Facts To Know About the Statue of David Michelangelo

David Michelangelo

Without a doubt, one of the most recognized and renowned artworks in the world is of David Michelangelo. It lives in the Galleria Dell’Accademia in Florence. There are so many secrets behind the artwork. And even most of you will not have clue about the same. 

In today’s article, we are going to give you some of the unknown facts about David – 


David Is Made Of One-Piece Marble

Replica of the Statue of David in Piazza Signoria Florence
Pic Credit: citywonders.com

Right before Michelangelo was working on David, the marble block was rejected by two other artists before. They were Antonio Rossellino and Agostino di Duccio. They thought that the marble block is too tough to work onto. 

After 42 years, Michelangelo chose it. Also, did you know that the statue of David has a replica? Yes, it is there in Piazza Della Signoria in Florence itself. 

Michelangelo’s Ideology

Collage of Michelangelo's Statue of David and his squint and Large hands
Pic Credit: citywonders.com

It took more than 500 years to unveil the truth of the statue of David Michelangelo. The gazing eyes pointed towards Rome. It refected the touch of personality. And the artist himself intentionally gave David a disability. 

Known as a handsome male beauty, you would be surprised to know that he had his flaws. As per the theory, Michelangelo could not draw theories from Roman Masters about their inspiration. Thus, the masterpiece has its set of flaws. 

If you closely look at his face, you will see his squint. David’s disproportionate hands are well seen with intricate detailing.  

Another thing to notice about David is the lack of proportion between his head and hands. Nicknamed Manu Fortis, David’s flaws had subjected theories. One of the most review ones is due to Michelangelo’s ideology of growing boy’s disoriented limbs. 

David – Symbol of Florentine Republic

david symbol
Pic Credit: italymagazine.com

When the country of undergoing major political changes, David became the flag bearer of the Florentine Republic. Just as David is facing Goliath, the Republicans were threatened by stronger states from all peripherals. The moment when David is stagnated outside the city government buildings. the connection became a boon in the public’s eye. 

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Political aftermath

Gaining political popularity has its downfall too. David knew that well. He was o the verge of welcoming angry protesters every day in Piazza Della Signoria. He was attacked with stones at first. The second time the attackers broke his arms in three places. 

David has many replicas

David Replica
Pic Credit: wikipedia.com

Yes, you read that right. David has two more replicas. Not just that, he has 30 more replicas globally. It is a replica of his statue. Also, even hos statues have smaller versions that were presented as souvenirs in the tourism industry. 

David’s Impropriety

In 1857, the Grand Duke Of Tuscany gifted Queen Victoria, a replica of David. The gift left all the women drooling over the statue. The Queen found the naked statue of David unethical. She used a fig leaf to cover his modesty. The leaf was moveable. Thus, when Queen Victoria visited David, he was covered with the leaf. Till now, the leaf has its own significance. Art lovers crib for the fig leaf to keep on-loan even. 

Ownership Entitlement

Who is the owner of David? Is it the Nation Of Italy or the City of Florence? A debate broke out between the Italian government and the City of Florence over David’s ownership. The City of Florence took the higher road stating it paid for the statue nearly 500 years before. The statue was entitled to Florence. 

On the other hand, the Italian Government argued on the grounds. It funded the statue to Galleria Dell’Accademia. They even funded for its conversation for 160 years. The issue has not yet been settled. 

David’s Tree Is Not For Show

Behind David’s leg, there is a tree trunk. It is not just for the scene. It holds the integrity of the statue. Crafted from a single block of marble, too much stress could ruin it all. The tree truck was the support or acted as the catalyst. It is a trick in sculpture to give statues their outcome. 

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David was framed in Gold Once

Michelangelo's Statue of David under Galleria Dell'Academia Dome
Pic Credit: citywonders.com

David was not always naked. In the early days of the statue, he decored with gold lead. The tress and his sling were all covered in gold. He wore a gold garland that covered his hips and modesty. Now when we think of it, it could have been a replenishing idea when presented to the Queen of England. 

David Got Brushes With Vandals

Michelangelo’s two famous sculptures got vandalized brutally. In 1991, David was molested by a wielding vandal. The man chopped off the toe on his left foot. In 1972, a geologist, Laszlo Toth broke into St Peter’s Basilica and broke Madonnas beautifully sculpted face. 

There were hardly any witnesses during the attack. And Toth could defend himself well. Some even grabbed the pieces of the broken virgin and ran away. It took a long time to gather the broken pieces of the puzzle and nail them together. 

Do you know what is the silver lining here? The ones who recovered the puzzles tattoed “M” on Mary’s left hand. 

There are not just ten but many undiscovered theories behind the statue of David Michelangelo. You will be able to understand it better from the best tour guides there. Furthermore, it will be a delight to watch him with your naked eyes. 


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