is available for Android platforms as well. Once you register yourself in the app, the dashboard will appear on your phone. You can access all the features from the left side of your dashboard.

Spyic is one of those platforms that provide stealth mode, enabling you to hack someone else’s phone without them knowing. Unlike other software, Spyic doesn’t consume any storage space or battery. Hence, you can easily understand and monitor what is going on in the target phone. The phone will work completely fine. You can easily uninstall the app without having to worry about the target getting suspicious.


Now that you know how to hack Android phone by sending a link, you should consider giving it a try. However, it would be best if you avoided any unethical measures that can land you in trouble.

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