How To Locate A Phone With iPhone And Android?

how to locate a phone

Have you lost your smartphone? Or was it stolen from you? If you want to find out where it is, know that how to locate a phone. It is quite easy to locate a cell phone. Here’s how to do it with an iPhone and with an Android smartphone.

You can locate your phone with an iPhone or Android by following very easy way. Some smartphones offer you to make calls directly over WIFI when the mobile network is weak. To detect a cell phone, many need a glance at the device. The manufacturer’s logo is applied to the mobile phone, allowing you to determine the phone’s involvement with a particular brand. However, determining the model of the phone will be a bit more difficult. So, let’s know how to locate a phone?

How to locate a phone: Step by step

Now, if you want to know how to find a stolen cell phone, follow these steps:

Place the following link in the browser: Then you must access your Google account. If you have more than one phone, click, of course, on the one you lost. Also, if the lost device has more than one user profile, log in with the Google account in the main profile.

Then the lost phone will receive a notification.

On the map, you will receive information about the location of the phone. You should note that it may happen that it is not accurate. And, in case you do not register any location, you will be able to see the last one dated.

In this instance, you will be able to know where your lost or stolen device is. If you cannot locate it, you can enable the lock and erase functions. Then it can play a sound: this function will make the phone ring at maximum volume for 5 minutes.

Even if it is set to silent or vibrate, or lock the device with your PIN, pattern, or password. If you never set one up, you can create it right now. Finally, you can also erase the device by removing all the data it has permanently as a precaution.

For Android mobiles, the free “Where’s my Droid” application allows you to track your smartphone in case of disappearance and give you its exact Position via Google Maps. This application also allows you to remotely add an access code to secure your Android smartphone or notify you when another SIM card is inserted into your phone.

For those who have an Apple smartphone, you must download the free application “Find my iPhone” on another terminal of the Apple brand. This app allows you to find your iPhone even if it is not turned on. You also have the option of blocking it with this application to prevent someone from your data remotely.

How to locate a phone with Android and iPhone?

The method is to ask Google for the answer via the Android Device Manager function. The search engine can tell you the last place where it collected the geolocation data of your smartphone. It is sometimes a day or two, but it is already that!

To do this, log in to, making sure you are logged in to your Google account beforehand.

Click on Accept and wait a few moments before the last geolocation location is displayed on the map of Google Maps.

You can then choose to ring your phone to alert someone to its presence and lock it or even erase it to protect its content.

However, this method requires a prerequisite: you must have authorized it in your phone’s Google settings. In the Settings application of the phone, to do this, scroll down and then tap on Google. Then tap on Security and then activate the functions. Locate this device remotely and Allow locking and deletion in the Android device manager section. Finally, still in Google settings, tap Position and activate the Location function.

Have you lost your smartphone, or have you been the victim of theft? Thanks to geolocation, you can locate your mobile phone for free, whether Android or iOS.

How to locate an iPhone?

If you ever want to locate your iPhone remotely, you must first go to your mobile settings in the General> Passwords and accounts> iCloud> Locate sections. You can then activate the location of your mobile in the “Find my iPhone” section. You also have the option of enabling your iPhone to automatically send its last Position to Apple when the latter’s battery reaches a critical level.


After completing this activation, you will be able to locate your mobile for free by logging into You can also geolocate it from the “Find my iPhone” application to install on another Apple device. Thus, you can track your smartphone, erase your data remotely or block its use.

How to locate a mobile in Android?

If you have an Android smartphone, you can also locate your mobile phone for free in the event of loss or theft. To do this, you must first activate the location of your mobile.

Go to Settings> General> Google than in the Security section. Then choose “Locate this device remotely” and select “Allow locking and deletion”.

To locate your Android phone, you need to connect to Device Manager, which allows you to manage your Android devices and mobile applications through a single console. This Android manager will allow you to track your smartphone, erase your data, and lock it remotely. You can also make it ring, very practical when you no longer know where you left it at home, and you are alone!

How to locate a laptop for free with an application?

You can also locate a cell phone for free with a mobile application specially developed for geolocation. There are free applications that will allow you to locate your phone, block it or erase your data. Some paid applications go even further and allow, for example, in the event of theft, to take photos of the person in possession of your mobile phone. “Find my device” is a search carried out on the Internet by most users who have lost or stolen their cell phones. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to read the tips we share below. First of all, we have good news: the answer to “how to find my device” is not complicated if it previously configured the equipment for it.

