10 Best Haircut Styles of 2019 So Far

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Are you pining for a new look? If you have had the same hairstyle for years and years, this might be the year to make a change.

While some of these styles may require some drastic changes from the scissors and stylists, others could give your look a subtle, yet new look. Either way, change is good, especially where the hair is concerned.

A new hairstyle can give you a whole new outlook. Check out these hot haircut styles for 2019.

1. Beachy Bob

One super hot female hairstyle this year is the beachy bob. Who doesn’t love those beachy waves?

Are you nervous about layers or bangs? This is one look that doesn’t need drastic changes to your hair to garner a new look.

There are no layers in the beachy bob. The movement in the cut comes from those beachy waves. Use lots of salt spray to hold those waves. It also has a graduated cut. That means it is slightly shorter in the back than the front.

2. Blunt Bob

This cut is showing up everywhere this year. Celebrities like Jenna Dewan and Mandy Moore are sporting the blunt bob. It’s also a cut that doesn’t require drastic change, yet still offers up a chic on-trend look.

The blunt bob is almost always a little longer, usually grazing the collarbone. There are no layers, no bangs. The hair is cut to all one blunt length.

From there, you can decide to keep it sleek, straight and smooth, maybe tucked behind your ear. If you have some wave or curl, you could also opt for the messy blunt bob by letting your hair dry naturally.

3. Chandelier Layers

This style is the perfect choice for those who have long hair and are reluctant to give it up. It is reminiscent of last year’s beach waves.

Keep the length in your hair. Ask your stylist to put in some symmetrical layers around your face. Add long layers to the back.

With this style, you can also opt for an added long bang, although it works without it too. Add some soft waves to those layers for a completely on-trend style.

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4. Asymmetrical Undercut

The asymmetrical undercut is showing up for both female and male hairstyles this season. It takes its cues from both the pixie cut and bob.

Put your stylist’s scissors to work. They might even like to try this great selection of styling scissors.

They will want to create an asymmetrical look that is off to one side and longer on the top. This works especially well for those who have curly hair. Then create the undercut by going very short, almost shaved below it.

5. Mermaid Shag

This is another hot style that is perfect if you want to keep your hair long. Last season the mermaid braid was everywhere, this year it’s the mermaid shag.

While this style needs those layers, they should not be layers that frame your face. Keep your hair long, add in the layers all around, without creating a frame on your face.

Add in some of those still hot beachy waves and you have the mermaid shag.

6. ’70s Shag

This style is on showing up on runways and celebrities alike this year. It’s the 70’s shag reimagined. It takes all the layers and shag features from the ’70s and applies them to your present-day lob.

This style allows you some flexibility on length. It can work with a shorter or more shoulder-length lob. The key to this cut is the layers. Your stylist should cut to add texture and fringe, especially at the ends.

7. Curtain Bangs

Imagine the curtains on a stage. Now apply that look to your own bangs. This style of bangs works well with long or shorter hair. The key is the long layered bang framing the face.

Another great feature of the curtain bang? It can be created by growing out your shorter bangs.

The curtain bang can be styled in two different ways. If kept shorter in the front, bring the bang straight forward on the forehead. Or they can be pushed to the side or with a slight part and pushed back away from the face.

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8. Curly Bangs

Bangs are big this year. If you have curls in your hair, this style is so hot this year.

Make sure your stylist uses scissors and cuts them vertically to get the best soft fringe. Take your bang and create those loose curls that frame your face.

Many sporting the curly bangs this year are styling so the bang has a very defined curl compared to the rest of the hair.

9. Men’s Shortcuts

Short male hairstyles are the thing for men this year. The age-old buzz cut is popular still and offers a no maintenance option.

Many short male cuts this year have some real style to them.

The Peaky Blinder, circa World War I England is back and hot. This style features the hair short on the sides and back with the top longer and flipped back.

Similar in style is the loose quiff and the sleek fade. Both feature cuts that are short on the sides, with longer styled hair on the top of the head.

10. Men’s Bobs

This year male hairstyles continue to show some longer looks as well. Women aren’t the only ones who like their long locks.

Males are sporting versions of the ever-popular bob. This style for males typically has no layers and falls below the ears at all one length.

Like for women, the lob also continues to be popular for men. Most men sporting this style have some waves or curls naturally in their hair. This style is usually longer, hitting the shoulders.

2019’s Haircut Styles For You

Are you ready now to try out a new style? One of these hot haircut styles is sure to give you a new look and make you ready to take on the world.

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