Best Food for Puppies- What Do the Vets Recommend

Fury friend is the best companion for everyone. They want to take good care of the furry friend to keep it in good health always. The cute puppies would make your life cheerful by showing lots of love. As a dog owner, it is your priority to keep the pets happy and maintain a good life. The pets can only stay comfortable when they are supplied with essential nutrients in their food, followed by exercises. You can take the suggestions of the vet to find the best food for puppies four-legged animals.

What is the best food for puppies?

When you get a puppy home, you must consult a vet who recommends you with the type of food that you must give to the pet. Not all foods can be given to the puppy. Based on their age, you can keep changing the food that you provide them. The standard food items are suitable for dogs to include dry food, unsalted rice, a sweet potato that is cooked, vegetables, dog’s pasta, fruits, cereals, and bread.

The diet that is good for your friend’s dog may not be suitable for your dog. You should not blindly treat the same food items that your friend is giving to his/her pets.

The domesticated dogs are carnivorous, which would like to consume some omnivorous food items. The vet recommended puppy food is completely balanced in every stage of its life. You can feed the dog with the kibble diet or add some raw meat, vegetables, or rice to the food you are giving.

Many dog owners would feed raw food to their dogs. Though it suits a few dogs, it results in medical issues in some other dogs.

Factors to be careful while giving food to dogs

  • Try to give only the human grade meat to the pets. Some pet meats would have preservatives that can take a toll on the dog’s health.
  • Embrace food hygienic to stay safe and keep foodborne diseases at bay
  • Consult the veterinary nutritionist to get the diet prepared for the dog. There are a few diets that are not easily digested for the dogs in different phases of their life.
  • You must serve some cooked meat such as boiled lamb or chicken to the dogs. Do not give cooked bones or food that is cooked with onion sauces.
  • You can feed the dog with tinned tuna, tinned salmon, and tinned sardines occasionally. However, ensure that these food items do not have any fish bones that could get into the dog’s throat and cause irritation.
  • You can happily go ahead to cook pumpkin and grated carrot for dogs. Many homeowners would fail to give a fiber diet to the dogs, which results in weak bowel movement. However, when you add pumpkin and carrot to the diet, it keeps their bowel health smooth.
  • Ensure that the dog is not consuming the bone completely as it leads to constipation
  • Give only a couple of bones in a week to keep plaque accumulated on the dog’s teeth at bay. Ensure that the bone is bigger. That puppy could not put it completely in the mouth and is cooked.
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How much food does the dog eat?

The amount of best food for puppies you give to the dog depends on the breed, size, and age of the dog. It also depends on the exercising activities of the dog. You should never under or overfeed the dog. If you do not know whether you are supplying essential nutrients to the dog, consult the vet.

They recommend the right set of food items to give to your puppies or dogs that promote sound body health. Keep the dog hydrated by providing enough water, especially during summer. Fill the water bowl of the dog regularly and clean it. This helps them to drink the water from the bowl when they are thirsty.

8-16 weeks dog

It is the puppy that you may get home. You must follow the vet’s diet to ensure that there is no stomach upset for your cute puppies. You should not continue feeding the food as your friend is feeding its puppy.

Ensure to feed the preferred diet to the puppy and slowly increase the quantity. There is commercial kibble that is exclusively designed for puppies. It supplies all the nutrients that a puppy needs for its growth and development.

The vet recommended puppy food would be some cooked vegetables, meat, and rice. The staple diet for the puppies must be kibble. The young puppies should not consume a raw diet since this takes a toll on their immune power.

These would not have the capability to fight bacteria. The puppies that are growing would need high nutritional food and cannot survive without regular meals. You must give small meals to the puppies.

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16+ weeks

When your puppies cross 16+ weeks, you can start to give raw food to them like the meaty bones. They start to get strong teeth, which can help them chew the bone properly. This avoids your furniture or shoe from getting damaged due to itchiness in their teeth. Give only one bone a week.

Generally, the puppies feel possessive about the food. They do not like the kids to get closer to them when they are consuming the food. There are high chances of the puppies to growl or snap when you try to snatch the food from their hands. The food guarding can be kept at bay by you feeding the puppies with hands. If the puppy is guarding, you must take the help of the vet.

When you are giving some new best food for puppies, keep a close watch on them. There are a few food items to which they might be allergic to. Like humans, even dogs are allergic to food items, and there are a few food items that they may not like.

You should not feed something that is causing illness to your puppies. When the puppy turns older, you must reduce the number of feeds to two and ensure that you are not underfeeding it.

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