Anjali Pichai- let’s get to know the better half of a successful man.

Anjali Pichai

Who doesn’t know Sundar Pichai? He is the Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2020. He is the CEO of Google subsidiary Alphabet, and he has played a critical role in the increasing business by Google. Most people know about the man, but they don’t the people who stood beside them in all thick and thins. Yes, we are talking about Anjali Pichai, who is Sundar Pichai’s better half. She is one of the most talented women who has always been by the man’s side, who is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world. In this article, we will talk about Anjali Pichai, who has played an instrumental role in the life of Sundar Pichai.

Everything you need to know about Anjali Pichai

The introduction of Anjali Pichai is not limited to being Sundar Pichai’s wife. She is also an excellent chemical engineer, and she works presently as a Business Operation Manager or BOM in Intuit. It is a famous software company that is based in California, United States. Most people know Anjali Pichai as the beautiful wife and partner of the famous Sundar Pichai

Anjali was always the inspiration behind Sundar’s success, and she has stood firm by him through his inspiring journey. She is a smart woman, and she is a person with several talents. Anjali has excelled in all walks of life and every field of her journey. She has performed as good as Sundar Pichai in a career as well as in academics. She is truly a woman of steel, and she gets massive respect from everyone. Despite being the wife of Sundar Pichai, she has earned tremendous respect and a name for herself.


Anjali Pichai: Childhood and education

Anjali Pichai was born as Anjali in the Kota district of Rajasthan. She was born to Mr. Olaram Haryani and Mrs. Madhuri Sharma. She grew up in the Kota district of Rajasthan with her siblings. She had a normal childhood like all other girls in Rajasthan and India.


After completing her higher secondary schooling, she got enrolled in an Engineering course. She holds a degree in Chemical engineering. She has completed her B.Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

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Anjali Pichai Career

Anjali started her career in the late 90s and started working at Accenture as a Business Analyst. She worked in Accenture for almost three years. After completing her tenure at Accenture, Anjali moved to the United States, where she started working as a Business Operations Manager at Intuit.


The couple

Anjali and Sundar have an excellent and heartwarming love story. Their relationship began when they were in college. Both met when they were studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. They began dating when they were in the first year of their Engineering degree. They fell in love with each other ever since they saw each other for the first time.


As the day passed, they became each other’s best friend, and they started more time with each other. Sundar thinks of Anjali as her best friend for life. The process of spending time together and getting to know each other made them aware that they are in love with each other. Love blossomed between them, and they started dating each other. When they were in the last year of their engineering degree, Sundar proposed Anjali, and without giving a second thought, Anjali answered in Positive.

In the decade they were dating, there was no phone or internet connection, and thus, it was too difficult for them to communicate with each other. Sundar’s statement at a magazine said that he never felt too comfortable walking up to the girl’s hostel to meet Anjali. Even Anjali got embarrassed sometimes as the hostel warden would often shout at the top of her voice that Sundar was there to meet her.


Life in long-distance

Anjali and Sundar dating life was quite difficult because of a lack of mode of communication. After they completed their degrees, Sundar had to leave for the United States for higher studies. Since Sundar belonged to a middle-class family, he could not make International calls every day. Sometimes they had to wait for more than six weeks to speak to each other. But, no matter what, the charm in their relationship never went away. As per the statements by Anjali Pichai, the distance brought them closer to each other. Anjali managed to get a job in the USA, and Sundar also got a job in a semiconductor firm.

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Both of them had planned their marriage, and they sought their parent’s approval before tying the knot. Their families were more than happy with the alliance, as both of them were doing best in their respective careers. Their wedding was a simple one, and only close families and friends were present at the wedding. After their marriage, both of them settled in the United States, and right now, they are the proud parents of two beautiful kids Kavya and Kiran.


Success story

Both Anjali and Sundar began their career and journey from a humble background. They took birth in simple middle-class families. Both of them did have a luxurious lifestyle. Both of them studied, and they worked very hard to achieve their goals. Anjali has always been by his side, and she has guided Sundar in all his decisions. When Yahoo and Twitter approached Sundar for a job, Sundar made up his mind to leave his Google career. However, Anjali explained to him that he needs to make the right decision at the moment. Her valuable advice made Sundar the CEO of Google. She is Sundar’s lady luck.


These days, Sundar and Anjali Pichai love story is quite inspirational for all youngsters these days who fall in love. They have been with each other for more than two decades. Moreover, they stand with each other in all thick and thin. This is the love story and life partner that everyone should aspire to.

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