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kesha ward

Nakesha Ward, professionally known as Kesha Ward, is a partner of the most popular hip-hop legend and rapped 2 Chainz. After being in a relationship for more than fourteen years, the couple tied Knot in Miami on 18th August. 2 Chainz proposed to Kesha at Met Dala in 2018, and she couldn’t resist accepting the proposal. Other than being wide, she is the mother of three children of 2 Chainz.

She is one of the most famous advocates for literacy and child care and is known for philanthropic activities. Kesha is the ‘TRU Foundation executive director,’ the charity that spotlights civilizing poor people’s lives. She is the owner and director of ‘A Gift from Heaven,’ an education center that offers pre-school education. She is praised a lot by the local community for doing excellent work. Kesha is popularly known for keeping her life and work personal and for her humbleness. 

Early Life of Kesha Ward

Kesha was born in Georgia, the USA, on 8th May 1978. Kesha ward age is around 42 years. She completed her graduation in Science. However, there are no details about the mother and father of Kesha. She met 2 Chainz at BET Awards in 2013. Though 2 Chainz and Kesha keep, their personal life remains hidden. At this time, both have a son named Halo and two daughters called Harmony and Heaven. She is of American nationality, and her civilization is Afro-American. She keeps on doing great things, but people are interested in knowing kasha ward net worth

Rise to Fame of Kesha Ward

Kesha met 2 Chainz when he was putting effort and struggling to make his career. She motivated rapped to change his lifestyle when he was addicted to cocaine and marijuana. When 2 Chainz made his name in the music industry, people were attracted to Kesha. She surrounded herself in secrecy and maintained to live an everyday life by staying out of media. She is the one who wants to live daily life and doesn’t want the spotlight of media.

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The relationship of 2 Chainz and Kesha turned at BET Hip Hop Awards in July 2013, when 2 Chainz proposed Kesha. She cannot resist herself from saying “yes,” but they both didn’t have married in reality. She had never faced the spotlight until that time. People and fans started spreading rumors that the couple secretly married, but this was fake news. This made him stay private and not disclose her relationship status to the world. 

She kept hiding from the media but appeared on the red carpet along with 2 Chainz. In 2018, on 7th May, 2 Chaine proposes to Kesha by getting down on a knee and states that he wishes Kesha to become his wife officially. Later on 18th August, both 2 Chainz and Kesha tie the knot in Miami in ‘Villa Casa Casuarina.’ The top celebrities were in the guest list, including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and more. In an industry full of divorces and break-ups, the couple manages to stand together.

Pre-School and Foundation

Besides being a wife of a world-renowned hip-hop legend, Kesha began an education center for young children. The pre-school began in Atlanta, Georgia, by the name of ‘A Gift from Heaven.’ The main goal of creating this center was to provide affordable education to children. These holistically educated children and prepared them for high-school challenges. The center gained immense popularity and reputation under the supervision of Kesha, CEO, and Director. The pre-school became one of the top schools for young children. The hard work and efforts of both Kesha and 2 Chainz resulted in some goodness in the local community, and people appreciated it a lot.

Not only pre-school, but Kesha laid the foundation of ‘TRU Foundation.’ She started noticing Southside people of Atlanta, Georgia, who required help to stay alive and have a better future. This aggravated her to begin the ‘TRU Foundation.’ The foundation helped millions of people survive, generate education opportunities, and provide aid to many families. People didn’t notice the extraordinary achievements of Kesha, but she liked it that way only. She is the one who lives down to earth and keeps doing well for the local community.  

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Favorite Things and Hobbies of Kesha

The Dream Holiday Destination of Kesha is Miami; It is evident because her marriage took place in Miami too. She is quite fond of traveling and shopping and has an outstanding style. Her favorite food is seafood. The celebrities that Kesha adores a lot are Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp. She loves watching their movies and values them. The Favorite color of Kesha is Pink. She loves tattoos and has so many tattoos on her body.

Kesha ward net worth

Kesha Ward has a professional career, and she makes a handsome amount of money. The exact figures of her worth are still unknown. However, her job is good, and revenue must be in a good position. Being a CEO and director of her charity ‘TRU Foundation’ and being director and owner of a pre-school keep her busy. She has gathered a fair amount of money. People are always eager to know Kesha ward net worth but couldn’t get any details. Although Kesha ward age is not much, she has gained immense popularity and love from people. 

She is also a Philanthropist and an advocate for literacy and child care. Besides Kesha, her husband is a legend and has an estimated net worth of $6 million. His music career has made him earn a great name and fame. Also, he is a businessman who has launched his hoodies known as CEO Millionaires in 2016. He is an activist and also the founder of the  “foundation of charity”, and Kesha gives it the name of ‘TRU Foundation.’ 

The couple has grown in their lines and is sharing the hard-earned wealth. Kesha’s husband, Chainz, was the owner of ‘Dabbing Sweaters.’ According to the media, the couple spent $30,000 on their marriage and also featured a tiger.


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