7 Ideal Fundamental Pieces of Gym Equipment for Home Workout

7 Ideal Fundamental Pieces of Gym Equipment for Home Workout

It is always an advice to never miss out exercising or doing a workout for a day or a week to keep our mind and body remain active and energetic. However, due to study or work, people are becoming negligent of their health and fitness.

  As the saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way of doing and/or achieving something. If you are not worrying on lending money for buying too much food, makeup, clothes, bags, and gadgets, then you are also and most importantly should be setting aside a certain budget for your health and fitness.  “But I have loads of work to mind!” – this reasoning is not so acceptable because you can always do exercising or working out in your home.

“I cannot afford to go to the gym much more in attaining gym equipment to use at home!” Sorry to say, but that is another absurd contradicting statement. Home workout is not that impossible thing to be done.

Time to add some spice to your daily routine and intensify your day-to-day habit. Here is the list of the 7 ideal fundamental pieces of gym equipment for home workout. Better get yourself and paper so you will be able to keep all these in mind.

yoga mat


Number one on the list is the ever-convenient yoga mat. The yoga mat, also known as a non-slip mat, is a uniquely fabricated mat commonly used in exercising yoga practices. With a yoga mat, you can avoid slipping while performing yoga – it is also convenient since it I portable enough to be used at home. This equipment can also be used in executing your floor stretches, planks, push-ups, crunches and whatever you may think that requires stability and balance.

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fitness chicks


The dumbbells are weighted short bars commonly used in pairs for exercise or muscle-building. The use of dumbbells at home is the common scenario I have been witnessing since I was a toddler – my father works from day to night, but he never set-asides his dumbbells for a very long time. That is why it is unreasonable to say that work and studies are some of the hindrances why you are quitting or never minding of giving yourself a time to work out. There are also adjustable dumbbells available to choose from.

man pullups


This gym equipment, pull-up bar, is also included in the list. Having this bar equipped at your home helps you in doing pull-ups which focus on the upper body muscle-building. Doing pull-ups requires an adamant and dynamic movement of the legs to boost the momentum of the exercise. Having the pull-bar at home, you will be able in executing gymnastics exercises while strengthening your upper body muscles.

man kettlebells


Most gym enthusiasts underrate the use of the kettlebell. The kettlebell is a cast-iron, weighted ball with a single handle that is also used for working out bigger legs, develops enormous power in your core, glutes, and hamstrings. Like the dumbbells, there is also an adjustable type of kettlebell allowing you to regulate the weight depending on your performing exercise.

swiss balls on rack


 Medicine ball is a heavy and mostly large and solid type of ball thrown and caught for physical exercises pertaining to conditioning and strengthening and any more moves where the strength or power of the ball adds to the intensity of exercising.

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jumping rope


If you are using a jump rope when you were a kid, then it is time for you to take a whole new level of your once just a toy. The jump rope is also one of a gym equipment used in either jumping (for working on your speed and coordination) which uses the lightweight rope or a weighted rope for working on your strength.boombox radio


Who does not get the hype with music? The music intensifies almost every activity being done by humanity. Music relaxes the mind and ignites the hiding and sleeping energy in the human body. It seems to awaken every piece of the body cells and keep telling them “Go move to the beat and feel the heat!”.


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