How to play Pubg on PC? 8 easy steps of pubg pc lite download

Pubg pc lite download

Pubg PC lite download is one of the most popular and trendy gaming processes nowadays. As though it is trendy in the mobile version, many of us like to play it on a PC. Moreover, Pubg PC lite download is the easiest task. After downloading, you can also play this game on your computer. We all know that pubg is a little bit out of our budget. But many of us want to play this game without spending a single penny. 

That’s why Pubg Corporation is releasing a lite version of this original Pubg game that is entirely free and does not require high-end hardware or high-end graphics cards to run on PC. However, for this, you have to sacrifice a lot of graphics quality of the game. You can smoothly run this game on your PC. Today I will show you the natural process of pubg PC lite download.

What is a pubg light?

Many people may not know about the Pubg Light game. That is why I am discussing it. The original PC version of Pubg is a paid game, and it is a highly resource hungry game. It would help if you had a mighty PC and especially a powerful GPU to run the Pubg game on PC and run well.

To play the game, you need to have a minimum of 3 GB RAM and a minimum dual-core processor. Besides, it must be DirectX 9.0. Then you can play the game on PC. You will get excellent performance in this game. So let’s see the process of Pubg pc lite download.

8 simple steps of Pubg pc lite download

The pubg game was first released in October 2018, under the name PUBG Project Thai. Back then, only Thai players could enjoy the game through the “Invite”system, and this final project had a limit of 100 players. 

The game was later renamed PUBG Lite and made available to all Thai players. The game currently only has the Erangel map, as it is still in beta. Now follow the steps of pubg PC lite download, which are given below.

Step 1: The first step to download is elementary. You have to go to a DLC game store called Garena. Pubg is another small game distributor service like pubg steam. Click here to go to Garena’s website and create a user account. You can also download the pubg pc lite directly from Pubg’s website. But I suggest the Garena Store; it is secure then download from their sites.

Step 2:

Once the account is created, download and install Garena’s Windows Client from the downloads section. Once installed, open the client and log in to the client with the username and password of the account you created. 

Step 3: After logging in, click on the settings icon. You have to change your region from the window that will open in front of you and set Thailand. You will not be able to Pubg pc lite download unless set to Thailand, as it is now only available in Thailand. If the content does not load after changing the region, the client may need to restart once. After restarting the client program, you will see Pubg Lite inside the game store.

Step 4:

When you click on the thumbnail of the game, you will see the Install button on the screen. Then download the game to your hard drive by clicking the install button. The size of the game is 2064 MB. After downloading, you will get a Play option like below in the place of Install, which will run the game by clicking. 

Step 5: But do not run now! This part is essential in the process. You will need a VPN server in Thailand to run or play the game. For this, you must connect to a VPN server, where the server is available in Thailand. After connecting to the VPN server, you will click on the Play option and run the game. If you do not relate to a VPN, then after opening the game, it will show that it is not available in your region.

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Step 6: If you do not have such a VPN service at hand, you can take the free 24 hour trial of SaferVPN Premium from here. Hopefully, 24 hours is enough time to download the game after taking the examination, downloading, and installing SaferVPN’s Windows app. Then open the app, select the Thailand server, and connect.

Step 7:

You don’t just have to connect a VPN. Your PC’s time zone also has to match with Thailand. After joining the VPN, go to your PC’s settings and change the time zone of your PC from the Time and Language option to Bangkok Time Zone. Run the game after completing all this.

Step 8:You have to keep the VPN connected until you enter the game lobby and find the match and enter the match lobby. If you follow the VPN connection even after entering the match lobby, your game will lag a lot due to high latency. So when you get the match, enter the hall or disconnect the VPN after leaving.

And yes, this game is still in beta testing, and playing this game means you are a beta tester. So the game has occasional bugs, lags, unexpected errors, server disconnections, etc. Even if you want to play the game, then you have to accept such small flaws. So that’s the entire process of pubg PC lite download.

Pubg pc lite download Tips and Tricks

I will share some exciting Pubg Tips and Tricks for those who are a newbie. If you use the tips and tricks of the pubg game, you can easily play it and enjoy it. After Pubg pc lite download, you may need these tips to play this game. The tips and tricks for starting a pubg game are discussed below.

