Coronavirus Makes You Bored? Here Are the Best Games to Play from Home

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Although many people are back at work, some of us are still stuck at home, while the Coronavirus makes it turn in every country. Most of us have experienced extreme levels of boredom and others still wander the halls of their homes in search of something to do. If you have a PC or console, though, your days of boredom are over. Here we are going to look at best games to play from home – the most popular ones of 2020. 

Fortnite Battle Royale

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, then you have been living under a rock. For the last couple of years, this online game from Epic has taken the world by storm. The best part is that it is free. All that is needed is a stable internet connection and plenty of energy because you could be at it for a long time. 

Online Casino

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting and real, then Parx casino is where the action is. They have everything from slots to tables. Pa online slots real money is what you’ll be playing with. 

If you live in Pennsylvania and know the casino, then the online version is sure to impress. Pa online slots for real money is as close to the real thing as possible and when you play your cards right, the jackpot might be around the corner. Whip out that credit card and head on over to the online casino for the thrill of the real thing. 

Online Slots

Playing regular games can become stale and then there is no other choice but to up the stakes for that adrenaline boost. There are many forms of online slots, but nothing comes close to online slots for real money. 

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Winning is always an option and playing long enough could end up paying out big time. The jackpots are not reserved for the physical casinos anymore. Your couch at home is where countless slot machines live. There are some handy hashtags with knowledgable Twitter followers, so follow them for quality guidance.  


Blizzard hit the nail on the head with this card-based strategy game. Magic the Gathering used to be the only big name in the card-based strategy arena and then Hearthstone came along. 

Create impressive decks and rank your heroes up to compete against other players across the globe. Starting up is easy and the game mechanics are simple to understand. Gear up and take on foes of many kinds while you thrash them with your chosen class. 

Destiny 2

Shooting, looting and building a super character is all in a day’s play in Destiny 2. This free to play online first-person shooter is probably one of the best out there. Decide to play against or with other players or go at it solo. 

There is so much to choose from and the game is updated regularly. Once you gear up and survive your first mission, you’ll be hooked. The game is super engaging and the upgrade routes are innumerable. Boredom doesn’t stand a chance.   


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