How to Tame a Feral Kitten: Domesticating Them In The Best Way Possible!

How to Tame a Feral Kitten

Cats are one of the most fascinating creatures that God has created. They have a mighty attitude and they are extremely difficult to any other creatures or animals. They are intelligent and they know what is good for them more than that of humans. But then again, not all cats are privileged enough to be petted by humans. Most of them have to search for their own food and shelter. Only a privileged few get to enjoy the luxury. But if you are someone who wants to tame a feral cat and give it a home, then you should scroll down the blog about how to tame a feral kitten for more information.

Are stray kittens and feral kittens the same?

Before taming a feral kitten, you should be known the fact that feral kittens and stray cats are different types. Stray cats are more used to the human than that feral kittens. Feral kittens are more aggressive towards humans because they are not accustomed to them. The good news is, both feral kittens and stray kittens can be tamed and can be groomed into a normal kitty. So, now that you know such a lot of things about stray kittens and feral kittens, let’s check out how to tame a feral kitten!

How to Tame a Feral Kitten

How to tame a feral kitten?

The entire thing depends on the kitten and how you are acquainted with it. The time process can be a bit long and depends on how the cat lived before it met you. It depends on what view it holds against humans, and whether it likes them or not. Cats are mighty creatures and it is not an easy and short task to tame them. But you can follow these steps to know how to tame a feral kitten.

1. How to catch the cat?

The easiest process to catch the cat is to drop food in a line. First, try finding out what the kitten likes the most. they are generally a fan of bones and fish. So, you can drop them in a line, which will attract them. When born, Kittens are usually scared and it will be difficult for you to go in front of them and feed them.

They get scared easily and they also tend to run away. this can make the whole process a lot more difficult and time taking. Instead, you can slowly drop food along the way and when they are near enough, you can get a hold of them. Make sure to wear gloves because stray cats have dirt on their body and carry viruses as well.

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2. Contain the kitty

This needs to be considered as one of the most important points. You should make a chamber for your kitty, but you can’t make it feel like it is prisoned. You can make the chamber using a carton box, where you can place a soft blanket for it, and also make sure to prepare a small bed for them. Also, you need to make his/her chamber big enough so that it doesn’t escape.

How to Tame a Feral Kitten

3. Give them space

Cats are not like dogs which means that they need space. When you are taming a feral kitten, you should not continuously hover around it. In this way, they will feel disturbed and they will not feel comfortable around you as well. You need to make the kitten your friend first before you make it a part of your family. And to make sure that happens, make sure to give it space. Also, you should keep an eye on it, on its behaviors, and change in attitude, but from a distance.

4. Desensitize

Feral kittens get scared very easily and unwanted and loud sounds can make them feel fear. To make sure your cat is feeling comfortable and safe, you need to lower down music volume, and sudden loud closing of the door as well. Cats when introduced to a new environment, they find it difficult to adjust themselves in a completely new environment.

At first, you should try adjusting your voice with the cat. This is important, as the cat won’t feel that you are a threat. When you are feeding the cat, you can talk in low voices around it. This way it can know your voice and feel more comfortable around you.

How to Tame a Feral Kitten

5. Calming remedy

Many a time, cats are stressed and you need to apply the calming remedy with them. You can slow down your movements, this will make sure your cat doesn’t feel awkward around you. It is quite a difficult task to make your cat feel comfortable and that is why it is necessary for you to bring changes into your regular everyday life.

You need to soften your face and keep your body in a relaxed position when you are around your cat. You can also give slow blinks to your cat this is a proven method to make your cat feel comfortable and less awkward around you. This is also an easy method to tame your feral cat.

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6. Favorite food

You can buy cat food if you want to, cats always love that. You should always feed various types of food to your cat. This will give him strength which is very important for a feral cat. Cats love to chew bones, so whenever you make meat, you can give your cat the bone pieces.

This will make your cat dependent on you and will also make him affectionate. You can give dried livers and ham because cats love to eat them. Giving them their desired food once in a while can make you get closer to your feral cat and this is a very good way to tame your feral cat.

7. Cat toys

Like humans, cats also have the tendency to feel stressed, and the best way you can lessen that is to buy them cat toys. You can buy them elastic toys and they can play with them as well as make it a way to harness their feelings. Since they cannot speak human language, this can be a great way for them to reduce their anger.

8. Take it to a vet

Medical guidance is very important and you should take your cat to a vet as soon as you get it. they can give you sedatives that can help you to tame your feral cat. That way you can also get to know if the kitten is suffering from any disease. Often taming feral kittens gets difficult because of underlying diseases.

How to Tame a Feral Kitten

Conclusive Insights

Taming a cat is an easy job if you follow the proper steps. You must be patient enough with your feral kitten as well, this way you can strengthen your bond. I hope you like our blog and find it essential in your way how to tame a feral cat.

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