It’s Never Too Late: Your Complete Guide to Adult Braces

It's Never Too Late: Your Complete Guide to Adult Braces

Do you ever look at your teeth and wish you had gotten braces as a child?

While you can’t go back in time, the good news is that you can do something about it now. Adult braces can be a great option for someone that wants to get straight teeth.

More and more American adults are deciding that they want braces. It’s much more common today than it used to be.

If you’re interested in learning more about adult braces and how you may be able to get them, keep reading to find out a little bit more.

Benefits of Getting Braces

While the obvious benefit to braces is that your teeth will be straighter, there are other benefits that you can reap as well! Braces can be great for improving many areas of your health and happiness.

Better Oral Health

When you have crooked teeth, you’re more likely to have tooth decay. The reason for this is that it is hard to clean as well between each corner of the teeth. Bacteria thrive in this type of environment when not cleaned away regularly.

This may result in long-term damage that you will have to deal with and you also may experience bad breath, cavities, or other issues. Braces straighten your teeth, which makes it easier to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Improved Bite

Braces improve the way that you bite as well. Although it may not sound like a big deal, teeth that don’t bite straight down can give you problems.

You could have difficulty when you are eating because it is hard to chew. With crooked teeth, you may be overworking your jaw joints when you are eating.

Braces improve your bite and can help you avoid jaw problems or headaches in the long run. Not only is this service good for helping your teeth bite, but it can also help you avoid unnecessary pain.

More Clear Speech Pattern

Your speech pattern can improve with braces because of the way your jaw moves. Your jaw moves differently when the teeth are straight versus when they are not. When your teeth are not aligned properly, your jaw may move incorrectly and can affect how you pronounce words.

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Easier to Brush

Many times, crooked teeth are extremely close to each other or even overlap. This makes it difficult to brush and as stated previously, you may not be able to keep your mouth as clean as it needs to be.

You may end up having more accumulation of plaque and tartar in the mouth. When you have an easier time brushing, you can get rid of all of the bacteria more easily that cause these problems.

More Comfort

You may be biting in your cheeks without realizing it, but misaligned teeth may make your mouth have the wrong shape. Your bite can be incorrect and this can cause discomfort, but you may just be used to it.

With braces, you can avoid this type of issue and find that your teeth fit together better. This becomes more comfortable for you as you get used to how the teeth should be biting down.


Many people suffer from a lack of confidence when they have crooked teeth. The fact of the matter is that Americans tend to place a lot of importance in physical and cosmetic appearance, so crooked teeth don’t always look as attractive as straight teeth.

Braces are an instant solution to this because they help the teeth be straight and more along the lines of what many consider to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Things to Know About Adult Braces

In a 2012 study, it was reported that 33% of American adults don’t like their smile and think that their social life, love life, and job opportunities could be improved with better teeth.

This is a big part of the reason that many adults seek braces today. They think that it will help their lives in some way. For example, you may be having trouble with a relationship in your life and find that your lack of confidence gets in the way of that.

While braces cannot guarantee these types of changes for you, they can help you with your oral care and your confidence.

It is important to remember that adult braces are a commitment. Depending on your needs, you may have braces for somewhere between one to three years.

Your braces can help your teeth become straighter by using gentle pressure to move the teeth where they should be. Brackets will be glued to your front teeth and then connected with a wire that is tightened regularly.

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Remember that your insurance may cover braces, but you should know whether or not this is true before you start the process. On average, braces can cost about $5,000, but insurance may cover part of this cost.

Adult braces have a lot of benefits, but it is wise to know what you are getting yourself into. It is a process and it can be worth it for you in the end to have better teeth.

Is It Too Late for Braces?

No matter what your age is, it is the same physiological process that moves your teeth through your bone. Adults have denser bone tissues than children do and this means that treatment may take more time, but it still can work.

Adults may have more problems with their teeth, however, so it can be more difficult for braces to work. If you have had a lot of work done on your teeth or your teeth have started to wear away, you want to be careful.

Make sure your orthodontist knows how to treat your teeth specifically and can tell you how to care for them as well.

You still have the opportunity to have a happy, healthy, and beautiful smile. Don’t waste any more time trying to hide your smile and get the teeth that you have always wanted.

Get Your Braces Today

Now is the best time for you to get adult braces, no matter how old you are! If you are ready for the commitment and the cost, there is no time like the present.

Having a straight and beautiful smile will give you a lot of advantages in your life. You will have more confidence than before and you can see this improve other areas of your life as a result.

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve other areas if your health, check out our website to find some tips that will help you remain healthy in your life.

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