First of all, we have good news: the answer to “how to find my device” is not complicated if it previously configured the equipment.

So, it is important that when thinking about locating a cell phone, it must meet a series of conditions to be found. We advise you that if you are thinking “how to find my cell phone” or “how to find my Android device,” keep reading this post.

From the Google Help Center, it explains:

  • As a first measure, the phone must be switched on.
  • You must have a Google account open.
  • It must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network.
  • Be visible on Google Play.
  • Have the location activated and also the function of finding my device.

Did you know?

  1. Having instructions for the device in hand, you can’t bother yourself with this kind of question. The phone model and the necessary information about its brand will be displayed on the front of the manual. If the instructions are missing, you can find the phone model by checking the product’s sales receipt. It will be difficult to determine the mobile phone model without any instructions or checks, but it will be possible.
  2. You can get the information you need by simply disconnecting the device. To do this, open the mobile phone’s panel cover, then remove the battery from the device. On the back of the case, you will see a sticker with information about the product manufacturer and the country of manufacture. It will also indicate the phone’s full name (make and model) and its identification number.
  3. If you do not want to disconnect the cell phone, you can do the following: Turn off the mobile phone first and then turn it on again. In this case, It will display the device model’s data in its display while the phone is loading. The require information should  present before the greeting message  displayed.

Apps that hint at tracking mobiles

Although locating a number is feasible (operators could do it under a court order, for example), this service is not accessible to everyone; hence, no matter how many applications suggest, there is not much to do to find someone else. Yes, you could use functions such as sharing WhatsApp’s real-time location and the same option that Google Maps includes, apart from other examples, such as the mythical Cerberus. Of course, this requires the consent of the other person.

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How to share your location on Google Maps?

As we said, Google Play tends to reflect some dubious behaviors. That is the case of Hulahoop, an application that has risen like foam in recent weeks. Even though the application store file does not faithfully reflect the idea of ​​tracking phones, it does when it comes to promoting itself.

To do this, just read the comments: much of a star and with complaints that Hulahoop does not do what he promised; Also, it maintains a deceptive behavior by forcing to subscribe to access the app.

The application promises to locate another person using their phone number, but the advertising does not correspond to reality.

It is not the only app since this deceptive behavior proliferates in many other Google Play store applications. Just use the search “track mobile” to discover more examples. Find Now, Locate mobile by number or Track cell by number. The list is very extensive. And they all usually coincide: they suggest that they are capable of spying on anyone’s location by entering their number.

They usually take advantage of subscriptions as soon as they start the application (the user has no choice but to subscribe to use it, and after the first free days, they will arrive receipts), and bad reviews abound in comments. Of course, they do not end up disappearing from the store.

FAQ of how to locate a phone

  1. How to locate a cell phone number on Google Maps?

Steps to track the cell phone with Android in Google Maps

Visit to access the Find My Device service. You can also enter “find my phone” in the Google search engine. It will direct you to a page where you will find a list of the equipment associated with your Google account.

  1. How to know the location of a person by WhatsApp?

The first step is the same: open WhatsApp and enter the person’s conversation with whom you want to share your location. Click on the symbol in the form of a clip. Which appears to the chat’s right, and then on “Location.”

  1. How to know the location of a person by Facebook 2020?

All you or your friend has to do is open the chat on Facebook Messenger, tap on the four dots at the bottom left of the screen, and click on a location. After that, select Share Live Location, and your friend will be able to see where you are currently.

  1. How do you know the location of a person by email?

Locate the IP address in Google Gmail. Go to the Gmail website and log into your account. Click on the message you want to track. Select the drop-down arrow at the top of the message window and click “Show original.”

Conclusion of how to locate a phone

The mantra that “there’s an app for everything” is usually true for a good number of situations, but there isn’t always an app for what you want to do. A very clear example is tracking people using the telephone number: although the idea that that can do it is widespread, the reality is not so clear.

You can indeed locate a person with an Android application, but you must always give a premise: the number to be located must give permission. Or, at the very least, you need to have some software installed on your mobile that enables location sharing. Even so, many developers take advantage of this ignorance to try to sneak their applications. In the Google Play store, we find a good sample.

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