How to Style Curtain Bangs – Five Techniques

how to style curtain bangs

So you got your curtain bangs yesterday and have been struggling to style them since this morning? Well fret no more, we got you and your curtain bangs covered. Now you can learn simple techniques on how to style curtain bangs. All you need is some basic tools available at home and a bit of practice – and you can master the art of styling your lovely new bangs.

This hairstyle demands a lot of time, effort, and commitment. Be prepared for a lot of work on your fringes. You must also manipulate your tools well to achieve that attractive sweep that frames your face perfectly. But this should not scare you – do it regularly and you will become a pro at it in no time.

Here are five cute ways how to style curtain bangs. You can use any of the methods depending on what tools you have at home or the look you want to achieve.

1. How to Style Curtain Bangs Using a Flat Brush

This is possibly the easiest method of styling curtain bangs. All you need is a flat brush with natural bristles and a blow dryer, preferably with a concentrator at the end. It will make your hair look little fluffy but not exactly like how your stylist made it with his ceramic roller. Now that you got your tools, let’s see how to style curtain bangs using a flat brush.

Basic Step for Many Hair Styling Techniques

First, wet your new bangs and then blow dry them till they are about eighty percent damp. If your hair is frizzy or curly, let the fringes remain wet to style them correctly.

Start by separating the rest of the hair by pulling them back with the help of a clip or by tucking them behind your ears. Now put the blow dryer on medium heat and the air setting on second for medium airflow. That will ensure that the hair does not dry up before getting the desired result. Start by combing the fringes and blow dry them until they are almost dry. Then separate them into sections. Take one section of hair in your hand. Now with the flat brush in your non-dominant hand, put it underneath one section of hair and brush down while giving it the direction you desire (most work towards the back, away from your face). 

And now, use your blow dryer and keep going from up to down to back to get the desired bevel in your curtain bangs. Now use your hand and run it through your bangs and push them backward on top of your head and run the blow dryer on them from front to back of the head. This will give a little more texture and uplift them. Now, lose the hand dryer, release the clipped hair, run your hands through your hair overall, and adjust the bangs.

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What a chill way of how to style curtain bangs! Now all you need is a little hairspray to set the look in. This look is great to carry at work or formal gatherings. It is super stylish and so elegant. You would want to wear it outside work too.

how to style curtain bangs
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2. How to Use Flat Iron to Style Curtain Bangs

For this technique, we are using a flat iron and a comb. As usual, we begin by sectioning out the bangs. Pin back the rest of the hair and secure it with hair clips. Now dampen your fringes a little bit and comb them nicely. Grab your straighteners and put them underneath one section of your bangs, bring it down, and turn it inwards towards your face and back – all in one smooth movement. This should give a little height at the top and a nice bevel.

Make multiple sections of hair clamp if you have a lot of fringes. Make your moves swift as flat iron tends to leave a crease on hair if you make it stay in one spot for a long time. Keep doing the same movement as many times as you want to make the fringes stay in place. Use your hands to adjust the hair and then grab another section of hair and move in the same manner till you get the right bevel. Finally, tousle your hair with your fingers and set your hair with a little bit of hairspray and you’re done. This technique gives a more casual look and you can sport this look every day. It is one of the easiest methods of how to style curtain bangs.

How to Style Curtain Bangs
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3. Using the Curling Iron for a Subtle Look

If you want a rather subtle look for your long bangs, try styling with the curling iron method. Let us see how to style curtain bangs using hair-curling tongs. Take a section of your bangs and curl it outwards around the barrel. Hold the curlers diagonally for a few seconds, then release the hair clamp. Do the same for the other side of the curtain bangs. At first, the curled bangs look a little odd. All you need to do is run your fingers through them and dishevel them a bit. Then use a comb or a brush and comb it out. Adjust your hair with your fingers. Viola! You got the look!

styling fringes using curling iron
Image Credit: Happily Howards

4. How to Style Curtain Bangs Using a Ceramic Round brush

Again start off with damp hair (wet if your hair is frizzy or curly) and the ceramic, round brush (preferably a medium barrel) in your dominant hand. Using a medium barrel will help you get that nice sweep on your curtain bangs that will give you that gorgeous, glamorous look. Separate the rest of the hair from the bangs by pinning them up or putting them behind your ears.

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Now put the round brush under the entire fringe section and keep rolling inward while using the blow dryer on them until the bangs are about ten percent damp. A quick reminder – blow dryer should have a concentrator at the end, and the heat setting and the airflow setting should be on medium. Also, the blow dryer should be directed downwards.

Once this is done, tousle the hair with your fingers and dishevel it a little. Now put the round brush underneath one section of the fringes and blow dry it again, this time towards the side. Direct the blow dryer into the hair to discipline the flyaway hair. Now release the clips, let the hair down, and brush it nicely to reveal those lovely curtain bangs. With little practice, you don’t need to run to your hairstylist every time you want to turn on the glam.

bangs styling using ceramic roller
Image Credit: behindthechair

5. Can We Style Curtain Bangs Without Heat?

Yes! According to experts, it is better to style your hair without heat if you have color treated your hair or split ends haunt you every time you use the hand dryer. And luckily, one can style curtain bangs without using any hot tools. For this, you need your good old sets of rollers and lots of time in hand. Wet your fringes and use a bond smoother if you have frizzy hair. 

Next, use a curl-defining product which will hold the wave pattern you create for your curtain bangs. Now you can either use the medium barrel rollers or the big ones, depending on the look you want and roll the hair in the direction you want the bangs to set in. And this is the way how to style curtain bangs. Once your hair dries up completely, remove the rollers slowly. Your bangs might look a little weird. Use a hairbrush and fix the look with a drop of oil or hairspray. 

curtain bangs styling without heat
Image Credit: K-Hair

A Final Word of Caution

If using heat to curl your fringes, please use a heat-protecting product before using any hot tools. Also, you need not style your curtain bangs every day. According to Dani Everson, the owner and the hairstylist of Clementine’s Salon and Founder of SkinForYou, “Curtain bangs don’t need daily upkeep other than blow drying or dry shampooing if they get oily. If you feel like the ends aren’t as curled as you’d like, I recommend either wetting them down and drying them or taking a curling iron and bending the ends to your liking.” But a little practice with the tools at home regularly will help you become the master of how to style curtain bangs, most definitely.

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