Trade Show Display Designs As A Determinant Of Trade Fair Success

Trade Fair Success

The primary objectives of trade show exhibitors include generating new customer relationships, introducing new products, creating product awareness or promoting corporate image. The trade show displays are the focal points in attaining the mentioned objectives. Trade fair success rests on effectively attracting attendees to your exhibition booth. Therefore, the design of the booth, as well as the other accessories such as trade show displays, play an imperative role in attracting visitors and providing a sanguine business atmosphere. ExpoMarketing will help you design an effective booth that offers customer interaction while being easy to navigate.

ExpoMarketing has been in the trade show display business for many years. The company is an award-winning firm that has mellowed staff members that find pleasure in creating amazing products that are customized to meet customers’ requirements. We are located across the whole of the United States. The firm offers a variety of portable trade show booths. Login to our website and get more details about our products including prices and sizes. Our dedicated team is always on standby to assist you in customizing your trade show display to ensure a successful trade show fair.

Over the years, we have determined booth design elements that determine the success of many trade fairs. The ensuing discussion provides a summary of some of the most crucial booth design elements that you should consider during your next trade show fair.

Three Booth Design Elements To Consider

ExpoMarketing identifies the following booth design elements as the most crucial to consider: level of surface decoration, color, and booth layout.

  1. Level of Surface Decoration
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The level of surface decoration describes the number of visual details on the booth. Exhibitors should only display key messages and products to the visitors because people are limited to the amount of information they can process at one time. A lot of surface decoration creates highly complex environments that tend to turn most people away. Therefore, ensure that you keep the level of surface decoration optimal. ExpoMarketing has your back. We are ready and willing to help you achieve an optimum level of surface decoration that will attract numerous visitors to your stand.

  1. Color

Color is the central design element for trade show booths because it shapes the environment and influences perceptions of space and ambiance. Therefore, an effective booth should use appropriate colors that attract visitors, as well as, encourage the guests to hang around the booth. ExpoMarketing uses technology to enhance our customer’s booths, as well as their corporate images via our state of the art trade show displays.

  1. Booth Layout

The booth layout reflects the arrangement of the various accessories around trade show stand space. Based on experience, ExpoMarketing proposes that the booth layout should be such that it promotes navigation through the booth. Furthermore, booth arrangements should encourage conversation between the visitors and exhibitors, which is achieved by placing the exhibitor’s desk at a vantage point. In addition, the displays should be placed in such a manner that the guests’ movement around the booth is not obstructed. The visitors should also be able to interact with the displays. Call ExpoMarketing and have your booth layout exquisitely designed.

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Overall, the three main elements to consider when designing your trade show booth for a successful trade fair are the level of surface decoration, color, and booth layout.

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