Ultimate Guide: Fine Hair Hacks To Do Everyday

Ultimate Guide: Fine Hair Hacks To Do Everyday

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Do you have fine hair? While actual statistics aren’t available, it’s clear that many women have fine hair and aren’t quite sure how to make it look full and thick. Some of the old tried and true methods, such as extreme layers, don’t work as well as they should. Instead, you can use these hacks, from https://www.surethik.com/product-category/hair-thickening-fibers/ in order to make your fine hair look as voluminous as possible.

Brush Your Hair Correctly

Many people – especially women with fine hair – have been brushing their hair wrong for years. Rather than brush it downwards every time, instead, brush your hair upwards. Yes, from the bottom up. You should do this before you wash your hair, as it takes care of any harmful tangles. On top of this, when your hair is dry, brush it slowly from the bottom up, since this adds volume. As long as you go slowly, you won’t break or damage your locks.

Use A Raw Coconut Oil Treatment

Raw coconut oil is a beauty secret that everyone needs to know about. It has a number of important health benefits. This oil can moisturize your hair, prevent it from breaking, and boosts the circulation in your scalp. On top of that, it has antibacterial properties and is nutrient-rich. It really is amazing. Work raw coconut oil into your hair in the evening, and then wash it out the following morning. Your hair will look thicker and healthier.

Make Sure That You’re Washing Your Hair Correctly

Yes, you read that right. There’s a correct way to wash your hair. The secret is to do what many shampoo bottles inform you to do – “lather, rinse, and repeat.” A single dose of shampoo might be enough to get rid of all of the built-in gunk and oils, but it isn’t enough to clean your hair. Instead, wash your hair twice, every time. After you’ve rinsed out the second round of lather, add conditioner. Cleaner hair is voluminous hair.

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Use A Blow Dryer

One of the best ways to add volume to fine hair is to add mousse and then blow dry your hair, using a round brush. While this won’t actually make your fine hair thicker, it certainly will look at way. You can also style it to add curls and waves, both of which mimic the look of thick hair. On top of this, if you have fine, curly hair that you want to look straight, don’t use a straightener. Instead, buy a ceramic brush and use your blow dryer to straighten it. This is much less harmful while achieving the same effect.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Unless your fine hair is oily, you’re probably over washing it, according to https://www.surethik.com/product-category/hair-thickening-fibers/. Instead, wash it only once or twice a week, and then style it immediately afterward. If you use the right products, your style will stay in place in between washings. The natural oils from your hair will condition it and make it look thicker.

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