Adolescent Independence: The 5 Benefits of Boarding School for Kids

Adolescent Independence: The 5 Benefits of Boarding School for Kids

Are you thinking about sending your child to boarding school?

Some people may ask, “Why boarding school? Why not public school?”

Well, 87% of students attending boarding school say that they are very well prepared for college, compared to only 39% of students attending public school.

That could be your reason right there!

What are some of the other benefits of private school? What is the right choice for your child?

Let’s explore the benefits of boarding school so you can make an informed decision for your family.

5 Benefits of Boarding School

This is an exciting time in your child’s life. What are the benefits of boarding school that will help you decide your child’s future?

1. Your Child Will Learn Independence and Responsibility

Mom and Dad aren’t there to tap the teen on the shoulder to do homework, clean up, study, etc. The child has to learn to be responsible for doing what he needs and to take care of other responsibilities outlined by the school.

Boarding school students learn to navigate life with peers who are experiencing the same ups and downs of life.

2. More Challenging Academics

Boarding schools offer a top-notch education. Boarding school students spend more time learning, studying, reading, and playing sports than public school students.

Boarding schools are not tethered to state tests and have the ability to be more focused on actual teaching and learning than preparing students for a state test.

The main concern is getting students into college and producing well-rounded students.

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3. A Structured Environment

Students at boarding schools follow a strict schedule. A full day of school is usually followed by extra-curricular activities, dinner and study time.

There is little time for students to get bored, sit in front of the television, or get themselves in trouble.

4. Teachers Who Love to Teach

Boarding school teachers have the freedom to teach without dealing with the behavioral issues public school teachers face.

There is less burnout. The teachers are specialists in their fields. They are passionate about the subject matter and love sharing it with young minds.

5. Success

Boarding school students are the students competing for spots in the country’s top colleges.

At schools such as Lake Mary Preparatory School, college awareness and preparation begin in 9th grade.

Students are put on a track to choose the right courses, extracurricular activities, and summer activities like community service and enrichment activities.

Fifty percent of all boarding school students go on to earn advanced degrees.

Making the Right Decision for Your Child’s Future

You’ve seen some of the benefits of boarding school. We hope that you feel confident enough to make the right decision for your child. You can’t argue with proven success.

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