Tips 1: We know PUBG is a mobile-based game, and Pubg mobile lite is available for smartphones. To play this game, you need to use a smartphone with a proper configuration. If you use an Android smartphone, you need to have 4/6 GB of RAM on your phone. If you are an iPhone user, all the models since iPhone 7 Plus are suitable for playing this game. On the other hand, it would be wise to use headphones instead of speakers while playing. Because it is a multiplayer game, your team’s players should always be alert.

Tip 2:

If you want to stay in the top ten most of the time or win a chicken dinner, play with cover and safety. Always remember that you have to be patient to get to the end of the game. My pubg tips usually work on most mobiles and computers.

Tips 3: If you play with the team, stay with the team. You can go a maximum of 50 meters away from the players of your organization. Then whenever you are in danger, your team players can save you. Always play with your players in Dio mode, don’t play a part.

Tips 4: You need guns, medical supplies, bullets (supplies), etc. to get ahead in the game. If you jump in a crowded place, loot these supplies as much as you need. Since it is more important to save yourself in this game, it is wise to keep less amount for running. However, if you find a pan, you must keep it in your bag.

Tips 5: In this game, the player prefers to enter the building or crowded area. You can also choose a military base when you jump from a plane. But you have to jump to a place where fewer players are playing. As a result, you will have less chance of dying, and you will be able to get out of the game by looting more money.

Tips 6:

Performers constantly set up space on the ground of Pubg online contests. During zone time cars arriving inside or outside of the center are seized. When you face this kind of situation, the escape trick is taking the car through the void on the left or right side of the pull. In this way you can prevent the performers staying on the spot.

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Tips 7: It is better to protect the vehicle while passing into the rooms through the window, specifically in the ultimate locations. Follow this technique, when the enemy attacks, you can instantly collect your vehicle and release from the interior of the compartment.

Tips 8: If you face an opposer while modernizing your group mates, no need to drag the cancel switch. This time you will begin attacking promptly, then you notice that the renewal is automatically terminated. 

Tips 9:

Start shooting as you go down the stairs so that it goes into default mode before anyone wants to shoot you. Once in default mode it will take time to regain speed. This will give you some more time to defeat your enemies.

Tips 10: It’s better to jump when you go to climb a high place. As a result, you will be able to get to that place faster than usual. While in the prison area you can climb to the top of the tower or to a tree. This method can surprise your enemies. In the end, you will have enough opportunity to defeat them.

FAQ of Pubg pc lite download

How much will it cost to download Pubg Lite?

Pubg lite is free of cost

Pubg Corporation is releasing a lite version of this original Pubg game which is entirely free and does not require high-end hardware or high-end graphics card to run on PC.

How much RAM is required to download Pubg lite on my pc?

To play the game, you need to have a minimum of 3 GB RAM and a minimum dual-core processor. Also, it must be DirectX 9.0. Then you can play the game on PC. You will get excellent performance in this game.

What is the actual size of Pubg lite?

In addition to the 60 MB seamless download for the launcher, the size of the PUBG Lite download is 2.4 GB.

Can PUBG Lite be run without a graphics card?

Pubg lite can run without a graphics card.

For those who do not have a graphics card or do not have such a powerful graphics card, this Pubg Lite game will come in handy. Because all the game settings are low, the game can be played on the internal graphics card.

Conclusion of Pubg pc lite download

Hopefully, these steps of Pubg PC lite download will help you to get the game on your PC. Also, you can enjoy the Pubg steam without any cost. Nowadays Pubg lite is at the top of popularity among the popular mobile games and PC. Even if you calculate the sets of mobile, PC i.e., all kinds of devices, it is arguably the top. Almost everyone plays this game if they have an excellent ICT device and internet connection. People of all ages play this game with great interest. 

Developed by Tencent Games, the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store alone. Its revenue has increased by about 138% in the last year.

Pubg has spread all over the world. Besides, the number of people addicted to this game is also increasing. Addiction to the game can easily poison your life. Addiction to this game is enough to damage your career.

Students who play these games, their studies are severely damaged. Also, their results are going down day by day. So everyone should be careful about this, avoid addiction to the game. After finishing your necessary work, you should only think of playing pubg for a limited time.

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